Knowing Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil-Part - I

Among the beneficial of olive oil we have that this product protects colon-rectal cancer by acting on bile acids, Extra virgin olive oil lowers the risk of development of the gastrointestinal mucosa to adenoma or carcinoma.Not to mention that by keeping arteries flexible improves circulation and oxygenation of all tissues.
That the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world is a fact unquestionable endorsed by many medical studies. We did not know yet is that one of its pillars, the extra virgin olive oil, contains natural chemicals that produce an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. It is therefore a reason to consume this beneficial product, rich in heart-healthy essential oils and anticancer properties.

Anti-cancer and heart-healthy. Being a pure natural product, simply the juice of the olive, olive oil, or extra virgin, is full of very healthy properties.
For example, it is no secret that this product is one of our greatest allies in the fight against cholesterol. Its high content of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, helps to reduce bad cholesterol level and prevent cardiovascular disease, so it is very advisable to consume raw.

In addition, extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E especially very beneficial for tissues, and protect against certain tumors, heart disease and atherosclerosis, Its antioxidant improves the quality of the body, that everything works correctly, prevents aging .

Antioxidants are the fountain of youth. Although more studies are still required to embody the anticancer olive oil, some scientists point  in this direction in their work. For example, many experts in oncology showed that oleic acid is an important asset in curbing the activity of a gene involved in 20% of breast tumors more dangerous. Statistics also insist that relationship: in Spain, where olive oil is the basis of the diet, breast cancer and colon cancer are 28% and 42% less frequent compared to the European Union on an average.

Consider that this is due to the salutary effects of extravirgin olive oil. As contributes to improved health status may indirectly be anticarcinogenic. For example, fights constipation and improves digestion, which is used to fight colon cancer. But, as with virtually all foods should be consumed in good  proportion.

The rationale underpinning the olive oil consumption  are:

1. Prevents cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis.
2. Is useful for the prevention of gastric ulcers and helps to  Omeprazole in healing thereof.
3. Retards oxidation of the cell membrane.
4. Help the fertility of mankind and the  animals.
5. It is advisable in dermo-cosmetics.
6. Other studies.

1. Cardiovascular diseases.

The lipid moieties (fatty residues) are deposited on the walls of arteries  leading to obstruct them and causing  myocardial infarction. It is related directly to the content of total cholesterol, with HDL High lipoprotein density (good cholesterol) and the L.D.L.
 Low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol). Olive oil lowers total cholesterol and bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. In clinic, is considered to be highly indicative of the ratio total cholesterol and good cholesterol.

As decreases slightly the total and greatly increases the good, the ratio decreases. Value is taken as acceptable under 5.There be stated that was Jacotot, French researcher, a pioneer in this knowledge and Grande Covián Spanish researcher, became its important popularizer.
Given the goodness of olive oil, has spent much time and money to get similar products, but the olive oil, besides having a fatty acid profile most suitable with oleic acid, which has a single unsaturation, has some minor components  which are in small proportion and it seems that they are responsible for the beneficial properties of the same component.

This has not yet been able to emulate. Seems that the olive oil acts on two other risk factors for atherosclerosis: content blood glucose and blood pressure. The research by Professor Perez Jimenez (and others) indicate that it is likely that consumption olive oil regularize the blood glucose concentration and also seems to lower blood pressure slightly.There is still much research, lots to see about  the minor components, but we must to  say that olive oil is optimal for the prevention of these diseases.

It's good, on the other hand, taking fish oil blue, like sardines, for its high content of Omega-3 and consumption of olive oil and fish blue, is optimal. However, excessive intake of oily fish, can cause bleeding, as Eskimo population.
Vegetable oils such as corn, sunflower, rapeseed, etc.. are intermediate in quality , while animal fats are not advisable for the heart, Because they increase total cholesterol, as researchers have found.

In the next article (Knowing Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil-Part-II) we will continue talking  about extra virgin olive oil and the other important reasons to use this  wonderful product of nature.


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