Unknown Ancient Remedies For Cancer-1


Fighting Cancer Naturally

Many remedies have been used since ancient times to fight cancer, with more or less success. Specifically, two of  them which I could have news, have given highly satisfactory results.

Since they are still unknown to official science, from this paper I encourage anyone who has a chance to investigate, direct your attention to these remedies that have proven their effectiveness. For anyone who decides to undertake this research, I wish to convey my feeling about the need to do it absolutely respectful with the Nature.

Men have already shown that when we find a natural resource able to report to us any benefit, we can go crazy and brutally exploit it until extinction. I think it 's time to show that we control ourselves and live in harmony with Nature... Or we do not know .?

Hojaransín (Kalanchoe pinnata)

Kalanchoe pinnata , or ojaransín , is a plant of tropical origin used for centuries by some Colombian Indians to cure cancer. To date, not know the plant scientific name, and the steps taken to its specific identification have been unsuccessful , as the name you give it , it is the name Indian.



Then I will give some descriptive details. In next figures we can see some details from hojaransín, plus a couple of pictures of it. If fortunately this writing came at the botanist hands or someone who knew its scientific name and other botanical data, please do contact me.

The anticancer properties of this wonderful plant have not yet been studied scientifically, thus, I only have empirical data.
I know several cases of curing by  hojaransín sheets. Could not detect any adverse effect, unless some eliminator crisis, indicator of the body prior toxicity.

Once the body has been cleaned, you can follow the plant  ingestion without  repetition of such crises. Anyway cases in which this reaction occurred were really short.

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 Source:  Dr. Josep Ribal 


Other Plants For Cancer Treatment-2

The National Cancer Institute of the United States reported the red clover antitumor properties. One of the institute's researchers noted that 33 countries around the world used it to fight cancer from long ago. Laboratory tests confirmed that the plant contains four antitumor agents :

genistein, daidzein , tocopherol and vitamin E. It is anti-inflammatory , sedative and diuretic . Ii is recommended  in infusion or decoction: boiling 30 grams of leaves and / or flowers per liter of water, from which it will take up to 5 cups a day.

It can produce some mild diarrhea, but it is indicative of its cleaning effectiveness. Because of its estrogen content is not recommended for pregnant women, until  have fully investigated its possible abortifacient effects .

Natural estrogens do not create hormonal imbalances,thing that can do the  synthetics, for its quality and concentration.

Cat's claw ( Uncaria tomentosa )
 It is an excellent remedy to prevent and cure cancer. It is a potent immune system strengthener. Contains various antitumor components, and reduced the size of visible tumors in the short space of 2 weeks. Has significant antileukemic properties. Also relieves symptoms caused by chemotherapy.

Chaparral (Larrea tridentata)
Despite its contrasting anticancer effects, can make some collateral hepatotoxic effect, so its use is not yet fully recommended, at least until  investigate more deeply about its possible dangerousness.

Greater celandine ( Chelidonium major)
Have antimitotic properties. We can prepare an infusion of 10 to 15 g  of crushed leaves or roots, per liter of water, of which one or two cups will be consumed.

Mandrake ( Podophyllum peltatum )
Also called podophyllum. Presents the same type of properties that greater celandine as regard to cancer. Contains a substance called etoposide, which chemotherapy used alone, especially in cases of testicular cancer and lung. Very high doses of this plant can cause severe diarrhea.

Vicar (Vinca rosea)
This is another plant with antimitotic properties. Containing vinblastine and vincristine, two substances used in chemotherapy, particularly for sarcomas, lymphomas (Hodgkin's disease , etc ) And leukemias. In fact, in the Middle Ages was known the antitumor effect of this plant.

Ginseng ( Panax ginseng)
Some studies about  the root of this plant suggest that may delay the colorectal cancer development, besides possessing other anticancer properties.

Kelp ( Laminaria japonica)
It is an original alga from Japan. It helps the recovery of  damaged cells because  radiotherapy treatments. It is also a good remineralizing.

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Other Plants For Cancer Treatment-1


Other Anticancer Plants

There are other plants that can help us in the cancer  treatment, such as sassafras ( Sassafras officinalis ), turmeric (Curcuma longa), the apancholida or alcáncer ( Cuphea aequipetala ) or green tea ( Camellia sinensis). We also note the following:

Mistletoe ( Viscum album)
Have discovered some proteins called lectins, existing in mistletoe which have a destructive effect on tumoral cells. A part of this cytolytic effect,lectins stimulate especially the thymus gland, which is known it is vital for the immune system, for in it, T lymphocytes suffer an essential transformation to become active.

Mistletoe plant also activates cell defenses. Berries should be discarded because they are toxic, will be used only leaves: infusion of 15 grams of dried leaves per liter of water, it should be take two cups. You can also macerate 20 grams of dried leaves in a pint of cold water overnight. After be filtered consume the next day in 3 or 4 times.

Lapacho tree ( Tabebuia ipetiginosa )
Lapacho bark's inner layer  (also called pau d' Arco ) has been used for centuries to treat cancer. In the American magazine "Let's Live" , an article appeared in February 1985 in which it could read , referring to

Lapacho : "In the past 20 years, several reports from doctors and patients have indicated that this bark, ingested (usually in tea ), has cured terminal leukemia. "

And, " has been shown as an effective analgesic, sedative, decongestant,diuretic and hypotensive ." An important Lapacho action is a reduction in the unpleasant and painful symptoms caused by chemotherapy. Furthermore, there is evidence that combining its intake with chemotherapy, the action of this is enhanced.

