Cancer is A Fungus We Can Fight Smartly

The numbers are incredible.

Some eight million people that die every year from cancer worldwide did not know that cancer is a fungus. More than half a million in the U.S. alone. The global number is predicted to rise to twelve million by 2030. Cancer is the leading cause of death for people under 85 and in the U.S. one in four people die from cancer - one in four.
Governments have worked to protect the public against terrorism but they are not aware of all beings who suffer and die every year due to this disease and that the bloodline families and their pharmaceutical cartel systematically refuse to cure.

Together we can, but not if it comes to the pharmaceutical companies.Enormous amounts of money are raised through charitable organizations every year to fund the search for a "cure" whose establishment has no intention of finding.

A newsletter of August 9 put in relief, of how a man called Dr Richard Day, head of the Rockefeller-controlled eugenics organization, Planned Parenthood, addressed a meeting of doctors in Pittsburgh in 1969 to talk about the upcoming transformation global society. He asked the doctors to turn off recording equipment and not to take notes before he detailing a long list of changes that were planned. A doctor took notes, and later talked publicly about what was said.

Now, 40 years later, we can see and read the August newsletter in the archive on the web. The reason I mention it again here is what he told doctors in 1969: "We can cure almost every cancer right now." 'Data is stored at the Rockefeller Institute. "Day said that letting people die of cancer, meant curb population growth - 'You may as well die of cancer as something else". These people have no soul for this reason they do  do what they do.

Big Pharma has no desire to cure cancer, while making fortunes  treating the symptoms with devastating drugs that kill cells, or those who kill with poisons, such as chemotherapy. But that's not all, the bloodline families who see  the people who suffer and die as a “good  necessary”, is a form of sacrifice for the stability of the population.

So when anyone outside the clique of big pharma, discover an effective way of treating cancer they are immediately targeted by the medical establishment and government agencies.
One such case is the Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, brilliant and courageous man who has refused to bow to the enormous pressure he has faced and continues to face, because he has realized what cancer is and how it can treat.

The crime of  Simoncini  "has been to discover that cancer is caused by the fungus Candida is a yeast-like an organism that lives in the body in small amounts even in healthy people.

The immune system normally keeps it under control, but when it becomes a powerful  fungus active some serious health problems, including cancer.Mike Lambert, of the Shen Clinic says about  Candida: "Fungi in general, particularly Candida, thrive by eating the body of its host (yours) by dissolving it. No wonder that produces chronic fatigue, which in many cases can be attributed to colonization by the fungus Candida, the sufferer feels bad both physically and psychologically. "

Tullio Simoncini says that cancer is fungal infection by the fungus, Candida and that the conventional medical explanation of cancer  is that cancer is a "cellular malfunction" and this definition is simply wrong.

Simoncini is a specialist in oncology (treatment of tumors), diabetes and metabolic disorders, but it is more than that. He is a conscientious physician who tries to discover the truth, for the benefit of his patients and refuses to parrot the official version of what doctors should do and think.
He challenges the dogma of 'intellectual conformity' with all its unproven assumptions, lies, manipulation and falsehood,he has been extremely critical of the medical  establishment as they continue with 'treatments' that are useless in curing the epidemic global cancer.

From the moment  Simoncini entered into  medicine studies,he  realized something was wrong with the way cancer was treated: "I saw terrible sufferings. I was in a pediatric oncology ward and all the children died. I suffered when I looked at the poor children to the persons dying with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. "

His frustration and sorrow at what he was seeing led him to go in search of new ways to understand the treatment of this devastating disease. He began his journey with an open mind and a sheet of paper unsullied by alleged drug rigid and indoctrinated by mainstream medicine and science.

How many more have to suffer before people stop seeing doctors who know everything, as "gods" and realize the magnitude of the ignorance that we still have? Simoncini realized that all cancers acted the same way, no matter where they were in the body or in the form it took. There had to be a common denominator. He also observed that the cancer 'lumps' was always white.

What else is white? Candida
Simoncini realized that general medicine believes that cell growth is wild, that tends to grow and becomes a "cancerous tumor" is actually the immune system of  reproductive cells that defend against the attacks of fungus-Candida.

