Cure Myopia With Natural Ocular Gymnastics


Cure Myopia Naturally

Myopia tends to occur when the eyeball is too long in relation to the power of focus of the lens of the eye and the cornea, thus making the light rays focus on a point in front of the retina rather than directly on its surface .

Recent studies suggest that the prevalence of myopia is associated with the changing lifestyle, as well as the studies . Children tend to spend less time playing outdoors and this usually deprives them of the natural light that induces the production of a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This lack of light and a lack of dopamine make the eye grow too long and become myopic.

Myopia is corrected with a glass that is characterized by a number that indicates the degree of myopia and is preceded by the negative pole, sign ( - ) , for example, myopia -2,00 . This glass is known as divergent or concave . It is very thin in the center with very thick edges . Current advances can benefit from being light as well as fine .

It is important to bear in mind that the contact lenses provide a better optical correction of myopia . This is because they allow the perception of a normal image even though it is very small . Contact lenses and glasses corrected the way in which the light enters the eyes although it must be understood that it does not help to cure myopia(nearsightedness). As a matter of fact, currently, there is no proven treatment known in traditional medicine to cure myopia .

In addition, for the myopia medium, or low, the use of glasses can be removed with laser surgery or using intraocular lenses. However these procedures do not change the nature of the myopic eye or even prevent the progression of nearsightedness. For this reason, we do not recommend these measures before the vision is stable and this can occur after 23 to 24 years of age.

You may need to wear glasses or contact lenses all the time or only when it is necessary to have a very clear vision or when driving or watching a movie. However, this will depend on the extent of his shortsightedness.

Natural ocular gymnastics
We suggest seven exercises that you can do at home to fix myopia naturally:

1.Look to one side and another; doing circles around or diagonal movements
with the eyes.

2.Placed some markers  at head height and look at them alternatively,
jumping from one to another.

3. Placed a wall calendar and other handheld. The exercise consists in
looking at the calendar of near and the other that is far away, changing the focus.Cover one eye and then works with the contrary.

4. Grab a book, and zoom in and out you several times, as if it were a trombone.

5. Look at the index fingers of both hands. Stretch one arm so that
you see the index toward the ceiling and places the other arm more shrunk, close to the body, with the index also upward, to the height of the eyes. Both fingers should be positioned in front. When you view to the finger that is closer to you, see a single finger and that is further away from you, see two.

6. Look straight ahead as far as you can: posters of advertising, signs of the
shops, tuitions, etc.

7. And from the sidewalk, facing the front, tries to read the names of all the
shops you see.

The goal of this natural therapy is back to recover the elasticity of the eye muscles and return to the normal field of vision that the eyes had  previously.

In another article we will continue with new tips about this topic.


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