Its immune system reinforcing action is remarkable, being used this remedy for all types of diseases in which the role of the organic defenses is important. It is a good natural antibiotic.

There are many varieties of this tree, especially in America ( north to south ), but only the variety ipetiginosa Tabebuia has been shown effective against cancer, and only the cortex inner layer, which we will be cautious when we want buy it.

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Comfrey For Treating Cancer


Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

In the magazine "Let's Live " from October to December 1958 , Dr. H. E. Kirschner wrote an extraordinary article entitled " Comfrey " .On it details the healing powers of this wonderful plant, and its role in cancer treatment.

In that article, citing, inter alia, a case happened in 1719 in which a person suffering from a malignant ulcer had been evicted by doctors. Was applied comfrey root peeled and crushed on the ulcer twice daily, cancer disappeared in less than ten weeks.

The same Dr. Kirschner could check the comfrey healing effects . On one occasion he was called beside the bed of a young woman who had a malignant cancer of about 13 x 15 cm. Doctor recommended applying compresses made with fresh comfrey leaves several times a day. At 24 hours of the first application, had gone all unpleasant smell( malignancy ).

At 48 hours, the recessive process became evident. In approximately 3 weeks , the living flesh was covered by a layer of healthy aspect. The pains also disappeared. According to Dr. Kirschner, comfrey leaves should be used in external tumors cases ( melanomas, etc. ). For internal tumors, use the decoction of the plant root.

The leaves  should be collected fresh, mash them and apply as a compress. This must be done several times a day. Regarding the root, it should be preferably fresh, and may be prepared by cleaning, chop it and boiling in water . Be sufficient 30 grams of root in one water liter. This decoction is more effective than leaf infusion for internal use.

The daily dose is a full glass. Caution should be doing in the use of this plant through internal way, especially over long periods, as it can be toxic to the liver. It is essential to consult a qualified  professional to oversee the treatmentif if we choose to ingest it.

It should not be difficult to find fresh plant, as anyone can easily cultivate it in the garden or in a potsherd. The anticancer iprinciple present in comfrey is called allantoin.

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Yew And Its Action Against Cancer


Yew (Taxus brevifolia)

Yew is a tree of great longevity. Its cortex contains an alkaloid called taxol, widely used in chemotherapy. Said compound has a marked antimitotic action, ie, prevents the tumor cells replication.

Cancers that are more responsive to the taxol are ovarian and breast, being also effective in other tumors, such as lung, melanoma, stomach, etc.

When administering taxol alone, it produces a number of side effects such as low white blood cells, allergy, nausea, hair loss, etc.. These effects are produced specifically by managing a substance that in nature is not isolated, but rather naturally complemented with many other compounds.

For example, we can find in yew 40 other taxanes (alkaloids) different that, as in all natural products, they interpenetrate perfectly for the healing purpose.

Even so, it is unadvisable the use of this tree, as it also contains a highly toxic alkaloid called taxina, the effects can be deadly. In fact, the first Gauls poisoned the tip of their arrows with the juice extracted from yew leaves which made them deadly weapons.

Yew plant
Currently there are natural preparations based on yew that not present any danger. Even so, the use of this remedy should always be supervised by a health professional.

Taxol was discovered in the early 60s. In 1978 , the National Cancer Institute of the United States  asked to the Forest Service from the same country 30,000 Kg of yew bark to produce taxol, as it is in it where the substance was found.

The problem lies in the fact that a specimen than 500 years produces approximately a bark kilo!. Also when divests to this tree its bark dies. It is estimated that in the last 15 years have been cut more than 4 million yews for medicinal purposes.

Yew forests are already very scarce, which means that once again we have failed to rationalize the resources that nature offers us, endangering a species more than miraculous. Luckily , recently were able to synthesize taxol in laboratory, which was a great relief for this species.

Furthermore, it has been found that the leaves and yew branch tips also contain taxol, which are already natural preparations made from the aforementioned tree parts that do not isolate any components, resulting in a completely natural remedy unlike the isolated taxol.

Leaves collection and yew branches does not represent threat to the species,because it can be extracted much remedy without killing a single species ,unlike what happened with the crust.

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Aloe Vera and Its Action Against Cancer-2


Aloe (Aloe vera , Aloe arborescens , etc )

As for the preparation of a home remedy using aloe , it is recommended to doing the following process:

We will collect aloe leaves, with an attitude of gratitude toward the plant, we should not forget that it is a living being that offers its healing powers, and like everything to be alive, is sensitive to our attitude toward it. The leaves must be in good condition and come from plants from 4 or 5 years.

This operation must be done in times of low sunlight. Likewise try to avoid exposing the aloe to the light during preparation process, to prevent that its chemical components degrade. The number of sheets to be used is two or more  in such  way that add a minimum length of one meter, placed one after the other.

Pure aloe vera gel
Then, we will remove the spiny leaf edges with a knife and clean it with a dry cloth without wetting them. Proceed to divide them without removing the green coating and pass through the blender.

We mix it with half kg ( 500 g ) of pure honey and 50 ml. ( 5 tablespoons ) of some drink alcohol such as brandy . Do not boil. We will keep the mixture in a dark glass  bottle,  we will cover it and retain in a place where where there is not plenty of light.