He says that the sequence is as follows:
* The Candida is normally kept under control by the immune system, but when this system is weakened Candida multiplies, expands and builds a "colony".
*The  Candida as it enters a body, the immune system has to respond to the threat otherwise.
* This "way" is to build a defensive barrier with its own cells and this growth is what we call cancer.
It is said that the spread of cancer to other parts of the body is caused by 'malignant' cells escaping from their origin. Simoncini, however, says this is one of the causes but not absolute. The spread of cancer is triggered by the real cause of cancer, the fungus Candida, escaping from the original source.

What allows cancer to manifest, as he has said in his books for years, is a weakened immune system. When the immune system is working properly and effectively, prevents the cells escape  keeps the fungus-Candida in place and under control.
Look what's happened in cancer cases worldwide, have soared and multiplied.
The immune system is weakened and attacked by food and drink additives, chemical farming, vaccinations, electromagnetic and microwave technology and frequencies, pharmaceutical drugs, the stress of modern 'life', and more.

What defenses have the children today, if placed 25 vaccinations and combinations of them, before the age of two years, while his immune system is still forming? ...My God!
This is how the family owned of the drug business are trying to instigate a mass cull of the population. The dismantling of the body's natural defenses to disease.
Now, here's the real surprise.What destroys the immune system quicker than anything else?
In the next article we will continue whith this theme,the second part.

Tips For Body Ph Balance

To understand the body ph balance the Food and Drug Division of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of North Carolina, in an effort to contribute to a better quality of its citizens this time explaining what the PH and presents a list of acidic foods and alkaline.

 What is pH?
When doctors talk about the necessary balance of acid and alkaline in the body, what they mean?, Why is it important? And How nutrition and lifestyle affect this balance between acid and alkaline?

When we are talking about acid and alkaline, we are talking of hydrogen. Acid is a substance that releases hydrogen in a chemical solution and alkaline  is a substance which removes the hydrogen in a chemical solution.

The acid and alkaline are measured in  pH(potential hydrogen) on a scale from 1 to 14, being one the most acidic and the most alkaline fourteen. Any solution is acidic or alkaline, in the human body as outside of it. The blood, stomach fluids wine, coffee, etc. have a certain pH. A pH below 7 is considered acid and above 7 is considered alkaline. The pH of the stomach is 1, the wine is 3.5, the venous blood 7.35, 8.5 seawater, etc.

The ideal pH of the human body should be slightly alkaline range between 7.35 and 7.45. Into the human body the balance between acid and alkaline  is very important since many body functions only occur at certain levels of acidity or alkalinity. Many enzymes and chemical reactions in the body function better at a certain pH. A small change in the pH of the body can have a profound effect on body functions. For example, the ability of muscle contraction declines and increases adrenaline hormone when the body becomes slightly more acidic.

Different parts the body have different levels of acidity and alkalinity. How is measures the pH? Usually measurement pH becomes through the blood, since it is  more simple to measure than the of other body parts. Is determined through analysis of blood,  the levels of: potassium, sodium, chlorine, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate.
Some alternative medicine practitioners also measured urine. They think that the body seeks permanently eliminate excess acidity that irritate the tissues and prevent it from absorbing minerals and, since one of the main elimination systems of the body is the renal (kidney), they consider that to measure the level of urine acidity can be determined if the body is eliminating or not the amount of acid that should.

If the removal of acids through the urine is higher than normal, the pH of urine is more acidic. This also indicates that the body is saturated and therefore has a high acidity.
In alternative medicine is also measured saliva, it is considered that if the body has enough mineral reserves, this abundance of minerals should appear in the saliva. However they do not consider , that measuring urine or saliva are a complete way of measuring the pH of the body but rather are indicators.

PH and Food
Foods are classified as alkaline or acidic foods according to their effect on the human body after digestion and not according to the pH that have in themselves. It is for this reason that the flavor they have is not a pH indicator that generated in our body once consumed.
Many times a flavored food acid having an alkaline effect, such as citrus fruits, lemon is alkaline because the  minerals left in the body after digestion help remove hydrogen ions and reduce the acidity of the body.

The personal metabolism also plays a decisive role in this regard. For example, certain fruits contain organic acids, such as tomatoes and citrus although usually create an alkaline effect in some people can leave acidic residues. This happens mostly when people have low acidity in the stomach or when they have a thyroid malfunction.
The north  American Diet

Sometimes is  considered  that  acidifying foods are not healthy and this is a misconception. Acidity and alkalinity are opposites, both are necessary and require both to achieve balance in the body.
The current preference for alkaline meals is due that the North American diet is extremely acidic, which causes health problems. About the acidity generated by foods that have high  fat and sugar, some health experts claim that the acidity can destroy the bones, because the body needs steal alkaline minerals from the bones (including calcium) to reduce the acid pH of the blood .

