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Healthy Fiber

Points to consider in the daily diet fiber consumption.

Maintaining a Balance
Balance is an important concept to consume healthy dietary fiber and maintain good ealth and lose weight. It is very risky fixed only on a single type of fiber or food with high fiber content. Excessive amounts of insoluble fiber ( such as wheat bran ) and exclude soluble fiber can be a bulky diet in which the benefits of soluble fiber is lost.

Too much fiber can cause symptoms of fullness, satisfaction, constipation and diarrhea. Daily fiber intake should be gradually increased and provide a variety of foods high in fiber.

Consumption of various food products high in fiber

Daily is recommended:
* Eat three or more servings of different vegetables :
A serving is: 1 cup of green raw vegetables or ½ cup of other vegetables. Frequently consume any vegetables and beans . 1 ½ cup of beans cooked or pea is equivalent to one serving of vegetables and also a portion of meat .

* Enjoy two or more servings of different fruits.
Sample portions of fruit would be:
1 ½ apple, orange or banana, ½ cup canned fruit , ¾ cup of juice. Include citrus fruits in your diet or juices like melon and berries for vitamin C.Choose fruit for dessert.

** Develop a varied diet of  fiber product enriched.

°  Choose bakery products with whole grains and bran. Whole grains would be the first in the list of ingredients.

° Choose breakfast cereals high in fiber. Choose cereals with more than 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving .

° Eat fruits and vegetables without removing its skin and pulp .Try adding to your daily diet pea and  beans : such as pinto beans, black and lentils.

° Add seed to vegetable salads . Include sunflower seeds, sesame seeds , pumpkin seeds and spicy garlic, cumin , celery , artichokes,etc. Select seeds instead of fried snacks.

° Snacks high in fiber such as popcorn , soybeans, sunflower seeds and fresh and dried fruits, raisins, prunes and figs.

* Eat 6 or more servings of grain-based products .
These include baked goods based on whole grain, cereals, pasta and rice. A serving is a slice of bread , 1 ounce of cereal and ½ cup of cooked cereal, rice or pasta.

* Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water or 3 to 4 bottles of liquids to reduce the risk of abdominal and intestinal discomfort caused by high fiber intake.

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Soluble Fiber

Different studies have found that although insoluble fiber has low water holding capacity, absorbs sufficient to increase the weight of the bolus and shorten  intestinal transit.

Soluble fiber composed by gums, mucilages and pectin, is associated with the ability to bind nutrients preventing its absorption in the intestine, thereby modifying the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, also lowers cholesterol levels,triglycerides and blood glucose.Among the products with high fiber we found psyllium, a mucilaginous material.

Psyllium is characterized by having no color, and in contact with water , increases its volume from 10 to 20 times, forming a viscous gel effect conferred
mechanical laxative. By its effect, is recognized as one of the best intestinal lubricants bolus.

It is used in pharmaceutical laboratories for production of products sold under known brands. According to clinical studies in humans and animals experiment , the soluble fiber psyllium is effective in lowering cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL ) levels.

Research in hypercholesterolemia people, using different doses of psyllium; 3 to 30g daily,showed reductions of concentration  serum cholesterol 3 to 20 % .

Pysillium soluble fibers have also been used in problems of chronic diarrhea , for absorbing excess water , as well as kidney problems of bladder, urethral , duodenal ulcers and hemorrhoids. Psyllium contains about 8 times more soluble fiber compared with oat bran on a weight basis and is a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber.

Foods containing fiber, such as whole grain cereals have advantages over purified fiber supplements. An example is the presence of antioxidants such as phenolic compounds, which prevent the initiation and development of oxidative reactions that cause stress in cells.

Potential Problems
Increase fiber intake has certain effects on the body and decrease the amount of minerals that the body absorbed ( bioavailability) . The foods containing fiber also contain phytates and oxalates which bind with minerals and once they do they are not absorbed in the body .

Also, consult your doctor especially when you increase the fiber in your diet, this order, to check your supplements based on minerals and preventing the occurrence of gastrointestinal problems and consume adequate fluids.

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Dietary Fiber Recommendations For Adults

The recommended intake of dietary fiber depends on the age and sex of the person and is approximately 25-38 grams per day. The reference consumption dietary is 14 grams per 1000 kilocalories.

Nutritionists recommend getting dietary fiber of fruits, vegetables , seeds, foods made with grains integrals, popcorn , brown rice , whole grains , pastas and bran. The above mentioned foods are more efficient than fiber supplements and in turnwill provide additional nutrients.

 About 65 % to 85 % of the vitamins, minerals and micro - nutrients in grains are found in the germ and bran. When the grain is refined or processed as white flour and white rice, the outer part of the grain is removed . Some vitamins and minerals are added to the same refined grains, but fiber and other micro - nutrients are not reinstated. Micronutrients have important physiological functions that contribute to good health , and are needed in small quantities.

Effect of Processing on Dietary Fiber
During processing of food as boiling , microwave, pressure cooking , may occur loss of certain components of dietary fiber. The legumes cooked by different treatments may decrease in fiber content  around 20-25%.

The extrusion cooking of cereal bran content decreases insoluble fiber and soluble fiber increases. In most treatments using heat, the decrease of insoluble fiber, is due to a decrease in the molecular weight of certain components of dietary fiber.