Alcohol has a vasodilating effect, and honey performs the function of compounds' carrier present in the aloe, such that the active principles are distributed to all   body parts.

Take three tablespoons daily, half an hour before meals. It is always better to prepare yourself remedy, it is the best way to ensure good quality of the product and its natural origin. If that is not possible, we should acquire the preparation from a specific brand with the maximum purity's guarantees.

There are prepared based on pure aloe ready to take them. In that case, we can perform the mixture with the same proportions mentioned above in relation to alcohol and honey, and using about 300 dl. (0.3 liters) of Aloe juice.

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Aloe Vera and Its Action Against Cancer-1


Aloe (Aloe vera, Aloe arborescens, etc.)

This is a plant used since ancient times mainly for healing wounds and digestive problems.

Pure aloe vera
The active principles of this plant are numerous, and its action is highly synergistic, that is, the combination of these substances has a stronger effect than the separate aplication of each of them.

Regards to cancer highlights the acemannan, a compound present in aloe, with marked anticancer action. The yellowish liquid from the leaf green part is called an aperitif substance also used as a laxative or purgative, according to the amount used. The rest of the leaf is formed by the known aloe gel.

Aloe vera and cancer
Romano Zago was the monk who popularized the use of aloe to treat cancer. On one occasion, the monk was required to administer the last rites to a dying cancer patient.

He did not receive any medical treatment; doctors had sent him to "dying home". Zago told the patient's wife  that he knew a remedy to cure cancer.

With the astonished eyes of the family, the patient was treated with aloe, and the abdominal lower tumor  with the tennis ball size was treated,ended up disappearing and the patient returned to his duties healthy farmer. Many other cases followed to this. Romano Zago 's fame was spread worldwide.

A part of the healing effects in cancer, aloe is an excellent body vitalizing  and defenses. In particular the acemannan is a lymphocytes activator.

Aloe externally applied is an excellent remedy for skin, and is also recommended for treating skin burns caused by X -rays or radiation treatments.

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Natural Product Anticarcinogenic


Foods That Prevent Cancer

We have already seen the healthy diet anticancer properties. Foods like lemon, carrot, garlic, onion, soy, grapes, celery, cabbage, etc, are an extremely effective medicine to cleanse and strengthen the body. Hence it is not necessary take healing supplements out of the diet.


This is true when we talk about prevention, but whenis  presented the need for treatment , all kinds of aid are good. Therefore we will present below a series of natural products with strong anticancer action that may be useful to us.

Healing products
The healing products from nature have nothing to envy to the official medicine chemical preparation, because in fact, these latter are based on countless molecules present in medicinal plants. Is the case of Taxol, Yew extracted; Etoposide, extracted from Podophyllum; Vinblastine and Vincristine, extracted from the vicarious, etc.

In contrast, chemotherapy products do have to envy to the natural products, since these latter, as being more effective do not cause unpleasant drugs side effects.

However, although natural remedies have no side effects, it is necessary to know the appropriate dose in each case, the plant parts used, etc. A misuse of these remedies can have serious consequences.

For example, it is easy to confuse parsley (Petroselinum crispum) with hemlock (Conium maculatum), and although it is a natural product, we can die from consuming it.

Thus, it is always advisable consult a health professional before venturing to collect a plant to use for medicinal purposes. It is also advisable to take into account if the plant you wish to use is or is not being threatened or endangered species

If it is so, try to avoid harvesting and in any other way will t get its healing effects,planting seeds in our home, acquiring the product in specialty shops. If we want the Nature help us heal, it is essential do not harm her.

Although we can prepare ourselves the remedy if we know where it grows in abundance, it is possible to buy the product in specialty stores, based intablets, capsules, etc.In this case we must always ensure that the product is 100% natural and it was not added any synthetic component.

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Anticarcinogenic Substances In Foods


Anti Cancer Foods

Nature offers us a wide range of products that ensure health and keep us from any disease, including cancer. A balanced diet, healthy and natural  will provide us maximum physical well-being that can not offer any laboratory product.

The following table is and Hippocratic phrase example " food is your medicine, only be your medicine the food " :


Table anti carcinogenic foods

A particularly interesting is the garlic healing effect (Allium sativum ) and onion (Allium cepa). Both foods have a marked antitumor action.
hey are antioxidants , antiplatelet agents, antibiotics and immune system enhancers, among many other things. Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is or paloduz anticarcinogenic also a good protector.

Also deserve special mention carrot ( Daucus carota) and cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, etc.), Especially of the genus " laminaria ".

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Grape Cure And Other Cures


Grape Cure And Natural Cures

Is carried out only eating grapes during the cure period. The amount will depend on each person. You can distribute the intakes in four or five meals, and eat as many grapes as we want (without ever gorging, of course).

Can only drink water or tea, but outside of meals. The duration will be one or two weeks maximum.

Like all cures, can be repeated as many times as you need, obviously leaving some time between them to allow the body to recharge again.

The grape cure has proven to be one of the most effective against cancer,having been produced tumor healings only using this method. Indeed, the seeds and skin of grapes have significant anti-cancer properties, especially thanks to the antioxidants that contain.

Other cures
We can use all kinds of fruits to perform a cure. You can eat varied fruit based for several days, or take only one type of fruit (pears only, or only apples, etc..), So that the cure is called mono diet. In any case, you should always drink plenty of water, but will always be outside the foods.