Acid pH Symptoms Identified
Initial symptoms:
• Acne
• Agitation
• Muscle pain
• Cold hands and feet
• Dizziness
• Low energy
• Pain in the joints movable
• Food allergies
• Chemical sensitivity to odor and gases
• Hyperactivity
• Panic Attacks
• menstrual cramps and premenstrual
• Anxiety and depression premenstrual
• Lack of sexual desire
• fullness
• Acidity
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Urine hot
• smelling urine
• Headaches
• Fast breathing
• Pulse unstable
• White tongue
• Difficulty getting up in the morning
• Congestion
• Metallic taste in mouth
Intermediate Symptoms:
• Herpes I and II
• Depression
• Memory Loss
• Loss of concentration
• Migraines
• Insomnia
• Disturbance of sight, smell, taste, hearing
• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Itching of ear
• Hay fever
• Swelling
• Viral illnesses (colds, flu)
• Bacterial diseases
• Fungal diseases (vaginal, athlete's foot)
• Impotence
• Urethritis
• Cystitis
• Urinary tract infection
• Gastritis
• Colitis
• excessive hair Fall
• Cirrhosis
• Endometritis
• Sinusitis
• Stuttering
• Advanced Symptoms Numbness
• Crohn's Disease
• Schizophrenia
• learning disorders
• Hodgkin's Disease
• Lupus erythematosus
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Sarcoidosis
• Tuberculosis
• Esclerordema
• Leukemia
• All other forms of cancer

In next articles we will continue speaking about  the relevance of  alkaline and acidic foods in our diet.

Exploring the Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Acid alkaline food chart classifies foods according to their ability to produce more or less acid residues and is used to help balance the ph of the overall system.
The table no divides  food as good or bad, as there is no good or bad foods, only more useful or less useful foods, depending on the specific needs at any given time for each individual person.

Today it is normal to live with a huge amount of stressors, in the sense that harm our health  and increase our burdens, collaborating to  create synergy between them to increase acidity.

It is logical and reasonable use the alkaline diet and raise the proportion of intake of  them to achieve a  balance that  our bodies need.

Impotant Note: 
Use the table as a guide and not as a rule. Only  your doctor or nutritionist can really know if your ph is in balance or out of balance.

The following list is of the most common foods and their  potential of acidity (-) and alkalinity (+), present in 30 grams of food approx.
This results are based on acid alkaline food research of Dr. Robert O. Young

 Alkaline And Acidic Foods

Vegetables And Fruits With Low Sugar

Mature peas +0.5 
Asparagus +1.1 
Artichokes +1.3 
Comfrey +1.5 
Green cabbage (harvested in March) +2.0 
Lettuce +2.2 
Onion +3.0 
Cauliflower +3.1 
White radish (Spring) +3.1 
Turnip +3.1 
White cabbage +3.3 
Green cabbage (harvested in December) +4.0 
Col  of curly leaf +4.5 
Canons +4.8 
Fresh peas +5.1 
German Radish +5.1
Zucchini +5.7
Cabbage +6.3
Rhubarb stalks +6.3 
Horseradish +6.8 
Leeks +7.2 
watercress +7.7 
Spinach (harvested in March) +8.0
parsnip  +8.0 
Lima +8.2 
Chives +8.3 
Carrot +9.5 
Lemon +9.9 
Green Beans +11.2 
Fresh Beet +11.3
Sorrel +11.5
Spinach (not harvested in March) +13.1
Garlic +13.2
Celery +13.3
Tomato +13.6
Kind Cabbage lettuce, fresh +14.1
Fresh endive +14.5
Avocado +15.6
Broccoli +16.2 
Red Radish +16.7 
Cayenne Pepper +18.8 
Dandelion +22.7 
Kamut Grass +27.6 
Barley Grass +28.7 
Bean sprouts +29.5 
Radish sprouts +28.8 
Chia sprouts +28.5
Alfalfa Grass +29.3
Fresh cucumber +31.5 
Wheat Grass +33.8
Summer black radish +39.4



