Special Treatment To Home Remedies For Acne Part 1


Home Remedies For Acne (first part). 

Diet to remove acne  cleaning the large intestine


1- Colon cleansing treatment - Part 1

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Colon cleansing treatment - Part 1

This method  is fast and one of the most effective home remedies for acne that adapts perfectly to natural body laws, it is easy, economical and practical for people to do exactly as will be described in this article. It begins with three days of fruit fast to cleanse all waste accumulation in the intestines and after that, still continues  with nutritional supplements,without eating anything  of sugar because sugar is in the same fruit.

Whith this acne cure home acne completely disappears in the great majority of people. This natural remedy to remove acne has a proven 98%  effectiveness  after following the three-day of  fruit fast in the right way without cheating.

Three days seem long but they are nothing compared with cutaneous problems that can last many years.

The fasting include apples or grapes but not mix these two fruits simultaneously; take only fasting apples or fasting grapes and water for 3 days,this will cause the extent that the fruit  moves through the intestines and the blood passes through the large intestine depositing wastes and the pectin present in the fruit can absorb these toxics.

Thereby, the accumulation zone that has been  poisoning by the blood will be loosen and remove.

The large intestine was designed exclusively for absorbing water, however,the accumulation of large number of toxins break certain organic body rules, thereby returning some elements found in toxic waste decomposition, as well as Candida which could enter in the bloodstream again.

We must clarify that Candida is a yeast or fungus found in the body and appears when taking antibiotics, especially in long time or have a diet unnatural, high in light meals, sugars and refined flour that produces an intestines imbalance and Candida yeast obviously gets out of control.

Medical science and many naturopaths know that Candida is associated with all kinds of problems from athlete's foot to yeast infections, beside many other degenerative diseases like cancer and tumors that usually  Candida is guilty of these infections associated with acne in most cases.

Candida is a yeast that needs sugar to grow, that is to say high amounts of sugar in the blood and intestinal environment out of balance creates the perfect medium for its development and create disorder that can manifest in all kinds of problems . With this home remedy acne treatment we get a solution about this disease naturally.
At the same time you should stop consuming all the sugar you can and start eating garlic to help rid your body of Candida infection.

Steps in the diet of three days eating only grapes or apples

Day 1
In the case that apple fruit was chosen (that is the most recommended but can also be with grapes).

1. Eat as many apples as you want but be sure to:
• Do not eat the shell. Peel them before eating since most commercially produced apples have been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, unless you get organic apples, you do not need it.
• Recommended to be delicios variety or Golden Delicious red because these contain more pectin which absorb toxins from your body as  body can digest them.
You can eat red grapes if you are allergic to apples. You will feel perfectly well for the first 24 hours of fast and soon discover that apples will fully satisfy you.

2. Drink what you can of water in a day, at least 2 liters of water.

3. Use castor oil on your skin before going to sleep. It's thick, but fine.

Day 2
1. Eat apples that you want, never eat in excess,no glut,remember that this is a very important for your health and appearance henceforth.
The fruits have the advantage that can be digested in less than half an hour making  fast assimilation by the body .

2. Keep drinking lots of water throughout the day, at least two liters.

3. Keep applying castor oil plant on your face at night.

4. At this point, you may have some cramping and laxative can apply at any time of the day - just make sure you do this at the end of the day.

You can make this oral laxative highly recommended with Epsom Salts to do more effective this method or any other home remedies for acne.

You can see the second part here – ( part 2 ).


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