Researchs to  respect have found that treatments using dry or semi dry storage at low temperatures or heat  reduce the content of soluble fiber in oats.

Recommended daily dietary fiber for children
Researchs with children ,show that when children ate cereal for breakfast 8 times a day for periods of 14 days, had 75 % less probability to be overweight , compared with children who consumed cereal 3 times a day or less.

Experts in this area suggest that children over two years of age consume a total of fiber according to " age + 5" per day. This means that children from 4 years old need 9 grams daily fiber consumption , adolescents aged 15  could consume 20 grams of fiber a day.

Fiber Based Products

A tablespoon of a fiber -based product or supplement, provides about 10 grams of additional dietary fiber. In such products, there different fiber components, which are classified as soluble and insoluble fiber.

The insoluble fraction is made primarily of cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose. This fraction is responsible for imparting texture characteristics which cause greater mastication thereby decreasing the increased intake food, while cause some degree of satiety.

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Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber is vegetable material which is not digestible by the human digestive enzymes and are not soluble in hot water. Foods high in insoluble fiber include wheat bran, popcorn, brown rice, cereals, pasta and whole grain products . Legumes, fruits and vegetables also contain high content of insoluble fiber.

Foods high in insoluble fiber take longer to chew, giving us a feeling of satiety. The insoluble fiber may help control  our weight when we consume foods high in fiber ,instead of fatty foods and high calorie foods.

Snacks, dried fruits,fresh fruits, wholemeal bread, soybeans prepared and popcorn (no butter), will make you feel full without consuming many calories.

An effective way to regulate the consumption of insoluble fiber in your diet is eat whole grain bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Whole wheat bread gives you 2 more grams of dietary fiber per slice and white bread gives you 0.5 grams per slice.

For some Americans, white bread, is tthe food is more common and important for its fiber in their diets. In a recent study of food consumption, shows  that the bread is the main source of fiber for children, being white bread  the supplement that provides half the daily fiber intake.

Starches without Digest
The starch portion that is not digested, is known as resistant starch. This type of starch is present in all foods containing starch. The amount of resistant starch varies according to a number of factors such as their origin , and how the food was processed , stored and consumed. It estimated that about 3-7 grams of resistant starch are consumed per day in Europe and Australia. Resistant starch acts as a dietary fiber because it is not digested by the human digestive tract.

Currently, the physiological benefits of resistant starch compared with the dietary fiber, are subject to intense researchs. Commercially there are different ways of resistant starch, prepared from maize with high amylose . Resistant starch ingredients, having a dietary fiber content which is from 30 to 60 % .

Resistant starch products are fine powders, white, they do not affect the color, texture and taste of the baked product at low levels about 10 to 15% of the total flour.Some of the baked products that are in the supermarket with low carbohydrate content may contain resistant starch, among other ingredients. These products are made with high protein and polysaccharides as noncaloric resistant starch and gums.

The formula for calculating the total carbohydrate content, is subtracting dietary fiber from the sugar alcohols ( such as sorbitol , mannitol , etc . ) of total  carbohydrates. Sugars from alcohol, are added to baked goods such as humectants to improve the texture and feel in the mouth. As resistant starch is not digested by the human intestinal tract, does not contribute to the total calories of product.

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Natural Fiber

Healthy fiber, helps keep us in good health, protects us from certain diseases, such as colon cancer, heart disease, constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulitis. In addition, fiber helps regulate blood glucose levels and bowel function, lowers cholesterol and controls our weight.

Some components of dietary fiber are resistant to digestion . Examples of these are the gums and mucilages as well as cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin,compounds which form the fruits membranes, vegetables and grains.

Recently, starch fragments that remaining undigested, have been designed and are commercially available under the name of resistant starches, and these starches generally processed cereals and when are used in baked goods, dietary fiber content increases dramatically without affecting taste and appearance, which may contribute to increased dietary fiber in population areas that do not have within reach fiber rich foods.

There are researchs that relate the high fiber diet with  prevention of certain chronic and degenerative diseases. A diet rich in fiber also provides natural chemicals, antioxidants , vitamins and micro - nutrients to help proper digestion and keep in  good state of health.

According to the American Dietetic Association, our body needs fiber to function smoothly, we should consume 20-35 grams of fiber a day. the most Americans consume half or about 11 grams of fiber.

Products with fiber and supplements have been on the market for long time and have become very popular as part of the weight loss programs. However, excessive use of fiber supplements can cause serious digestive problems. The healthiest way to consume fiber is of our own  food, and they are the most efficient ways to provide the additional nutrients.

Whole Grain Foods
Researchs in this area have shown that we should eat whole grains rich in fiber such as wheat, corn, oats, rice, because are more complete when compared with refined grain products low in fiber. The consumption of whole grain foods is associated with a good control of our weight.

Soluble and Insoluble Fiber
Our body needs both; soluble fiber as the name says, it is the soluble portion that is formed of gums, mucilages, pectins, which form a gel when mixed with liquid . We found it in bran,rice, oats, barley and maize, white flour,white bread, pasta, etc, and some fruits and vegetables, especially in legumes such as peas and beans.