A general recommendation for all (healthy and sick) is to reserve one day a week to eat only fruit for give the body a break and keep clean digestive tract, thus avoiding internal fever.

Exist other cures that replace fruits by other elements rich in sugar, minerals and vitamins. An example of this is the whey cure or syrup  maple sap.

Special Diets

There are certain diets, without reaching the cures degree, are highly purifying. This is not specific diets, but feeding styles.

An example of this is the raw food cleansing diet, consisting only from fruit and raw vegetables (salads). Another example is macrobiotics, based exclusively on whole grains, legumes, vegetables and seaweed.

They are really healing diets, recommended for many pathologies,but personally do not recommend them at all as a lifestyle, because these are not balanced.

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Lemons Cure For Cancer Treatment


Lemon Cure The Best Cleanse

The antioxidant lemon power  makes it a food particularly interesting for cancer treatment. The first day of cure (presumably after the days of transition) will be taken juice of three lemons.

For example you can take the first in the morning, the second in the afternoon and the third at night. The second day will be five lemons, distributed as best consider.

Lemon remedy
The third day, seven lemons, and so will continue adding two lemons daily until the eighth day we take the juice of 17 lemons, always freshly squeezed.

It can be distributed, for example, taking 2 or 3 lemons every 2 or 3 hours, but each person can design your program takes.

From the eighth day subtract two lemons daily , ie 15 lemons the ninth day, reaching 3 lemons on the 15th.It will continue with the transition period and will give the cure terminated. The increase and subsequent decrease in the number of lemons can be 3 or 4, instead of 2, as may be appropriate.

Lemon, despite its acidity is a very rich fruit bases, thereby counteracts acids and is in an apparent contradiction, a good remedy for heartburn.

However, in a weak stomach lemon could produce a nasty action, even if hold its first attack will endure and strengthen the stomach against future intakes. There is not in nature a purifying cleanser product than  lemon juice.

This cure has a drawback: the lemon drag many toxic materials, but can also result in demineralization that could be problematic. That is why it is recommended to take some food that contains minerals. In this case , you can make a pot of vegetable soup (cabbage, celery , onion, etc. . ) And drink it during the day.

For example , you may want to take one or more bowls corresponding to the timing of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

We will take care to distance as much as possible the time of  the broth take with the  time of  the lemon take for the lemon acts alone, without mixing. It is also very useful to complement the broth with horsetail infusion( Equisetum arvensis ) for its remineralizing power.

To avoid the damage that can result from lemon in tooth enamel , it can eat your juice through a straw, or by a jug or similar. In any case , you should rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth after each take. After the curing period is complete, we should refrain from lemon eat during a season.

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 Source:  Dr. Josep Ribal

Detoxifier Diet And Benefits-2


Detoxifier Diet

The basic nutrients that our body needs are mainly proteins, fats,carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The energy amount consumed in digestion depends greatly on the foods composition.

Thus, as the vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates are easily assimilated, fats and proteins require more expensive process by the body.

Taking advantage of this fact, there are certain purification diets, also called cures, based solely on water  and fat free from proteins and foods. Thus, we obtain the benefits of fasting without losing the intake of vitamins, minerals and sugars, which are more volatile elements and require  more quick replacement.

The body usually has sufficient fat and protein reserves for extended time intervals.

To start a cure will require that the organism previously has sufficient reserves and does not suffer any nutrient deficiency. We should note also that during the duration of this diet we should abstain from physical exercise because the body lacks the habitual vital force. The best times to do it, may be the periods when we should not work.

The bowel should be cleansed before starting the treatment. If we have not regularly evacuated prior to the start, we can dip into the enema. It is important that remain  the least possible waste in the gut before starting the treatment, but anyway, once begun, any remaining dirt will be easily removed.

Do not suddenly start the cure. Transition will be gradual: for three or four days ( or more if deemed appropriate ) , we will have a vegetarian diet, gradually decreasing the dose of protein and fat until suppress it altogether. We will do the cure, and once completed, will return to normal eating also gradually, through a few days of transition.
The key is to drink plenty of water or tea throughout the process, to help the body remove and clean.

Weight loss is a normal symptoms if we practice one of these cures, as the body consumes nutrients from its own reserves, it is called autophagy. Apart from consuming these reservations, many morbid substances are also excreted .

Also, it is extremely detrimental for the treatment or cancer prevention is overweight, as seen above, which makes this method an excellent remedy against cancer.

It is interesting make simultaneous detox diets with cleansing hydrotherapy practices, of which we will speak more later. Generally cures are constituted by fruits or fruit juices.Out of it you should only drink water or tea. In future articles we will see some cure's  examples.

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Detoxifier Diet And Benefits-1


Detoxifier Diet

For that life to be processed in perfect health state is necessary that the body develops to perfection each and every one of its mechanisms, of which the vast majority are completely unknown to us ( even if it hurts recognize ).

Nutrients assimilation and elimination of morbid substances are two of the most important functions that the body must develop to keep its vital energy.

Nutrients are obtained by the body primarily through food and drink we consume and the air we breathe. Once these foods are eaten, the same body, true living laboratory, is responsible for separating, break down and manage everything properly to ensure proper supply of all necessary substances to all organs.

