Special Treatment To Home Remedies For Acne Part 2


Home Remedies For Acne (second part).

Colon cleansing treatment - Part2

Each good home remedies for acne like this method need other elements that make them more efficient. We will discribe each one and another important  recommendations to take into account.

Epsom salts:
Not only cleans the colon also the small intestine. This is necessary if you have many difficulties with food absorption, if you suffer from congestion of the kidneys / bladder, constipation.Mix one teaspoon of oral Epsom salts (very commonly known as magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water and drink it first time in the morning.

This oral enema cleans the colon and digestive tract, from start to finish, usually within an hour, forcing the evacuation several times. Clean all plaque and debris from the intestinal walls, as well as parasites that live there. Expect your feces be watery while there are  intestinal waste to throw.
Then feces return to their normal consistency, since the intestinal tract is clean. Expect some cramping or gas, and sometimes as a result of cleaning with removal of toxic substances.

This oral laxative also be done with a duration of three weeks two or three times a year independent of the three-day diet with fruits described in this article.

• Do not worry if acne resists a little more in the second or third day. This is perfectly normal and in fact is good news - it means that whatever you're doing, is affecting the acne. However, most people see that this begin disappear. on this day.

Natural laxative alternatives you can also use:

EpsomFlaxseed (linseed):
It is an excellent natural laxative with good results in the home skin treatments, can be taken in many ways, two tablespoons of ground flaxseed  per day mixed in natural juices, vegetable juices or smoothies like aloe, which accentuate the benefits of flaxseed and also nourish the intestine. (in another article we will talking with more detail of this wonderful seed, their different properties and uses).

Banana, papaya, grapes and plums, pineapple, properly consumed, are ideal for moving the bowels.Never combine sweet fruits with acidic fruit mix rule would be: sweet fruit with sweet fruit, acid with acid or acid with half acid.

Wheat bran:
Adequate intake of wheat bran is between 20 and 30 grams a day. If you exceed 30 grams will produce flatulence, bloating and indigestion something slow.Should  be taken with pure water or juices. Many people not only use wheat brain in the face treatments for acne,is very important  to have it  in the natural diet daily.

Regarding the enema or colonic irrigation.

This is not required to do it,is not an obligation to do, this practice is not recommended for everyone starting from the premise that all organisms do not react in the same way and that only in cases of acne  too extreme  where the person  who making the treatment  has not a history of illnesses and he or she is in good conditions, in good health and has not a history of illnesses or the pacient do not present a picture  adverse pathological, otherwise do not recommend this practice of colonic irrigation or enema.

Instead you can make perfectly natural treatment alkaline diet rich in fiber and nutrients needed by the body to gradually fades away acne.
We know it can take a little more time, whether days, weeks or three months or less to achieve more visible results, all depends on the person, and how your body will react to the new changes in nutrition, but it is very safe and very healthy without taking unnecessary risks that can become annoying and even a little risk in health if not done with the knowledge of a specialist in this topic.

Important Note:
For people who want to get a colonic irrigation or enema, a lot careful must have with this procedure. Should be done with caution to avoid the presence of potentially serious adverse effects. Is  highly advised to use the services of a licensed physician and specialist experience in this field to avoid incurring health risks, because that's the point, to be healthy but not at any cost or at the expense of other functions or vital organs of the body.

We must remember that all organisms are not equal, and that each person reacts different, some people feel good but not in all cases.Excessive treatments can cause excessive water absorption, generating electrolyte imbalance, vomiting, nausea, heart failure or fluid in the lungs, abnormal heart rhythms or coma.
Infections have been reported with the use of colon irrigation, possibly because of the use of contaminated equipment or as a result of the elimination of normal colon bacteria, which causes excessive growth of infectious bacteria.

There is also the risk of bowel perforation or rupture of the intestinal wall, which is a serious complication that can lead to septic shock and death if not done this procedure with care and expertise in the subject.
People with severe or internal hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, colon or rectal tumors, or recovering from intestinal surgery should avoid colon irrigation, unless a doctor says otherwise; yet not recommended.

Avoid frequent treatments in people with heart disease or nephrosis that would be like health problems in the kidney ..Colonic irrigation should not be used as the sole treatment of serious conditions in the body or as a substitute for more proven therapies and safe for health.
Another very important thing is that before accepting the treatment, make sure that the team that will work is sterile or even disposable and that the healthcare professional is qualified  provider with a university degree or specialist  of known reputation.

In the next article we will continue with home remedies for acne third part.

You can see the third part here – ( part 3 ).


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