Knowing Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil-Part – II

2.Benefits of  Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Gastroduodenal Diseases.
Olive oil forms a coating around the stomach and preventing duodenal ulcers. For healing, you can use other natural agents, but especially the extra virgin olive oil, because this contain soluble vitamins (soluble in oil) E and A, and olive oil be a transport vehicle within the body. Many researchers around the world are exploring and discovering more about this interesting theme.

 3. Cellular Oxidation.
The cell membrane is prone to oxidation, the olive oil, and especially the Virgin, given its high content of vitamin E and A, and other natural antioxidants that slows this process.

Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E percusor) functions as an antioxidant in the body, eliminating the free radicals which promote the oxidation of the body's cells, obtaining olive oil delaying this effect. Apparently this is the reason that prevent certain cancers. The most recent publications confirm the relationship between olive oil and prevention of this disease.

Note that the average longevity of the people of the Mediterranean is higher than in Anglo-Saxon countries. The reason is mainly in the type of power based on olive oil, legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables, fish. Furthermore, the synergistic effect garlic and onion accompanying the olive oil in many mediterranean dishes.

Mataix teacher team is studying the effect of olive oil on two aspects: longevity and quality of life, saying that peoples such as Japanese, would surely benefit. It is already the longest living people in the world, but  the diseases that they suffering would be alleviated  with input  of the olive oil  to the Japanese diet, healthy by itself.

4. Fertility.
For the same reason, the high vitamin E content virgin olive oil helps fertility. This aspect was tested, removing of the diet the  vitamin E, male mice became sterile and female mice increased the proportion of fetal reabsorption. This saw Harrow and Mazer. In Spanish centers such as the Institute of Fat, or La Venta del Llano is studied as determining vitamin E.

5. Cosmetics.
Formerly, the best soaps are made with olive oil, for its price moved towards seeds (vegetable oils) but now, it is becoming to origins. Since 1995/96, a Japanese dermo-cosmetics, bought a strong place in the province of Jaén. Currently on the market  there many of these products rich in olive oil. Needless to say, it is used much to heal burns since ancient times, then moved to various creams and currently is getting to use olive oil directly or pharmaceutical products based on it.
There are now several companies based primarily in the production and marketing of these products, mainly in the provinces of Cordoba and Jaen.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits And Other Studies.
It appears that olive oil helps the binding of calcium, although not yet known mechanism of action, this claim is based on publications about olive oil dentists and dental health. Likewise, there are publications that assert that diseases like osteoporosis are benefited by the intake of olive oil.

You have to eat everything, but not excessive, relying on food, healthy, like virgin olive oil, according to  Professor Covián advised. Given its kindliness, we must defend it to the best of our forces. Without passion, but decisively.
These six reasons, we should help us to raise its consumption. Olive oil is not the universal elixir of life but a healthy and natural food, which should be the basis of our food.

Experience shows that populations that take between 50 and 60 g of olive oil on average have better health. The key is that consumption is made within a balanced diet where olive oil in suitable quantities, replace other less desirable fat sources. We must therefore stay on the recommendation of olive oil consumption, but we must go further, attempt to educate on content quality and quantity of various food fat   and in what way that fat, considered unhealthy can be reduced it  and putting in that place olive oil.

We also must  require those responsible, that food labeling must be  increasingly complete and thorough, so that consumers receive the information their need to choose  definitely, we recommend the consumption of olive oil as the fat of choice in optimal amounts, and so will not only help achieve a healthy, prevent many diseases but also to an exemplary cuisine full of flavors and intense flavors.


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