There are products that contain soluble fiber such as dairy, meat , poultry, fish , fats.Oat bran and other foods that contain soluble fiber lower cholesterol levels in blood, people who eat a low-fat diet, decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Soluble fiber also helps control blood sugar in diabetics and reduces the need for insulin .Diabetics could consume high fiber diets only under medical supervision.

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How Much Fiber Should We Eat Daily


Natural Fiber


In this article we will give a brief overview of daily natural fiber requirement in our diet. Then in the following sections we are going to start a series of articles where we will deepen different important aspects to consider for each of the fiber's  properties, characteristics  and recommendations.

Dietary fiber has many benefits including the capacity to help against a number of chronic diseases harmful to health. Foods whole wheat, lentils, fruits and vegetables are important sources of dietary fiber.

There is a Dietary Reference Intake (DRI ) of fiber for adults and children, It is recommended cover the established quantity with natural foods instead of using capsules. However there are also high in fiber natural supplements on the market. Practical guides to take sufficient amount of dietary fiber are also suggested.

Most of the fiber in the diet is provided by unrefined cereals and products made with them, such as whole wheat or rye bread, brown rice , etc. Fruits and vegetables also contribute to fiber intake, particularly soluble fiber.

How much fiber should be taken ?
The amount of fiber is recommended depending on the amount of calories consumed per day. You can get an estimate of 3 grams per 239 calories. For an adult woman with an energy intake of 2150 calories per day , the required amount of daily fiber reach the 27 gr.

For a man in adulthood with an energy intake of 2630 calories a day , the daily amount of fiber would be 33 grams. These values are calculated relative to an average level of activity.

Inadequate intake: Generally daily fiber intake is insufficient in the majority of the population. Just with a greater contribution of fruit and vegetables in the diet,would approach  to the recommended  type values.

Highest natural fiber foods
Valuable Vegetables for example, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts are vegetables that have optimal characteristics in this regard because  they are vegetable fibers that contain substances that help prevent cancer even after cooking kept high in vitamins.

Side effects: Many people worry about the risks of excessive consumption of fruit and vegetables.If your health is good, a high consumption of fruit and vegetables does not create problems as long as they are used to eating fiber quantity. Otherwise, it can cause loose stools, bloating or flatulence , effects which disappear as the body adjusts to the new habits.

B Complex Benefits In Nervous And Digestive Systems


Natural Vitamin B


Today we will talk about the B complex benefits, essential for most of the development of the health body, provides energy, keeps the nervous system healthy and promotes good digestion.

It consists of the sum of all B vitamins : B1 , B2 , B3 , B5 , B6 , B9 and B12 , along with other substances such as biotin, choline and inositol.

The amount of benefits provided are added indisputable contributions for skin, hair and nails.

Biotin: pregnancy , malnutrition , diabetes , depression
Prevents problems in pregnancy , used with tube feeding in long-term malnutrition and rapid weight loss, also, to be used to restore oral brittle nails , skin rash in infants,seborrheic dermatitis , the diabetes and mild depression.

It is the precursor molecule of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is involved in many functions, including both memory and muscle control is included .

Used in the synthesis of components that forming part of the cell membranes of the body.

Inositol : depression, bipolar disorder , anorexia, Alzheimer. It is considered vital for the growth of strong and healthy hair. Ideal for a good nerve cells, as it is responsible for the creation of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin.

For this reason is recommended its intake in treatments for depression, bipolar disorders, anorexia or Alzheimer .

Involved in the chemical balance of copper and zinc in nerve cells , so its absence can cause excess of copper that made a nervous system causing insomnia, nervousness or stress.

Deficiency: Any deficiency of these vitamins generates low energy production , lethargy , fatigue , stress, anxiety , depression , poor digestion and difficulty absorbing nutrients that  most body needs to preserve its health .

Adrenal glands and some hormones
In addition to the complex contributes greatly tothe nervous system work without problems, also helps the development of the adrenal glands and the production of hormones and nerve regulating substances.

Fats, proteins , carbohydrates
It is vital for digestion because it breaks down fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Delay aging
Its use allows the skin to be radiant , clear and prevents dryness, while delays aging such as hair which needed it to counteract the occurrence of dandruff and gray color, then hoary and the progress of baldness.

Underarm Sweating And Emotional Care Pigmentation-2


Axillary Sweat Glands And Body Reaction

What do you have to take into account to  underarm sweating and axillary skin care.
Choose a deodorant and antiperspirant without alcohol preferably naturall to avoid irritation, illness and  blemishes.

Do not rely on pad or rub the armpits with electric epilator.
To circumvent the spots you should appeal to a treatment  and never rub with irritant substances.

How to choose a good antiperspirant for axillary sweat
The main thing is to choose both a deodorant and an antiperspirant and read tags that do not contain alcohol, or a minimum percentage or aluminum chloride.

Other measures
You could  apply lemon diluted in water, due to its acidity,otherwise can irritate the skin.
Another option is magnesia  milk, is a specialized product and has been tested for many people.

Hair Removal Methods
The removal must obey to coloration and amount of hair .Those who depilated with simple machines are advised that slide in the direction of hair growth; pass it in the opposite direction it is feasible that the hairs become embedded and do not find an outlet.

The laser is ideal for lot of hair and dark.