Distilled water (neutral) 0
Fresh coconut water +9.04


Edible Tubers

Corn -9.6
Potatoes Stored +2.0

Meat,Chicken And Fish

Pork -38.0
Veal -35.0
Beef -34.5
Ocean Fish -20.0
Chicken  -20.0
Eggs -20.0
Oysters -5.0
Liver -3.0
Organ meat -3.0

Milk And Dairy

Cured cheese -18.1
Quark cheese -17.3
Cream -3.9
Pasteurized milk -1.0
Milk whey +1.3


Bread, cookies (stored grains / flours)

white bread -10.0 
Refined flour cookies -6.5
Wholemeal bread -6.5
Whole grain bread -4.5
Rye bread -2.5



Pistachios -16.6
Peanuts -12.8
Macadamias  -11.7
Cashews  -9.3



Margarine -7.6
Corn oil -6.5
Butter -3.9 


PH of Fruits

Blueberry -5.3
Raspberry -5.1
Yellow plum -4.9 
Dates -4.7 
Sweet cherry -3.6 
Melon -2.5 
Grapefruit -1.7
Watermelon -1.0
Fresh coconut +0.5
Sour cherry +3.5
Green Bananas +4.8


Grains And Green Vegetables Not  Stored

White rice -18.5
Wholegrain rice -12.5
wheat -10.1
Oats -0.5
Millet -0.5
Spelled -0.5
Lentils +0.6
Soybean meal +2.5
Tofu +3.2
Lima beans +12.0
Soya +12.0
White beans +12.1
Granulated soya cooked +12.8
Soy soaked and air dried +26.5
Pure soy lecithin +38.0

Nuts And Seeds

Wheat grain -11.4
Nuts  -8.0
Pumpkin seeds -5.6
Sunflower seeds -5.4
Macadamia nuts -3.2
Hazelnuts -2.0
Linseed -1.3
Brazil nuts -0.5
Sesame +0.5
Seeds of cumin +1.1
Fennel Seeds +1.3
Caraway +2.3
Almonds +3.6
Hemp seeds +7.6


Fats (cold pressed fresh oils, first press)

Sunflower oil -6.7
Ghee -1.6
Coconut milk -1.5
Olive oil +1.0
Pomegranate oil +3.1
Borage oil +3.2
Linseed oil / linen +3.5
Evening primrose oil +4.1
Hemp oil +4.7
Marine Lipids +4.7



Fresh fish of  freshwater -11.8


Artificial Sweeteners -26.5
White sugar -17.6
Beet sugar -15.1
Molasses -14.6
Malt Sweetener -9.8
Cane sugar -9.6
Fructose -9.5
Condensed milk -9.4
Barley malt syrup -9.3
Brown rice syrup -8.7
Honey -7.6



Vinegar -39.4
Soy sauce -36.2
Mustard -19.2
Mayonnaise -12.5
Ketchup  -12.4


liqueurs -28.6 a –38.7
Sweetened fruit juices -33.4
Black tea  -27.1
Beer -26.8
Cafe  -25.1
Wine -16.4
Fruit juice packaging naturally -8.7

The fruit Ph

rose hip -15.5
pineapple -12.6
tangerine -11.5
ripe banana -10.1
pear -9.9
peach -9.7
apricot -9.5
papaya  -9.4
orange  -9.2
mango -8.7
Clementine -8.5
raisins -8.2
ripe gooseberry -7.7
ripe grape -7.0
blueberries -7.0
Granada  -7.0
blackcurrant -6.1
strawberry -5.4

Knowing Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil-Part – II

2.Benefits of  Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Gastroduodenal Diseases.
Olive oil forms a coating around the stomach and preventing duodenal ulcers. For healing, you can use other natural agents, but especially the extra virgin olive oil, because this contain soluble vitamins (soluble in oil) E and A, and olive oil be a transport vehicle within the body. Many researchers around the world are exploring and discovering more about this interesting theme.

 3. Cellular Oxidation.
The cell membrane is prone to oxidation, the olive oil, and especially the Virgin, given its high content of vitamin E and A, and other natural antioxidants that slows this process.

Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E percusor) functions as an antioxidant in the body, eliminating the free radicals which promote the oxidation of the body's cells, obtaining olive oil delaying this effect. Apparently this is the reason that prevent certain cancers. The most recent publications confirm the relationship between olive oil and prevention of this disease.

