Colors In The Urine And Their Meaning


Meaning of urine colors

Today we want to tell you what are the different colors of the urine of humans, which are normal and when corresponds to seek a medical, because waste from the body says a lot about our health.

Urine Yellow.
Yellow is the characteristic color of human urine, but the tone may vary. The pale yellow, it means that our urine is completely normal, while the darker yellow can reveal that we are lacking a liquid and it's time to hydrate.
We must consume at least 3 liters of water or other liquids during the day, amount that increases if we have physical activity. If we do not take enough , we will notice in our urine, and will not be sufficiently diluted .

Transparent Urine.
Drinking water is important, but if you drink too much your body could suffer problems. If your urine is almost completely transparent in color, may be due to excess fluid.

Having too much fluid in the body, the kidneys are unable to process it properly, which leads to a mineral imbalance in the body that can be dangerous.

Honey or amber colored urine.
While we are not in trouble , when the urine gets out of the palette of yellows, it means that our body needs to hydrate as quickly as possible to avoid problems.

Urine light brown or tea-colored.
Urine light brown, similar to candy or nut, or tea-colored, can mean that we are having some kind of liver problem or we are very dehydrated . It is best to drink fluids and wait if the situation improves. Otherwise , consult a doctor.

Blue or green urine
sounds very strange, but there is a disease that causes our urine turns blue or green, is family hypercalcemia.

In other cases, the color may be due to a bacterial urinary tract infection or be side effect of taking certain medications or dyes. When in doubt , read the medication manual if you're taking one and if not , see your doctor to receive the necessary treatment.

Urine red or pink urine.
Seeing red or pink on the toilet, may be due to several reasons: recent consumption of beets, rhubarb or cranberries. In that case it should give the next time you go to the bathroom. Blood, in what is known as hematuria , which can be caused by infections, kidney or bladder stones , cyst or some cancers.

The reddish color of the urine
May also correspond to the effect of any medication or dye. In cases of lead or mercury poisoning , the urine is also shown in this color.

Orange Urine.
Most often , urine orange is a side effect of some medications. If we add the orange urine stool color than normal, we could be facing a liver problem or bile ducts. Drink water and, if not improve, see your doctor.

Urine with foam.
If your urine is of normal color, but it seems to make foam , may be due to a harmless hydraulic effect. If the situation recurs, is the possibility of excess protein or kidney problem. It is not a care situation, but if  it keep repeating you have to go to the doctor.

urine color chart
Lets see the next  urine color chart such as orientation:

In the event that your urine has a normal color, but feel that the smell different than usual, you could be facing a urinary tract infection . If that added physical discomfort, consult your doctor.


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