The wax is not recommended when there embedding hairs or folliculitis .

Other causes that damage the skin
The sun is strong when it comes to aging and oxidant. Exposure to sun daily and unprotected skin degenerates more easily.

Bad habits to rule
Smoking oxidizes creates wrinkles and reduces collagen, so that the skin suffers from dryness and it is accentuated in aging.

Poor sleep : at night, during sleep , the hormone acts "melatonin " an important antioxidant .
But is suspended if the person communicates with a cell phone, sleeping with  television or the light on, then melatonin stops  action against skin aging.

Antioxidant vitamins
Vitamin C keeps skin young and cute .
Vitamin A is very healthy for the skin, but not so good for hair loss.
Vitamin E: antioxidant optimal.

Fruits and vegetables
Moreover , accompanying the consumption of the vitamins mentioned above , fruits and vegetables provide more antioxidant power to the skin.

Natural and Home Treatments
The sugar is only one of the many natural products which acts as antioxidant exfoliating for  skin treatment suitable to locate externally.

We  leave you this list of the most common 10 natural products for keep good skin and in the next articles we will talking several details about how to apply each of them and their countless benefits.

1. Avocados
2. Milk
3. Lemon
4. Carrots
5. Oats.
6. Tea:
7. Olive oil
8. Water.
9. Tomatoes

Underarm Sweating And Emotional Care Pigmentation-1


Axillary Sweat Glands And Body Reaction

Underarm sweating and emotional is a body reaction  by a circumstance or problem that wakes diseases and produces tremor, extreme sweating, headache , hypertension, fatigue and increased heart rate, as if you were doing cardio exercise in a gym.

Situations that cause
The fact that all this is a result of the person affected emotionally, is a common response in the current daily life. Examples include changing jobs , labor problems and / or family, misplacing something important and even be on the verge of marriage.

Underarm sweating
By persisting pressure of emotion, stands the axillary sweat. Comes in the sympathetic nervous system by stress that incites to activity of the sweat glands, with a discharge of adrenaline as a neurotransmitter organic response.

Emotional stress
Emotional stimuli are stress, anxiety, fear, and pain that can be felt anywhere in the body.
Evidenced in the armpits, but also on the palms of the hands, soles of feet and forehead.The sweat odor creates in many opportunities bad smell , only decreases when you sleep or relaxation is achieved.

Reasons to sweat
According to researchers, the neurotransmitter release tends to occur in people used to sweat a lot or very sensitive in their sweat glands.

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that is based on a profuse sweating produced by nervous system failure (sympathetic ); raises more sweating what the body needs in order to regulate body temperature.

" Many individuals with this disease are impaired quality of life , and lose control over it. Perspiration is observed independently of environmental temperature and emotional state , "said the researchers.

Armpits discoloration 
One of the most sensitive areas in females is the axillary ; for its care consider several factors such as hair removal, the use of a natural deodorant and meet good nutrition and healthy habits.

Recommendations For Natural Skin Lightening


Natural Skin Lightening

The skin lightening treatment will help us clarify the skin and home remedies to look better and get out in the summer without shame , discover how clarify the skin naturally.

Many people want a white and pink skin . Unfortunately the sun can make our skin look dark ,ugly and dry. Prolonged sun exposure can significantly darken the skin and can also make us more susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles fine lines.

The good news is that there are a lot of treatments that can quickly lighten skin and give you the clear skin you have always wanted .Here we leave some of the best :

Skin Lightening Tips Quickly
1. Alum powder mixture and honey . Use this as a mask. Apply liberally on skin and let stand for an hour before washing. Alum crystals can be purchased at a pharmacy or health food store . Crush the crystals until they become powder and then mix a little honey .
Alum helps clarify the skin. Honey also has whitening properties which can improve the color of the dermis. Use this treatment every night until you achieve the results you want.

2 . Papaya and lemon juice . Try getting ripe papaya extract . You can also get mashed and mixed with a cup of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the skin by massaging. Be sure to apply the mixture and massage circularly so that your skin can absorb the ingredients of bleaching agents. Let stand for one hour before washing.

3. Taking vitamin C. This may help inhibit excessive melanin production in the body. This vitamin can also make it less susceptible to damage in the dermis.
Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables. Try to drink freshly squeezed fruit juice to provide vitamin C in your body.

The extrapone nutgrass is a type of plant with root extracts that can inhibit melanin production . Studies have found that this plant can actually make your skin whiter by up to 45 % during the first two weeks of use. This is ideal for people looking for quick and easy solutions.

What We Need To Know About Types Of Natural Fats


Types Of Fats We Need

To know about types of fats we can start saying that,from a molecular standpoint, oils and fats consist of triglyceride : these are constituted by a fork -shaped structure, called glycerol and three structural elements, called fatty acids.

How fats are classified? There are 3 groups :

1 - Saturated Fats: are found in red meats such as beef, dairy, meat products, sausages, burgers, whole milk and yogurt, cakes and pastries, lard, beef tallow, hard margarines and fats for pastry,coconut oil and palm oil, no beneficial fats if we abuse theirquantity .

2 - Monounsaturated fats : We found them in olive oil and canola oil , avocados ,olives, and some nuts : walnuts, almonds,are beneficial fats.

