Cancer Cure With Baking Soda (NaHCO3)


Cancer Cure With Baking Soda (First part).

Many people including doctors  believe that for the cancer cure only  radio and Chemotherapies are the saviors for this disease.Me like so much  write about this topic just to give you very useful documentation, you can see other alternatives and there always have been existed to our health,for that reason the recommendation is, investigate thoroughly and pay attention to the multi-use benefits of baking soda in our body.

When problems of poor digestion, upset stomach appear is recommended take one (1) teaspoon in four (4) inches of water, this is about one cup of water, is a blessing for cancer, is  an alternative cancer cure and  preventive.

Beating Cancer:  An ally unsuspected. in your medicine cabinet; you could find  the Kryptonite for Cancer.

Who would have said? The humble and very cheap baking soda, according to the most recent and surprising research STOPS and  CURE cancer. And not only that very significantly alleviates the negative secondary effects of chemotherapy. It is: conventional specialists, they are part consciously or unconsciously of the most predatory financial apparatus of history, the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex, remain convinced that cancer is an impenetrable mystery.
The "solution" of  actual organized medicine for cancer lies in three very risky procedures and highly invasive:  surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

The solution may be in the kit of your  Kitchen.
In his book, "Winning the War on Cancer", its author, Dr. Mark Sircus, addresses the issue of sodium bicarbonate, which helps to save countless lives every day. Baking soda is known since ancient method to accelerate the return to normal levels of  bicarbonate in the body, and is also the cheapest, safest, and perhaps the most effective medicine available to cancer. Sodium bicarbonate gives the body a natural form of chemotherapy that effectively kills cancer cells without the devastating side effects and costs of conventional chemotherapy.

And you know what  the problem is for doctors to prescribe this miraculous cure? It is very very cheap. Since no one can enrich and make lots of money with something so simple and there is a profitable business of pharmaceutical drugs involved, for that reason almost no one promotes. So simple and so is the  brutal reality.Source: Times Online November 12, 2008.

There are effective and safe  options of treatments for cancer. And yet, to this day probably you never heard  of  them because they are simple and inexpensive, and therefore lack the support  to be researched and published. Dr. Simoncini explains: "In the future, hopefully soon, I am convinced that it will be possible to treat and cure any tumor within 15 to 30 days with either a pill or medical injection in the morning and at night , when  there someday be  a quick fix pharmacological research. But now, now we have to settle and work with what we have." Dr. Simoncini refers to sodium bicarbonate.

The mainstream medical community has turned its back on Dr.Simoncini and other colleagues, because he, as an honest oncologist who is - cancer specialist - has refused to use conventional methods, deciding to manage their patients giving them dose of  bicarbonate sodium, with an impressive success in 99 percent of breast cancer cases.All this is more easy if accompanied by a diet that beating cancer with nutrition.Bladder cancer can heal in just six days, entirely, without surgery, chemo or radiation, using only local infiltration apparatus (similar to a catheter) to infuse sodium bicarbonate directly to the infected site either in the breast or bladder.

And you know why it is so effective and fast sodium bicarbonate?
Because cancer seems to be caused by a scathing fungal infestation  of internal organs, allowed by a decline in the immune system either by lack of vitamin B17, mismanaged emotional problems, or a sum of everything. But the good news is there is a solution for it!

The pharmaceutical: hustler but not fools.
Pharmaceutical known a lot of, that  baking soda applied to tumors eventually disappear them quickly, that many of the chemotherapy treatments currently include sodium bicarbonate, with the excuse that "help" to protect the kidneys, the heart and the system patient's nervous.

And it was already determined that administering chemotherapy without bicarbonate may kill the patient there. So, when we hear now the "successes" of chemotherapy, especially with reports on cable television and celebrities miraculously healing-which we are not informed, it is precisely the baking soda which is acting, not only to stop metastasis and cure cancer, but also to minimize the harmful side effects of the dreaded toxic chemotherapy poisons.Dr. Sircus says so. "No studies exist to separate the beneficial effects of sodium bicarbonate from the toxic chemotherapy agents ... nor there ... "says Dr. resignedly.

How to reverse the process.
Going to the source of the problem: Simultaneously with the application directly on the  tumors, is highly recommended a diet rich in vitamin B17, which is found mostly in seeds, almonds, papaya seeds or watermelon, in other words fruits that raise the body's immune system with a good eat healthy and  to have a  rhytm  of life  more naturally.See this article about Candida fungus and cancer.
In next articles we will talking  about other benefits of baking soda, more news information of this amazing nature’s gift and another alternative cancer cures.
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