This assimilation process is a priority within the organic functions, as the metabolic burden is constant and must be continually replaced cells, tissues, etc.

But to carry out digestion through the digestive system, the body consumes a certain amount of energy, larger or smaller depending on the amount and food composition. Indeed, liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines work together to this end spending each corresponding energy quantity.

In parallel, another important mechanism for the elimination or excretion, also develops continuously, since metabolites or waste generated by metabolism , are generated continuously.

Elimination systems, mainly kidneys, liver, skin and intestines, work according to the energy at their disposal. Since digestion consumes a lot of energy and this process is a priority, the removal will be much less effective if we overload the digestive system. Not only that, but also, an overloaded and feverish digestive system is in itself a source of toxins.

But what happens when we interrupt food intake? The energy amount assigned to the digestio is freed for other uses. Gradually , the organism assigns to other processes, especially elimination, and that's when begin to occur cleansing crisis. Numerous toxic compounds which for years our body had loaded and stored in various parts of the body ( such as uric acid in the joints ) and in the blood begin to be effectively eliminated.

This causes discomfort, which is common that during fasting occur unpleasant or painful symptoms. This should be interpreted primarily as the the disease worsening until now latent.

The symptoms are a sign that we are starting to get rid of these morbid substances that our body had loaded since God knows when.

Fasting is tremendously healing. Consists in remove all food, consuming only water and tea. 2 or 3 liters per day are recommended. Many chronic diseases have submitted due to  fasting. But even so, it is a method that should always be done under medical surveillance for the risks involved.

Fortunately there are other methods to get the healing power of fasting without suppressing its benefits.

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Natural Fiber Against Cancer

The term fiber is used to cover several vegetable substances such as lignin and a series of carbohydrates such as cellulose or hemicellulose.

Most of these compounds are from the vegetables cell walls, which we can deduce that no fruit juices contain fiber. We could also include in this definition other polysaccharides such as pectin, mucilages or gums.

All these substances are more or less digestible, except cellulose, although it is perfectly digested by herbivores, the human digestive system is unable to transform. Fiber is found mainly in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Fiber generally has a lot hydratability, which swells when mixed with water.

This fact, coupled with no cellulose transformation results in fecal volume increase. Thus, the intestine is mechanically stimulated, greatly facilitating the movements. All this makes the fiber in a large intestinal protector.

On the one hand improves intestinal transit, as to increase the dregs volume, regulates the evacuation frequency and on the other hand, clean the intestine of toxic products: sweeps carcinogens products and prevents the undesirable putrefaction formation. Thus acts favorably on the bacterial flora. Also reduce the transit time, also hinders the fats absorption.

Furthermore the fiber metabolism produces compounds that decrease the bile salts toxicity, considerably reducing their power carcinogen. Therefore, it is a great anticancer agent especially prevnting colorectal cancer.

It has been shown that fiber excess can also be harmful because it can cause an exaggerated fecal volume excessively that irritate the gut. However , this excess is only possible through the dietary fiber preparations overuse. Eating cereals, fruits and vegetables in their natural state.it is no danger fiber overdose.

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Vegetable Oils And Antioxidants For Cancer


Vegetable Oils And Antioxidants

Free radicals formation  by olive oil peroxidation is much lower than in case of other vegetable oils. Sunflower oil , rapeseed, soybean, etc. Form by cooking at relatively low temperatures a compound called acrolein which is a powerful carcinogen.

However olive oil is decomposed at much higher temperatures, with much less produced acrolein amount. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should usually use olive oil , particularly for frying, in detriment of other oils. Olive oil to which we are referring is obviously obtained by first cold pressing.

Refined olive or mixed is not recommended at all, it is a product manufactured and chemically denatured.
In the case of sunflower or soya, for example, it is usual in its production using caustic alkali ( such as caustic soda ) to remove called unsaponifiable lipids.

Linoleic acid causes excessive bolus thickening, which does not happen with oleic acid. Another advantage of the olive oil is that contains a compound called squalene, which does not appear in any other natural fat, except shark oil. Besides this anti-cancer compound, contains other substances that prevent cancer development.

Also contain antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols. W-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids are found primarily in vegetable oils. W-3 fatty acids are found mostly in oily fish fat (salmon, mackerel , sardines, etc. ), and some vegetables such as soy or nuts.

Essential fatty acids supply is ensured by regular olive oil consumption, because this oil contains between 4% and 20% of these fatty acids, aside from oleic acid.

Therefore it is strongly recommended intake olive oil of first grip, oily fish, peanuts, tree nuts or soy. Should also be consume oil fruits (almonds, hazelnuts , etc.). sparingly, and always raw, unroasted.

Should avoid all other vegetable oils, and refined olive oil or mixed. The vegetable margarines should be replaced by butter.

In case that really want to bring out a good preventive program, it would be advisable to make appropriate dietary changes gradually,because a sudden change would increase the chances of failure.

Instead, the progressive changes tend to be more durable. In the case of an already formed tumor, should accelerate this change, it is important to act quickly.

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Fat Cholesterol And Blood Triglycerides


Fat, Cholesterol And Triglycerides

These last two are called w-3 polyunsaturated ( omega-3 ) fatty acids, while the rest are called polyunsaturated w -6 ( omega-6 ).

In relation to cholesterol, saturated animal fat intake appears to be a major factor in the LDL level increase, thus being animal fat a food that should be eaten with caution.

