Discover What Is Bacteria Helicobacter Pylori


 Helicobacter Pylori

Bacteria Helicobacter Pylori is a micro organism that affects human stomach mucosa. This bacterium resides solely in the human stomach,being the only known organism that can survive in a highly acidic environment.

The bacterium shape is a spiral about 3 micro centimeters long and having a diameter of 1/2 micro centimeter.

Has between  4 and 6 wires that are as antennas. With its antennas and spiral-shaped bacteria drill the stomach`s mucosa layer.

Bacteria produces ammonia from urea to neutralize gastric acid and develops a gastric ulcer that leading to end the stomach mucosa.

Helicobacter pylori treatment
Infection occurs via oral, in saliva or stool. Currently is used for its treatment drug as suitable new generation antibiotics to combat this bacteria type.
But it is surprising the result that produces home treatment with Creolin, since creolina virtually kills any bacteria.

It is very effective  prepare a drink of  1/ 2 cup pulp soursop, 1/ 2 cup aloe vera gel (crystal ), three tablespoons of pure honey and add three drops of creolin.

Half hour after eating a plum natural yogurt to facilitate the bacteria evacuation, and the friendly bacteria that yogurt has; will be finished off  this stomach bacteria.

Soursop has an active principle hundred thousand times more powerful than penicillin so it is the most effective fruit to boost the immune system known so far (special to fight cancer cells ).

Aloe, meanwhile, is able to protect the lining stomach  and in turn kill this bacteria. Likewise, milk yogurt neutralizes any side effects that could occur if the creolin in poisoning case although it is very unlikely to happen .

In a case of  greater poisoning , it is recommended take Epson salts in a glass of water or milk of magnesia. Be preventive either at all times. Treatment should be in fasting from three in three days a week to serve five takes. Then ask yourself the medical tests again and see the results . You will be surprised when you discover that Helicobacter Pylori bacteria is gone.


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