3 - Polyunsaturated Fats : Essential fatty acids;fatty acids that the body can not produce and therefore have to take them from the diet.

Good fats
Omega 6 fatty= fatty acid Linoleic  are found in seed oils such as sunflower, corn, wheat germ, sesame seeds, walnuts, soybeans, corn and oils.

Fatty acid and Omega 3= Alpha Linolenic : We found in salmon, mackerel , herring , trout (especially rich in omega - 3s ) as also in some flax seeds .If we achieve a balance between the ac. 6 and omega fatty ac. Omega 3 fats will be beneficial.

* Trans fatty acids or hydrogenated fats : are vegetable oils from seeds to be liquid at room temperature they are subjected to an industrial process called hydrogenation , which will change its native molecular form Cis to stable formtrans , ie converting them in solids and so these oils are retained for longer as well as products made with them.

Sample of this is some margarine and fats used in frying and pastry biscuits, bakery products. Its value is in the taste and texture they bring to these foods. Also in the body behave like saturated fats, so they are not beneficial to health.

Low fat diet
Fat sources are generally a combination of the three fats. Therefore we should know that daily energy, 30-35% come from fats or lipids and the distribution must be:

- A 7-8% contributed by saturated fatty acids.

- A 15-18% contributed by monounsaturated fatty acids,mainly oleic acid.

- 7-8% provided by polyunsaturated fatty acids of which at least 3% must be provided by the essential fatty acids.

We should note that fats are the most important source of energy. We generate 9 kcal / g from 1g of fat, more than double of the energy produced by carbohydrates.

Other benefits from fats or lipids are that they are : great source of energy , serve as a vehicle for fat-soluble vitamins: A, D , E, K, as forming element of cell membranes , ie functions reserves , structural, transport , and regulatory .

So to finish we can conclude that we should not fear fat , but taking into account the principles of balance, variety and moderation in  fats consumption that form the basis of a healthy diet .

And If you also know the types of fats and foods that come and read the food labels, we can compensate the consumption of high fat products with other lighter and continue to enjoy the pleasure of eating without problems in health.

Doing Small Changes To Lose Weight


How To Lose Weight Tips

If you try to do small changes to lose weight, the best way is slowly. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, you will have more chance to do it if you take small steps instead of trying to lose all your weight at the same time.

There are several things and tips you can do to lose calories and lose kilos and keep your diet and exercise plan.

Small changes you have to do to lose weight
An easy way to reduce your calorie intake is by reducing the amount of mayonnaise you put on sandwiches.

Many people go overboard with the sandwiches with mayonnaise to the point of not being able to taste the sandwich meat since so much mayonnaise they put. This adds a lot of fat and calories to your weight.

Besides using less mayonnaise, you should consider using other seasonings. The ketchup and mustard have fewer calories than mayonnaise, and can give different flavors to your sandwiches. Also, be sure not to use tomato sauce containing corn syrup, high in fructose.

Also be careful with what you eat, also be careful what you drink. There are so many people taking mainly soda or sweetened tea , these drinks contain caffeine, as well as the extra calories from sugar. If you change these drinks by drinking water, most of the time, you will be removing many of these calories and feel better .
Drinking water assists with detoxification of your body , removing salts, sugars and other elements of your body that do not need .

Many people do not like water because it has no taste, but you can add low calorie additives to flavor your water or get vitamin water instead of plain water.
You should try to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day because it is very healthy for you.

You can accompany with water fast food and other less healthy foods. If you eat French fries and a cheeseburger at a fast food, drinking water is helpful, does not add extra calories in your drink like any soda.

When you have finished eating and drinking, is recommend you do a light exercise. For example, walking for 10 to 15 minutes after eating. Move a bit will speed up your metabolism and this will help to better food digestion and not gain weight.

A simple way to do this is when you eat outside the home, park your car away from where you eat. For example, near a park or at the other end of the restaurant´s parking. So you will be forced to walk to your car.

Great results by making small changes to lose weight

When you eat at home, you can take a walk outside, if the weather allow you. If you do not have much time, try walking around the house or up and down the stairs. You can do some task, like sweeping the kitchen floor or wash clothes after eating to burn some extra calories.

As you can see, it is easy to make small changes to lose weight. If you are aware of what you are doing, part of your daily activities will be of great help for weight loss instead of just follow a restrictive diet.

Garlic Excellent Natural Antibiotic Fights Cholesterol-2


Garlic And Garlic Capsules Fight Cholesterol - Part 2

Defenses stimulator : Garlic is a natural antibiotic that boosts the activity of the body's defense cells, lymphocytes and macrophages, thus stimulating the immune response and helps the body's immune system to resist infection. Thus,in this way,currently each time  we can find more people using garlic as a supplement in AIDS treatment.

Garlic and its antibiotic properties
Anti-cancer : Studies have shown that garlic blocks the formation of potent anticancer, called nitrosamine, which may occur during digestion of certain foods.

Alliicin is known that one of its active ingredients , prevents the proliferation of the bacterium helicobacter pylori associated with stomach ulcers and may favor the development of stomach cancer.

Vermifuge : 
 Garlic acts against intestinal parasites, especially against Ascari, small white worms that cause anal itching in children.