Note that the average longevity of the people of the Mediterranean is higher than in Anglo-Saxon countries. The reason is mainly in the type of power based on olive oil, legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables, fish. Furthermore, the synergistic effect garlic and onion accompanying the olive oil in many mediterranean dishes.

Mataix teacher team is studying the effect of olive oil on two aspects: longevity and quality of life, saying that peoples such as Japanese, would surely benefit. It is already the longest living people in the world, but  the diseases that they suffering would be alleviated  with input  of the olive oil  to the Japanese diet, healthy by itself.

4. Fertility.
For the same reason, the high vitamin E content virgin olive oil helps fertility. This aspect was tested, removing of the diet the  vitamin E, male mice became sterile and female mice increased the proportion of fetal reabsorption. This saw Harrow and Mazer. In Spanish centers such as the Institute of Fat, or La Venta del Llano is studied as determining vitamin E.

5. Cosmetics.
Formerly, the best soaps are made with olive oil, for its price moved towards seeds (vegetable oils) but now, it is becoming to origins. Since 1995/96, a Japanese dermo-cosmetics, bought a strong place in the province of Jaén. Currently on the market  there many of these products rich in olive oil. Needless to say, it is used much to heal burns since ancient times, then moved to various creams and currently is getting to use olive oil directly or pharmaceutical products based on it.
There are now several companies based primarily in the production and marketing of these products, mainly in the provinces of Cordoba and Jaen.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits And Other Studies.
It appears that olive oil helps the binding of calcium, although not yet known mechanism of action, this claim is based on publications about olive oil dentists and dental health. Likewise, there are publications that assert that diseases like osteoporosis are benefited by the intake of olive oil.

You have to eat everything, but not excessive, relying on food, healthy, like virgin olive oil, according to  Professor Covián advised. Given its kindliness, we must defend it to the best of our forces. Without passion, but decisively.
These six reasons, we should help us to raise its consumption. Olive oil is not the universal elixir of life but a healthy and natural food, which should be the basis of our food.

Experience shows that populations that take between 50 and 60 g of olive oil on average have better health. The key is that consumption is made within a balanced diet where olive oil in suitable quantities, replace other less desirable fat sources. We must therefore stay on the recommendation of olive oil consumption, but we must go further, attempt to educate on content quality and quantity of various food fat   and in what way that fat, considered unhealthy can be reduced it  and putting in that place olive oil.

We also must  require those responsible, that food labeling must be  increasingly complete and thorough, so that consumers receive the information their need to choose  definitely, we recommend the consumption of olive oil as the fat of choice in optimal amounts, and so will not only help achieve a healthy, prevent many diseases but also to an exemplary cuisine full of flavors and intense flavors.

Knowing Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil-Part - I

Among the beneficial of olive oil we have that this product protects colon-rectal cancer by acting on bile acids, Extra virgin olive oil lowers the risk of development of the gastrointestinal mucosa to adenoma or carcinoma.Not to mention that by keeping arteries flexible improves circulation and oxygenation of all tissues.
That the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world is a fact unquestionable endorsed by many medical studies. We did not know yet is that one of its pillars, the extra virgin olive oil, contains natural chemicals that produce an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. It is therefore a reason to consume this beneficial product, rich in heart-healthy essential oils and anticancer properties.

Anti-cancer and heart-healthy. Being a pure natural product, simply the juice of the olive, olive oil, or extra virgin, is full of very healthy properties.
For example, it is no secret that this product is one of our greatest allies in the fight against cholesterol. Its high content of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, helps to reduce bad cholesterol level and prevent cardiovascular disease, so it is very advisable to consume raw.

In addition, extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E especially very beneficial for tissues, and protect against certain tumors, heart disease and atherosclerosis, Its antioxidant improves the quality of the body, that everything works correctly, prevents aging .

Antioxidants are the fountain of youth. Although more studies are still required to embody the anticancer olive oil, some scientists point  in this direction in their work. For example, many experts in oncology showed that oleic acid is an important asset in curbing the activity of a gene involved in 20% of breast tumors more dangerous. Statistics also insist that relationship: in Spain, where olive oil is the basis of the diet, breast cancer and colon cancer are 28% and 42% less frequent compared to the European Union on an average.

Consider that this is due to the salutary effects of extravirgin olive oil. As contributes to improved health status may indirectly be anticarcinogenic. For example, fights constipation and improves digestion, which is used to fight colon cancer. But, as with virtually all foods should be consumed in good  proportion.