There are also not only foods that containing saturated fat , but rather also fat in cholesterol form. As principal, we can mention the brains, egg yolk, or kidneys.

Butter contains less cholesterol than margarine, milk contains very little, and yogurt seems even promote its elimination according to recent studies. As for the meat ( not greasy ), pork is which more have cholesterol content.

Fruits and vegetables contain no cholesterol at all. Anyway not be fanatical with this topic, because that would produce us stress that we could raise cholesterol.

What I find interesting is maximum meat consumption rationalization and especially animal fats. If the saturated fatty acids have a negative effect on cholesterol levels, unsaturated produce the opposite effect.

Vegetable oils consumption has been shown to be an effective method for reducing the triglycerides amount and LDL, while the HDL does not reduce. Also produce a change in the LDL composition that becomes less oxidizable, thus likely decreases considerably atherogenesis.

They also protect the cardiovascular system and rinsing the blood and decreasing platelet aggregation, thereby decreasing the clots formation likelihood.

The body can produce monounsaturated fatty acids,but  polyunsaturated  come exclusively from the diet, so they are called essential fatty acids.

Although so I said above, polyunsaturated are imperative, it has been shown that an excess of w-6 fatty acids may increase the risk of carcinogenesis and cardiovascular disease.

However , this problem is not observed in the use of monounsaturated or polyunsaturated w-3 fatty acids. It has also noted the negative effect of excess polyunsaturated generally on the immune system.

Olive oil is basically composed by oleic acid, which is monounsaturated, while in the other vegetable oils ( soybean, sunflower, canola, corn , etc . ) predominate w-6 polyunsaturated, particularly linoleic acid. Peanut also contains a high oleic acid percentage.

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Saturated-Unsaturated Fatty Acids And Cancer


Fatty Acids And Ldl Cholesterol Levels

The problem exists when LDL cholesterol levels are too high ,because within reasonable limits its presence is positive. In addition, high fat content (any type ) increases blood coagulability, thus increasing thrombosis risk.

For to atherogenesis occur LDL needs to be excessive. But free radicals are responsible for oxidizing this LDL ( peroxidation), which will be trapped in the artery wall.

The presence of antioxidants, thus reduce the arteriosclerosis risk.

It appears that the grapes ingestion( Vitis vinifera) prevents cholesterol from sticking to arteries due to a component present in the skin and seeds. Anyway, it seems to be a close relationship between high LDL and cancer.

Simple fats are composed of one glycerol  molecule ( glycerine alcohol analogue ), which are attached to one, two or three fatty acids, depending on whether is a monoglyceride, a diglyceride or a triglyceride. In nature state, fats are composed by triglycerides.

By the industrial process called hydrogenation, monoglycerides and diglycerides are produced, which are less healthy. Regarding fatty acids are compounds which define the fat quality: density, digestibility, etc.

Fatty acids are divided into saturated and unsaturated according contain or not unsaturations ( unpaired carbon or with double bond ) in the molecule. Within the unsaturated, we can distinguish between monounsaturated, with an unsaturation, and polyunsaturated, with more than one unsaturation.

Thus, fats consist mainly of saturated fatty acids are called saturated fat,while those that are formed predominantly by unsaturated fatty acids are known asunsaturated fats ( monounsaturated or polyunsaturated ).

Saturated fats are generally solid and from animal origin ( lards ), while unsaturated are generally from plant origin and liquid (oils ). In the said hydrogenation process, fat unsaturations are removed from vegetable fats on the basis of hydrogen atoms, thus obtaining the unhealthy solid hydrogenated vegetable fat,such as margarines and other compounds.

Examples of saturated fatty acids palmitic acid, stearic acid, lauric acid and myristic acid. The main monounsaturated fatty acid is the oleic acid . Examples of polyunsaturated fatty acids can mention linoleic acid, gamma linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, eicosapentoico or docosahexaenoic acid.

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Relationship Between Fat, Cholesterol And Cancer


Cholesterol And Cancer

It is a proven fact that cardiovascular diseases are closely related to cancer, so that anything that increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, also increase the cancer risk.

Hence high cholesterol predispose tumor formation. This is the explanation of why high intake of fat (especially animal) is so tied to carcinogenesis.

But what is cholesterol and how to increase its blood level? We could define cholesterol how a complex fat product that is part of all cells, which is necessary for the hormones and vitamin D formation.

Also plays a role in digestion, as part of the bile juices. To ensure an adequate level of cholesterol, the liver produces about one gram daily of this substance .

The rest comes from diet. The problem comes when an abnormality in the metabolic processes of lipids or a poor diet, the level of blood cholesterol rises too high, since the body as it is not easy remove quickly this excess.

The major route of cholesterol elimination is its conversion into bile salts,which are discharged into the intestine and reabsorbed later, losing only a small part in the dregs. This is why the elimination is slow, and excessive levels can be durable.

When this happens, there is a tendency to atherogenesis, or fatty deposits formation on artery walls, with consequent narrowing andarterial stiffness(arteriosclerosis ), thus increasing the cardiovascular diseases risk and cancer, as we have said before.

One of the known causes that may cause malfunctions in the metabolism of fat is stress. Also a sedentary lifestyle, or excessive fatty foods consumption, especially animal can shoot cholesterol levels.