Toning and purifying : Garlic activates chemical  metabolism reactions and promotes excretion processes of waste products.
Detoxifying : Specially designed for smoking cessation treatments. It normalizes high blood pressure and helps the smoker overcome the desire for smoking.

Other interesting tips :

A garlic a day increases life : Ingesting a clove of raw garlic a day increases longevity.

Against atherosclerosis or hypertension: Is recommended to increase the dose to three cloves daily.

Swallowing with other foods is best : The consumption of garlic is a natural remedy that does not involve effects side, except for a possible stomach upset.

To avoid this potential problem, it is more correct to ingest with other foods.

There are cases that is not recommended : its intake is not recommended for people with impaired blood clotting, taking anticoagulants, such asaspirin, suffer from hyperthyroidism or be subjected to surgery.

The taste depends on its aspect : The most tender and light garlic is, pleasant and smooth taste will be.
Bad breath can be avoided : To avoid the typical bad possible breath or heartburn are advised to remove the garlic el germ,because is where its characteristic odor and is often concentrated and indigestible. To combat the bad breath, although there is no magic bullet, it is recommended for a while chewing,whole cloves, parsley or mint.

Other tips to prevent bad breath :Its characteristic odor and flavor is due the component that has sulfur, and which may cause bad breath after eating garlic, but there are a few home remedies to combat it :

* Drink lemon juice freshly squeezed .

* Whole cloves  Chew : They are excellent for breath and digestion.

* Biting parsley or fennel.

*Take a spoonful of honey.

* Drink a little cup of red wine.

Garlic Excellent Natural Antibiotic Fights Cholesterol-1


Garlic And Garlic Capsules Fight Cholesterol - Part 1

Garlic is effective as antibiotic, fighting numerous fungi, bacteria and viruses,in the control of heart disease, reducing the arteries blockage; reduces blood pressure and cholesterol , increases the level of insulin in the body controlling the damage caused by arteriosclerosis and rheumatism.

It is also related to the prevention of certain cancers types, certain complications of diabetes mellitus in reversing stress and depression .

Hypolipidemic: Lowers blood cholesterol LDL (bad cholesterol ),
producing a cardioprotective effect, and does not affect the levels of heart-healthy triglyceride and necessary for the body.

Garlic thus contributes to prevention of heart disease and stroke.Its composition is as follows:

* Sulfoxide (2.3%), essential oils (0.2-0.3 %) When the bulb is crushed or broken, the alliin ( odorless ) hydrolyzed by alliinase produced allicin (responsible for the characteristic odor of garlic), which is rapidly converted into allyl disulfide.

* Polysaccharides homogeneous.

* Fructosanes ( up to 75% ).

* Triterpene saponins (0.07 %).

* Mineral salts (2%) , iron , silica , sulfur and iodine.

* Small amounts of vitamins: A, B1 , B3 , B6 , C  and adenosine.

* Overall the garlic characteristics depend from rich soil where it grows. The plant has distilled 0.25 % of essential oil .

Peripheral vasodilator : This effect causes an increase of diameter of the vessels and is produced by a reduction of vasopressor agents such as prostaglandins and angiotensin II, and activation of nitric oxide synthase, which produces nitric oxide.

Antihypertensive : The hypotensive effect of garlic is caused by the vasodilator effect. In high doses, garlic produces a lower blood pressure, both of the maximum and the minimum .

Platelet antiaggregant : Prevents excessive tendency of blood platelets to clump together to form clots and also acts as a fibrinolytic, undoes the fibrin which is the protein that forms blood clots. In this way is possible to increase the blood flow and makes it advisable to all those who have suffered strokes or thrombosis.

Hypoglycemic : Garlic normalizes glucose level and therefore it is good for use by diabetics and obeses.

Antibiotic and general antiseptic : The garlic also has an antimicrobial action against various microorganisms, scherichia coli , Salmonella typhimurium , Staphylococcus and Streptococcus , various fungi and other viruses. The bactericidal power of garlic in the intestinal tract is selective so unlike synthetic antibiotics regulates the intestinal flora and does not destroy it since only acts on pathogenic bacteria.

Doing Slimming Exercises With A Chair


Exercises With A Chair In Anywhere

Probably you have never repaired in a chair for exercise at home, just because you associate with the opposite: rest. However, this can become an excellent aid. You can exercise at home to lose weight with a simple chair. all you need is available few minutes a day and a bit of perseverance to maintain the routine.

Exercise to lose weight fast at home with a chair is much easier than you think.

To begin these slimming exercises with a  chair, grab a chair and place where you have enough space to move. Then practice this exercise routine to lose weight in the comfort of your home and with the help of a chair :

Abs with chair
* The captain's chair :
Get a chair with armrests and sit on it, hold on well and stabilizes your body. Press your back against the backrest and contracts the abdomen so you raise your legs. Let the knees pointing towards your chest when you have lifted legs. No breaks back and remember to breathe smoothly. Lower your legs slowly and do 12 or 15 repetitions.

* Exercises to slim and tone the abdomen:
Would you want to have a well- hard flat stomach without more fat? Well,take a chair and start doing this simple exercise.Put yourself in the position you see in the picture:

Back against the floor and your heels on the chair with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Working hard with abs shoulders off the floor and try to touch your knees with your hands keeping your arms in line with your legs. No need to get up a lot, to elevate a few inches is fine.