The rationale underpinning the olive oil consumption  are:

1. Prevents cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis.
2. Is useful for the prevention of gastric ulcers and helps to  Omeprazole in healing thereof.
3. Retards oxidation of the cell membrane.
4. Help the fertility of mankind and the  animals.
5. It is advisable in dermo-cosmetics.
6. Other studies.

1. Cardiovascular diseases.

The lipid moieties (fatty residues) are deposited on the walls of arteries  leading to obstruct them and causing  myocardial infarction. It is related directly to the content of total cholesterol, with HDL High lipoprotein density (good cholesterol) and the L.D.L.
 Low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol). Olive oil lowers total cholesterol and bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. In clinic, is considered to be highly indicative of the ratio total cholesterol and good cholesterol.

As decreases slightly the total and greatly increases the good, the ratio decreases. Value is taken as acceptable under 5.There be stated that was Jacotot, French researcher, a pioneer in this knowledge and Grande Covián Spanish researcher, became its important popularizer.
Given the goodness of olive oil, has spent much time and money to get similar products, but the olive oil, besides having a fatty acid profile most suitable with oleic acid, which has a single unsaturation, has some minor components  which are in small proportion and it seems that they are responsible for the beneficial properties of the same component.

This has not yet been able to emulate. Seems that the olive oil acts on two other risk factors for atherosclerosis: content blood glucose and blood pressure. The research by Professor Perez Jimenez (and others) indicate that it is likely that consumption olive oil regularize the blood glucose concentration and also seems to lower blood pressure slightly.There is still much research, lots to see about  the minor components, but we must to  say that olive oil is optimal for the prevention of these diseases.

It's good, on the other hand, taking fish oil blue, like sardines, for its high content of Omega-3 and consumption of olive oil and fish blue, is optimal. However, excessive intake of oily fish, can cause bleeding, as Eskimo population.
Vegetable oils such as corn, sunflower, rapeseed, etc.. are intermediate in quality , while animal fats are not advisable for the heart, Because they increase total cholesterol, as researchers have found.

In the next article (Knowing Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil-Part-II) we will continue talking  about extra virgin olive oil and the other important reasons to use this  wonderful product of nature.

Illness And Relation To Body Ph Balance

In terms of  body ph balance, blood can not go down much of that Right pH -7.38 or so. If it´s go below this figure we would die. However, we are still living and eating poorly, and the body continues. To avoid death, if not give the body the right nutrients through feeding or alkaline nutritional supplements, our body will look for ways to survive, and one of those ways is stealing alkaline minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium  from another body parts for balance as necessary.

Bones and teeth are the main source of alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) that help maintain that balance lost. Now we understand why so many people today suffer from bone and osteo-articular problems.Yes, your osteoporosis  is saving your life. Our bodies harbor a lot of bacteria and fungi that live, grow and survive in harmony when we are eating and living healthfully. But they can become highly harmful when the environment they live in is altered.

This alteration of this environment is fostered by diets high in sugar or carbohydrates, also by contaminated water and air, or the destruction of our intestinal flora because of the use of antibiotics or other medications (chemotherapy).

Bacteria and fungi feed on the same substances that feeds the brain. When we eat too much, foods rich in glucose, also are feeding too much bacteria and fungi to grow and multiply disproportionately.
Substance use by that excessive disproportionate population causes the brain does not receive enough food, and how the brain is in charge, immediately issued orders demanding their ration.

There is when we feel the urge to run to eat something SWEET, or carbohydrates (glucose become) or alcohol. And so the vicious cycle begins: to eat more, the provision of sugar growing, and with it grows the multiplication of bacteria and fungi, and the growing population demands more food and feel the need to eat more, and more, and more ...

But it happens that just as bacterias and fungi get their food from our blood, they also dumped their waste, toxins that become increasingly more acidic medium and that eventually come to "poison" the tissues. In order to process the toxins, the liver converts them into alcohol (acid) and the excess of alcohol in our body, produces a sensation like being drunk ... dizzy, disoriented, mentally confused.

The excessive accumulation of bacteria and fungi provision reduces potassium and magnesium from the body with the consequent reduction of cellular energy that causes excessive fatigue, reduction of the strength and clarity of thought, removes the enthusiasm, ambition, stamina; cause the release of free radicals which contribute to the aging process. Many scientific studies have agreed that bacteria and fungi can actually cause disease  when allowed to develop in healthy unimproved like acid.