A study by Dr. John McDougall Hospital of St. Helena (California ) showed that a 12-day diet based on foods with no cholesterol, along with some moderate exercise and more or less effective stress elimination can reduce approximately 11% the blood cholesterol level. This reduction leads to a 25 % lower of coronary heart disease risk.

Cholesterol is basically divided into two types: high-density lipoprotein (HDL ) or "good" cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL )  or "Bad" cholesterol. The presence of the first type does not imply any danger, because rather protects against cardiovascular diseases.

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Zinc And Enzymes Against Free Radicals-2


Due the manipulation to which are subjected industrial foods, little enzymes arrive intact the final product. We stress once again the need to consume as much natural food as possible and less manipulated.

Dr. Ernst Freund could check that in the cancer patients blood that studied were missing 3 important enzymes. Recent research has uncovered the role of two of these enzymes, one of which is very important in antitumor struggle, considering that the tumors are wrapped in a layer of fibrin to avoid recognition by the immune system, the role of this enzyme is very useful because its presence causes the generation of macrophages that break this fibrin layer, thus leaving the tumor at the mercy of natural killer cells.

It has been tested with additional contributions from enzymes in a large number of people, without having observed any side effects, since enzymes are not drugs but rather food.

This supplement revealed, according to Dr. A. E. eskovar a 700% increase in the number of macrophages, and 1.300 % in the number of lymphocytes murderers.

Studies performed in Europe have shown that by using enzymes can stop the early tumors growth, orally administered by injecting the compound enzyme in the tumor.

Dr. Chin Po Kim, renowned immunologist, cited a total mortality of 23% in cancer's patients treated solely based in enzyme supplements.

This is about the same cipher as present in the patients treated with the conventional methods of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with the important difference that the enzyme treatment does not produce the unpleasant side effects of the conventional methods.

At the same time, other studies have shown that enzymes use in conjunction with chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy significantly improves the patient response and reduces the allopathic treatment's side effects.

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Zinc And Enzymes Against Free Radicals-1


Zinc is an essential element for good cell divisions quality. It is necessary for the formation of over 100 different enzymes. Promotes B lymphocytes formation.  Zinc deficiency causes thymus gland atrophy.

For all these reasons it is a vital element for the immune system. A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that animals fed on a diet low in zinc are more likely to get cancer than those who have been fed with plenty of zinc.

The biochemical compounds called enzymes are basic to ensure the vital functions of each and every one of our vital organs. If we consider the body as a chemical factory, we realize the enzymes' importance, because they are necessary to ensure all actions and biochemical reactions that occur in it.

Neither vitamins or minerals, or proteins, or any nutrient could be used effectively by body if not for enzymes. The immune system also needs them to carry out its functions in defense.

If a fall occurs at the enzymes level in the body, the immune system is weakened. The enzymes also act against free radicals.

Since enzymes have a limited life, must be replaced regularly. How? There are nine basic enzymes from food, which the organism is responsible for ansforming into more than 3,000 different varieties of them for different purposes.

The enzymes' formation by the body depends of the person vitality, for example, has been observed that on average people over 70 have in their body half enzymes that young people with 20 year olds.

Unfortunately when cooking foods at temperatures above 48 ° C , occurs the enzymes' destruction. That is why we recommend taking raw vegetables and unprocessed, natural whenever possible.

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Free Radicals Effects And Antioxidants-2


Antioxidants and free radicals-2

Vitamin C
There are many functions that makes this compound in our body. Present basically in acidic fruits,it is a potent anticancer protector, as appear to show dozens of studies in worldwide.

Besides its antioxidant action, is an immune system strengthener. It also plays an important role as a liver detoxifier.

Exist substances called nitrosamines formed in the intestinal tract as a result of the interaction between the nitrates and nitrites present in the food and digestive juices amines. These resulting compounds are possibly carcinogenic.

Vitamin C blocks forming these nitrosamines in the digestive tract, protecting again tumor formations. Nitrites and nitrates can be found in many fruits and vegetables ( which also provide neutralizing vitamin C ), and smoked and cured foods.

It has been found that smoked foods can cause cancer, especially gastric due to a powerful carcinogen called benzopyrene.

Vitamin E
This is the most effective antioxidant against free radicals. Like vitamin C, is a immune system strengthening  and blocks the nitrosamines formation.

Folic acid
Although there are not very concrete data, it appears that folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) helps fight certain cancer types, especially colorectal cancer. It is curious that in the Middle Ages it was used with great bread yeast ( rich in vitamin B) to "reduce the lumps".

Vitamin supplements

The best way to take vitamins is through food, especially fruits and vegetables. Therefore we should have a preference for this form of vitamins in detriment of laboratory vitamin preparations. There are numerous studies demonstrating the ineffectiveness of these preparations compared to natural products rich in vitamins.

According to two studies conducted respectively by the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Public Health Institute of Finland, synthetic vitamin supplements off the diet do not have protection function against cancer.


It has been seen that in areas where the soil is rich in selenium there is less incidence of cancer. In these areas, the vegetables can absorb it, thereby increasing human consumption of this element. Experiences  in laboratory have confirmed this hypothesis. Would be interesting to fertilize the soil with some natural product rich in selenium, to increase the plants' anticancer power.

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 We can see the sixth section of this book in this link

 Source:  Dr. Josep Ribal

Free Radicals Effects And Antioxidants-1


Effects Of Free Radicals

Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable oxygen molecules that are constantly formed in the body as metabolism waste products. Billion of them are formed constantly. Its effect is harmful and destructive acting on any tissue type.

