The Advantages Of Drinking Natural Juices Daily

Natural fruit juices are at our disposal in the market to make us easier to use and contribute to improving our health and  are in all flavors, colors and tastes to the palate. What is clear, regardless of flavor or fruit of choice, is to take juice daily is a pretty healthy strategy. As an example, know that one medium orange juice or a glass covering almost 100% of RDA of vitamin C, which is 60 milligrams for an adult.

The juices are a source of natural health we must bear in mind. They are true remedies for some problems that concern us. Because of its high content of vitamins fight for example, being overweight, allergies, regulate the body's metabolism, are a large supply of nutrients and vitamins being considered as direct sources of regenerative cellular nutrition. We should note that their presence in the daily diet is a vital complement to supply certain deficiencies in our eating habits.

Fruit juices. A good choice

To hydrate our bodies have a wide range of drinks besides water.  Most of these drinks respond to the necessities of the body: offset water losses. However, from the nutritional standpoint , the differences between nourish and compensate water loss is quite remarkable.

We have nutritious drinks, which also contribute to quench thirst,contribute to nourish our bodies for the content variable energy and certain nutrients. This is the case of fruit juices that provide energy in the form of sugars from fruit, mainly fructose, vitamins like vitamin C and carotene mostly like fresh squeezed orange juice that contain minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, iron. Commercial juices are today an important source of nutrients, since progress in their production processes can preserve almost all the nutrients of fresh fruit in almost similar proportions.

However, it is very important always read the labels before choosing a drink. You can save time searching for the following terms on the package if you know its meaning. Each of these terms has been defined legally by the food law. In many countries the fruit juice is defined quite precisely in order to avoid confusion between the fruit juice and beverages containing them.

In the European Union, a directive defines as fruit juice fruit juice obtained by mechanical processes, fermentable but unfermented, which has the characteristics of typical color and flavor of the fruit from which it comes. The definition has been expanded to include the product obtained from a concentrate that must   possess the sensory and analytical equivalents juice obtained directly from the fruit

Fresh juices are juices that have been stabilized by authorized physical treatments ensuring conservation. These differ from the juices preserved, since the latter will have an additive incorporated authorized preservative. Other designation are sugary juices, which contain the most common sweetener sucrose or sugar.If carbon dioxide has been incorporated in them,are known as gasified juices.

Sometimes confused with the term juice nectar, the differences between the two products nutritional quite remarkable.The fruit nectar is the product obtained from crushed fruit pureed to which they added water, sugar and fruit acids, thus adding more calories. Addiction sugars expressed this drink has to be taken into account especially for diabetics and people who have to control their weight.

Recommendations advantages and disadvantages of juice drinks

The beneficial effects of fresh fruit are not entirely equivalent to the effects of fruit juices. Homemade juices have certain advantages, such as the presence of certain vitamins, but also some drawbacks, such as increased risk of obesity if they drink excessively. Every time people consume more fruit and less fruits.

Although a refreshing taste homemade juice does not infringe any "nutritional commandment" is important to remember that if we replace our consumption of water or fresh fruit for fruit juices, we will not reach the level to the metabolic balance that our body requires every day.

We must bear in mind why not all the benefits of fresh fruits keep in juices and what are the main consequences of excessive consumption of juices, both adults and children, although fruit juice is marketed as a healthy, natural source of vitamins, and although it has certain advantages, it also has some things you need to keep in mind not to overdo them.


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