Other symptoms of accumulation of bacteria and fungi are panic attacks of  anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, joint pains, inflammation in respiratory tract, sinusitis, glandular stress and menstrual problems. Through various scientific studies , analyzing living cells of the blood, there have been forms of bacteria that live in our body , some even work by helping the body.
The bacterias that depending on the environment in which they developed, sometimes growing and  stretched becoming pathogenic. In some cases, mutating from "bacteria" to  "mushroom".

Few know it, but the acidity in the pH of the tissues of our body is usually the hallmark of cancer and other health imbalances such as cardio vascular disease, brain vascular problems, kidney diseases, inflammatory disorders and diseases lung.
The researcher Sang Whang, with 50 years of experience in the study of acid-alkaline balance, argues that: "It is the excess acid in our body that cancer grows."

And makes the following assumptions:
1) healthy cells are alkaline and need the alkalinity of  their environment.
2) An acidic environment contains less oxygen than an alkaline environment.
3) healthy cells die in an acidic environment, while cancer cells die in an alkaline environment.
It suggests that all cancer treatment should start changing the acidic environment to an alkaline environment.
Dr. Robert O. Young, currently the most recognized microbiologist global match many scientists that: "The disease is the expression of an excess of acid in the human body".

Robert O.Young is Doctor of Medicine, Microbiology and Nutrition. It takes 30 years performing analysis of live blood  and dry, and his cancer research has been validated by a study.

Daily caters for 14 patients in the Center "pH Miracle" located near San Diego, CA. Their protocol "Alkaline Lifestyle" has a 100% success rate in those who have applied and have managed to reverse a countless number of metabolic diseases.

Dr. Young, creator of the concept of the "New Biology",the ph balance is recognized bestselling author of "The pH Miracle", and more:
  • The pH Miracle for Diabetes.
  • The pH Miracle for Weight Loss
  • The pH Miracle Revised

Other books he has authored include Herbal Nutritional Medications

  • One Sickness, One Disease,
  • One Treatment (1992), Sick and Tired
  • Back to the House of Health
  • Back to the House of Health 2.

Like every day more scientists, Dr. Robert O. Young argues that: "Our human body manufactures  baking soda and use sodium as a natural system to maintain the alkaline design to prevent tissue degeneration. "
(Remember the characteristic  bicabornato´s  flavor often feel in the mouth prior to vomit) "The hyper-alkalinization of body tissues with sodium bicarbonate is the safest, effective and natural way to curb any cancerous condition and many diseases and processes inflammatory.

For years, Dr. Tullio Simmoncini, Italian oncologist, has been treating cancer and destroying tumors by using sodium bicabornato.
Dr. Simmoncini says, "The bicabornato soda is a safe choice, cheap and undeniably  extremely  effective when it comes to cancer tissues.
Most of us start our lives as healthy beings, as we age, and largely because of our unhealthy lifestyles, bacteria and fungi are constantly accumulating in our bodies  breaking the  healthy balance and generating a vicious circle increasingly serious.

Bacteria and fungi poisoning, stress and weaken our immune system, and it is proven that the majority of immunological diseases and infectious conditions are caused or worsened by the presence of bacteria and fungi.
To slow aging and restore health is necessary to reverse the damage of acid into the cells by alkalizing diet.
It's time to make the necessary changes in our lifestyle so that our body come back to a new state of balance and harmony through our body ph balance.

How To Increase The Ph Balance In The Body

Before to explain the importance of ph balance in the body,we have to understand that our body is a microcosm, an amazing engineering feat. However, the foods you eat can play a role in increasing or decreasing the pH of the body, and certain foods may be more alkaline than others. An acid body is a center or focus for disease conditions such as cancer and aging. Eating more alkaline foods helps shift the pH of the body and oxygenates the system, keep your body healthy and functioning correctly, preventing cancer and many other diseases.

One of the most important functions of this Sitema-human body is its ability to regulate its own acidity levels on a very subtle level. The body regulates its pH by constantly adjusting physiological processes,it is called body ph balance such as respiratory function or  kidney and blood circulation. Cells normally operate only within a limits relatively narrow of pH.
To better understand, we begin with the body : The first thing we'll see is basically how our body works, we will see very basic because  all part of this root.
Pure water has a pH of 7
The arterial blood has a pH of 7.35 to 7.45.
The human body by various mechanisms will keep the pH between 7.35 and 7.45 the body will use all resources at its disposal for this to be so, otherwise it would not work well.