Among the devastating effects of free radicals, we can find cellular irritations of all kinds, premature aging, cholesterol oxidation, which facilitate the atheroma formation or arterial lipid deposits (atherosclerosis ), mutations in cellular DNA, which can unleash a cancer, etc. Definitely, its role is highly undesirable.

Free radicals and antioxidants
Fortunately, there is another type of molecules that are responsible for neutralizing the free radicals effects: we are talking about antioxidants. These compounds are used by the body to effectively protect from attack by free radicals.

All the antioxidants consists of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other compounds that are linked and combined with free radicals, robbing them their danger effects .

At the end of the chapter a food table by which we can verify that a healthy and natural diet generates fewer free radicals and provide more antioxidants to the body. On the contrary, poor diet and unnatural life provide few antioxidants  and generate a large amount of free radicals.

We will now see what are the most important antioxidants.

Beta -carotene and Vitamin A
Beta-carotene is a substance that can be found in some vegetables, such as carrots or cabbage. Its antioxidant action is powerful. The body can easily convert beta - carotene into vitamin A, and although both substances are essential for life, many researchers believe that it is precisely the beta -carotene who actively protect us against cancer.

Beta carotene benefits
Researchers  of the John Hopkins University concluded that people who have low levels of this substance in the blood, have 4 times higher of getting cancer risk than those who have much higher levels. Other studies corroborate this result, confirming that vitamin A and beta- carotene protect very effectively against tumors.

In addition to the preventive effects of these substances, it has been shown that they can also reverse the growth of already existing tumors. Some cancers have been cured by treatments with carrot and onion.

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Health With Diet And Natural Balance-4


Natural Diet -4

* Do not eat meat or fish more than necessary. At this point, It is better to sin by default than by excess.

* Eat raw food before cooked within the same meal.

* Go to bed with an empty stomach as possible.

* Do not fill the stomach at all within meals.

* No snacking.

It is important to balance the nutrients supply, without going into fanaticism. Small imbalances are easily compensated effectively by our bodies:nothing in the world a laboratory as perfect as our own body.

Whenever we move between reasonable limits, we have the health on our side.

A good diet could be based on fruit (fresh, acid and dry ), salads, olive oil, brown rice, whole grain breads and cereals. To a lesser extent, dried legumes, oleaginous fruits ( walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), Honey, tubers, etc.

For salad dressings, it is best olive oil or lemon juice, vinegar seems to have a negative effect on red blood cells, so should not be used.

They are also healthy, in moderation, dairy products and eggs. You can supplement the diet with meat and fish as the body needs.

Fruits should be eaten with the skin, since in it resides much of their nutrients , but if we do not know the exact origin of the fruit or the treatments that have been made, proceed to washing, or even dispense with skin.

In the case of vegetables, also will wash them well but not leaving them to soak, as water would absorb some of their nutrients: it is best to be washed under running water.

It is highly advisable to avoid using cookware made with aluminum or copper (pots, pans, etc. ) . As for the salt, it is best to ignore it completely because a healthy balanced diet provide the necessary minerals to the body.

In case you not being able do without it, the best is the sea salt obtained by distillation of sea water, and even so, its use should be as moderate as possible.

Drinks ( or foods ) very hot can produce in some cases esophageal cancer. Nor should we take very cold foods. Anyway, as I said above, there is no perfect diet for everyone, and each person must search what is healthier, being essential to exclude self-deception.

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Health With Diet And Natural Balance-3


Natural Diet-3

Anyway, it is advisable to refrain entirely from taking meat and fish of any kind during cancer therapy. The vegetarian diet, optionally supplemented with some eggs and milk, is very cleansing. Furthermore, at the level of prevention we must not abolish meat entirely, as we explained.

Body cleansing diet

Regarding fish, it is very advisable to be included in the diet, especially the blue,as we shall see later. Anyway, we should not abuse from this protein.

In short, although this written is not intended to give a deep ( for that much published material already exists ) dietary explanation, in my poit of view we should follow a diet primarily composed of plant products, supplemented occasionally with meat and especially, fish, which depending on the individual, it may be once a week, once a month, once a year, etc.

A balanced diet
We must try to discover what the body asks us every moment. Some general tips:

* Using ingredients of the highest possible quality, reliable sources ( natural).

* The fluid intake should be high, being the best drink natural water. This will favor the excretion and  body cleaning.

* Do not drink too much during meals, as this reduces the gastric acid effectiveness.

* Vegetables should be eaten raw wherever possible , to avoid vitamins denaturation and mineral loss. If we decide cook, it is better to steam..

* Eating fruits and vegetables of the season, avoiding, where possible, greenhouse products or cold store.

* Do not consume refined products, but rather integral (cereals, flour and rice). Refined extract from grain vitamins, minerals and fiber, leaving only carbohydrate, atrophying the intestines.

* Avoid products completely cured, smoked, prepared, precooked and sausages of all kinds. The food should be as similar as the Nature delivery.

* Consume the less sugar better. You can well do without this element, because a balanced diet already contains enough sugars. for sweetening, it's best honey. Artificial sweeteners are harmful to health (aspartame, saccharin, etc..).

* Avoid stimulants such as coffee, chocolate or colas.

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