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Acne Treatment - General Overview

Home acne treatment in past years was something almost impossible but not now, because there are many ways to cure acne and make a skin treatment naturally.
Before start thoroughly with skin treatment at home we will describe general terms about acne,then in the next articles we are going out  to see deeply each concept and search how to find home remedies to clear acne. Perhaps  this articles are the best non prescription acne treatment  that you can see placidly without any problem or prejudices.

Acne is one of the most common dermatological disorders, is a chronic skin disease that affects all humans sometime between 12 and 20 years of age. The statistics vary in frequency ranges from 20 to 25% in other countries. Slightly affects more the male sex, begins after age 10 in women and 12 in men.
Predominates in the second decade of life and decreases in the third, usually disappears before age 25. Its pathophysiology is due to several factors including the sebaceous hypersecretion by the action of androgen hormones,the plugging of the hair follicle by keratotic materials, irritation of the follicular walls due the sebum and bacteria and especially important is the diet that each person has in particular, their habits and lifestyle.

Acne occurs mostly in adolescence and less frequently in adulthood. It is located at the level of the face, forehead, cheeks, nose, submandibular regions; trunk on both sides and rarely shoulders and buttocks.
It is characterized by seborrhea, open and closed comedones, erythematous papules of 1-2 mm, pustules and abscesses of various sizes, in extreme cases, nodules or cysts can occur, also residual erythematous spots occur and punctate or linear depressed scars can appear even be hypertrophic or keloid.
Has a chronic evolution by outbreaks, with remissions and exacerbations. According to the predominant type of injury can be classified as comedonal acne, papular, pustular and conglobata.

Acne classification
Depending on the predominant type of lesion, its size and the presence of scars, acne is classified as mild, moderate or severe.
• Mild acne: characterized by the major presence of non-inflammatory lesions or comedones. Papules and pustules may appear, but will always be small and in a very small number.

• Moderate Acne: is manifested by the presence of a greater number of comedones, inflammatory papules and pustules.

• Severe acne: besides abundant inflammatory papules and pustules, develop nodules and cysts. In this kind of acne include acne conglobata and acne nodulocystic.This type of acne need more work to clearing skin.

There is some evidence to confirm a genetic predisposition in the development of acne, also influence ethnic and physiological factors as menstrual cycle and pregnancy in women.
The relationship between some foods like chocolate, nuts, meats, the caloric content of the diet, iodine or fluorine, and the development of acne has not been scientifically proven by modern medicine, but this does not mean that do not currently exist or have not existed in the past in different cultures naturist cures or an acne clearing diet with effective treatments to combat and eliminate it completely and whose base is found in nature, from which all organisms are sons.

The effect of climate is also controversial: although most patients improve during the summer, others may  worse. Stress plays an important role, as well as the use of cosmetics not fat free, making acne can persist and defeat any therapeutic focusing.
Among the drugs that can trigger their appearance include: androgens, thyroid,  bromides, cetuximab, efalizumab, corticosteroids, barbiturates, iodinated derivatives, isoniazid, lithium, etc.

How To Rid Acne
How to get clear skin quickly is not a easy task,but  a good recommendation in healing acne is the person should avoid or eliminate all refined sugars and fatty foods. Under no circumstances the person with acne should not  take the common  fast foods, which are rich in fat and salt. This combination is extremely toxic to the body because salt causes the kidneys shrink, reducing their ability to filter blood.

When the kidneys can not completely wipe the blood, toxins spread to all tissues of the body quickly becoming pimples. Remember that fat is hard to digest because of its strong molecular bonds. Therefore, small fat globules travel through the bloodstream, will rise towards the surface and eventually go on face or other body part forming pimples.
Pimples on cheek indicate lung problems, the pimples in the chin means problem in the sexual organs, the pimples in the forehead indicate problems in the intestines and liver, and the pimples in the nose in the heart.

They also often appear pimples due to stress. And here again, the kidneys are involved. Stress directly affects the kidneys and operation, reducing their ability to filter blood.
When people that suffering from acne start with  natural acne treatment at home is a priority make different changes: each person should hydrate well with water, eating alkaline foods, chewing very well, getting enough exercise to improve circulation and metabolism, avoid excess sugar, fat, oils and proteins. Then it will be very easy to remove acne.

In the following articles you can find different ways to cure acne and  we will be talking about each of these recommendations in a more timely and what to do about acne, how to fight acne truly also we will focus in more detail in home acne treatment that is to say how to make effective acne cure, an efficient treatment of acne.


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