Then down and again elevate up to 20 repetitions. Remember that for this exercise to take effect the work should start from the abdominals.

* Funds Triceps (3 sets / 12 reps ) :
With a chair or bench. You put your hands on it and spacing the feet to lower hip flexing elbows. The exercise can also be done by placing your feet on another bench or chair and exercise best the triceps but do it only when you look ready, because if you fall you can take a fright.

* Exercises to tone buttocks and legs :
Look, women and men too, of course , who want to have enviable legs and firm buttocks, this is an exercise that will help them get the shape you want. With approximately the length of your forearm separation, kneel behind a chair with the hip at  the height of the knee and hands grasping the back.

Keeping abs tight and making strength with the buttocks, pushing one leg back; not have to stay at  the height of the hip and keep it in the air about 15 cm from ground. Put it down slowly and push it back once again. Repeat this exercise about 20 times and then do the same with the other leg.

Natural Diet Foods For Diabetes-2


Diabetes And Diet - Part 2

We will continue with another foods for diabetes.

5. Eat Vegetables and Fruits
Eat daily vegetables both raw and cooked. Avoid eating or canned fruit in syrup and jellies and compotes except those explicitly made for diabetics especially those that do not contain sweet.

Eat all kinds of legumes,lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc, because they provide a considerable amount of fiber.

6. Prefer Lean Meats
In regards to meat, the best in this matter is that you prefer low fat meats as skinless chicken or turkey , rabbit , partridge, quail , dove meat.Stand away from fatty meats, pepperoni, the bowels, and smoked pork.Regard to fish, can consume white and blue fish.

7. Eat low-fat dairy
Drink plenty nonfat natural yogurt. Avoid drinking whole milk, aged cheeses and yogurts whole.

8. Avoid sugary sodas
Drinks like sodas, colas, juices marketed, and other soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, try to avoid them in the same way as alcohol. Remember that alcoholic drinks increase the levels of blood sugar and interfere with the proper control of insulin levels.

Diabetes and fat diet
Our body needs a certain amount of fat. Fat deposits help to protect internal members,are a grouped  source of energy, are part of the mucous cells , mainly in the brain and contain vitamins A, D , E and K.

But do not forget that not all fats are healthy. Fats come from both animal and vegetable origin. The vegetable and fish are healthier for body.
Fats are classified as saturated and unsaturated .Saturated fats are consistent in room temperature,eg .

Lard,unsaturated are liquid ( oils ).
Saturated fats come mainly from animal origin , however , there are some fruits from plants such as coconut oil that containing these fats .Fats become cholesterol in our body.

An example of healthy fat, monounsaturated, is prevalent in the olive oil. Examples of polyunsaturated fats are corn oil , sunflower oil and the saffron.On the other hand, fats known as omega-3 are present in the fish .

If you have diabetes should avoid or limit consumption of saturated fats and always prefer unsaturated since they will help to reduce the blood cholesterol degree.

Natural Diet Foods For Diabetes-1


Diabetes And Diet - Part 1

The proper foods for diabetes aims to normalize the levels of blood sugar and achieve a normal weight according to age, sex and height.When a person suffers from obesity, losing weight is essential to reach a normal weight, since the overweight is closely linked with diabetes.

The diet, exercise and regulate insulin levels are the essential pillars in the natural method against diabetes.


Foods You Should Eat and Avoid
You have to bring a level diet where coexist the proteins, carbohydrates and fats in its fair proportions.

Thus it is important that you learn how to eat to control diabetes and not feel that you are doing a diet that is danger of leaving after a time.

Foods you should eat for diabetes

1. Avoid Simple Sugars
It is important to reduce the consumption of foods that provide simple sugars (monosaccharides and disaccharides ) .

They are present in sweets, cakes, puddings , smoked bacon , sugar and products made with the same sugar. Opt for foods that will provide complex sugars (polysaccharides ) as flour, cereals , potatoes,legumes, rice, etc.

2. Avoid Eating bread and potatoes

Bread and potatoes contain high glycemic index, sugar in these foods is absorbed more quickly than foods like nuts and legumes. Besides it is also necessary to avoid alcohol since it raises the levels of blood sugar.

3. No Eat foods high in Saturated Fat
Avoid eating foods high in saturated fats. Ideally is replace them with food or poly unsaturated fats.
Always prefer high Fiber-rich foods as these help to reduce the level  sugar blood. You can consume such vegetables and breads that contain bran.

4. Prefer the Whole Grains
Eat cereals, wheat, rice, oats, rye, corn, etc, and foods made with derivatives such as breads and cookies . These foods provide carbohydrates and are rich in fiber. Consume daily vegetable oil preferably extra virgin olive oil. When cooking do not use lard,margarine ,butter and palm oils.

Aloe Vera For Stomach An Effective Remedy


Aloe Vera For Stomach

In previous articles we talked about Aloe Vera. In this article we will continue with another of its many facets,characteristics and properties applicable to our body such as our stomach health.

What are gastrointestinal ailments ?
Gastrointestinal conditions such as gastritis, ulcers, heartburn , inflammation, constipation or infections,both viral and bacterial  are very common in the digestive system .