Constantly the blood is in autoregulation for not to enter metabolic acidity, thus ensuring the proper functioning of cells, optimizing metabolism. The human body should obtain from food bases minerals to neutralize the acidity of the blood of metabolization, but almost all the food we consume contribute little, in return demineralizating the body (especially refined). We must  taken note that in the modern lifestyle, acidifying foods are consumed on average 5 times per day, 365 days a year!

Our body is not designed to digest all that food mountain with these levels of acidity (Potato chips in bag, spins, ice cream, jelly, chocolate, etc. ..).

Now let's see which is acid and alkaline.
Acid: An acid (from latin acidus, meaning sour) is traditionally regarded as any chemical compound that, when dissolved in water, produces a solution with an activity of hydronium cation higher than pure water, that is, a pH below seven. This approximates the modern definition and Martin Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted Lowry, who defined independently an acid as a compound that donates a hydrogen cation (H +) to another compound (hereinafter base).
Alkalinity: The basicity or alkalinity is the ability acid neutralizing of a chemical substance in aqueous solution. This alkalinity of a substance is expressed as equivalents of base per liter or equivalent calcium carbonate.
Since the alkalinity of the majority of natural waters is composed almost entirely of bicarbonate ions and carbonate,the alkalinity determinations can give accurate estimates of the concentrations of these ions.

Alkalinity is a measure of the buffering capacity of an aqueous solution, or what is the same, this ability to maintain the pH stable against addition of an acid or a base. Wherefore call to acidic foods that have a pH less than 7,  examples of these foods, sugar, coffee, alcohol, etc
And call the alkaline foods that have a high alkalinity, which are able to neutralize acid acid foods, examples of these foods are: fruits, vegetables, etc.

Acid, alkaline and hydrogen potential (pH)
Like everything that constitutes the universe, water also is energy.The amount of energy occurs through the hydrogen potential (pH). In pure water, whenthe water has a ratio of 2 hydrogens for each oxygen, pH = 7, neutral: Neither acidic nor alkaline.
This reflects the same amount of hydroxyl ions (H +) and hydroxyl ions (OH-).If we add mineral acids such as sulfur (S) or chlorine (Cl) the number of H + increases, because the hydrogen atoms lose electrons to mineral acids. When there is a greater amount of H + OH-the water is acidic. If the opposite occurs will be alkaline.

We conclude that alkaline water has less than H + OH-, therefore, more oxygen. While the water acidic has  more H + OH-, therefore, has less oxygen.
Lets see  the comparison of oxygen over a drink of 350 milliliters:


The human body contains about 40 liters of water slightly alkaline. A glass of cola with a pH of 2.5 added to 40 liters of water with a pH of 7.4, down this pH to 4.6. Fortunately, our body's ability to maintain homeostasis of blood, prevents that a glass of cola may acidifies the blood to 4.6, would be fatal. The pH of a liquid is measured by a litmus paper or a special tester that changes color.

In another article will discuss the effects of drinking liquids of different pH for the human body and expand more the knowledge about alkaline effects .
However, before proceeding with the subject, let's take a conclusion of the above. All types of soft drinks are very acidic, particularly colas. To neutralize a glass of cola, it takes approximately 32 glasses of alkaline water with high pH.

The ability of the human body to maintain homeostasis of blood pH from 7.3 to 7.4 when we drink a highly acidic cola, is a wonderful fact.
We measure the pH of a liquid solution with a pH meter with litmus paper or a special tester that changes color in the pH changes.
If we had a special lens that showed all these colors, depending on the pH values, the world would be a different colorfully:

We can see this in the following  results and values:

Ph                                 Color
4                                     orange
5                                     yellow
6                                     green light
7                                     green
8                                     blue
9                                     dark blue
10                                   purple

We could find some spots with uneven coloring that could help diagnose the physical problem that a person have in particular.

Body                           Ph
Stomach Juice              1.5
Skin                             4.7
Saliva                           7.1
Cell                              7.1
Blood                           7.4
Pancreatic juice            8.8

In the next article we will continue  with this theme and  we are going to see how is the human body's efforts to maintain blood pH balance.

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