Are often caused by an infection , but sometimes just a poor diet or unhealthy habits and stressful life.

Symptoms occur through stomach or intestinal upset, heaviness, burning, pain, constipation, diarrhea.

How can Aloe Vera  help me?

Aloe vera diseases and cures
Aloe vera juice has hydrating, regenerating , emollient and healing , also has a purifying effect antiulcer, homeostatic , antibiotic , antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, which makes it ideal for the treatment of ulcers, heartburn, constipation, hiatal hernia , gastric reflux, nausea, wound infections.

The complex unique in nature and aloe's chemical composition makes that this nature's blessing be a great gift for us due to its behavior as homeostatic in a body balancer. It is high in polysaccharides, long chain sugars and mucilage that help regulate intestinal transit.

All components act synergistically hydrating, healing and exerting an emollient effect on the digestive system, stimulating the formation of bacterial flora and fighting all kinds of infections thanks to its immunostimulant effect.

 It is especially useful to mitigate the aggressive treatments effects,radio and chemotherapies or the discomfort and irritation caused by the very aggressive bacterial flora produced by prolonged administration of medications.

It is important always use pure Aloe Vera juice, not reconstituted or concentrated and free from aloin which is a bitter substance found in the bitterness of the plant and which acts as a drastic purgative.

Taking regularly Aloe Vera juice free of aloin  is a natural remedy, effective and without contraindications since does not interfere with medication used against gastrointestinal ailments.

Alkaline Foods To Lose Weight Healthy-2


Benefits Of Alkaline Foods To Lose Weight - Part 2

 Balanced healthy diet
On the other hand, is said to alkaline foods slow bone loss, actively encouraging the growth and preservation of bones. Another benefit of alkaline foods lies in increasing growth hormone, GH or somatotropic hormone, making your muscle system stronger to coping problems such as back pain , tendinitis or cramps.

Also, it helps tremendously to have a stable heart health by preventing heart disease.But without doubt, a great benefit to onsuming foods rich in alkaline acid is the enormous contribution that made to face the type II diabetes.
These act to regulate sugar levels in the blood provide an excellent method of control over what you eat and the way the body handles glucose ingestion and subsequent distribution through the bloodstream.

Balanced healthy diet with foods to lose belly fat.

1 - low -fat dairy products :
This group includes milk , yogurt and low-fat cheeses, but are all high in calcium content , since this element helps break down fat cells. Remember that it is essential that these products are nonfat.

2 - Citrus :
Like oranges , grapefruits and lemons by the high content of vitamin C , which helps the body process fat faster and allow combat insulin that lead to weight gain.

3 - Melon : This fruit is rich in potassium which can regulate levels of sodium and deal with the problems of swelling.

4 - Nuts: Because this fruit contains Omega 3 helps reduce levels of stress hormones like cortisol, which contributes to weight gain . The important thing is to have them in proper doses and not abuse them.

5 - Almonds :
For its glycemic index can control sugar levels and helps activate the metabolism . They are also rich in protein, calcium , fiber and Omega 3, transforming them into important sources of energy. It also should eat smaller portions 10 and 15 is desirable .

6 - Green tea :
Overall teas and tisanes have a positive effect on the digestion of food because they provide temperature and water. Taking them after eating always benefit the food passage through the intestine and the dissolution of fats and carbohydrates , making the absorption of nutrients. Moreover, increasing the body temperature helps the calorie intake.

Green tea is also stimulating to the metabolism, regulates blood glucose levels , reduces blood pressure but consumed in moderation , helps the absorption of calcium in the bones and fights free radicals thanks to the antioxidant catechins.

Alkaline Foods To Lose Weight Healthy-1


Benefits Of Alkaline Foods To Lose Weight - Part 1

Balanced healthy diet
Know alkaline foods will give you the ability to access their huge advantages. Mother Earth products such as lemon , avocado, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower, kelp, pumpkin seeds, sea salt , soy, or curly kale and garlic are the most recommended for lunch.

1. Tubers are the main diet alkaline foods to lose weight : These are known and applied in Chinese medicine known as Cure " yang ".

It is very rich in minerals. To consume are recommended eating radishes , beets, carrots or turnips.

2. Cruciferous vegetables are very alkaline foods:
These are vegetables that everyone likes, or at least most .
Here you can choose from broccoli ,cauliflower, brussels sprouts and similars.

3. Green leafy vegetables are very alkaline foods:
These include kale , chard , turnip greens and spinach.

I believe spinach has all the honors and the best of mention for its large quantity of vitamin and folic acid , in addition to other minerals and antioxidants.

4. Garlic : Among its major advantages stands out capacity and the ability to promote cardiovascular health and immunize the body, the blood pressure , and promote liver cleansing is highlighted.

5. Cayenne pepper: This is one of the more alkalizing foods . In addition to its known antibacterial properties, it also contains a lot of enzymes that favor the development of endocrine system and is rich in vitamin A.

6. Lemons : Finally, lemons. While lemons are acidic , it works very effectively for disinfecting body to heal wounds. It is also very powerful for virus and bacteria related illnesses. Now the task is yours for the next meal , think if you can not include some of these snacks to your dining table. Only then ensure the way to good health and healthy living .

Benefits of Alkaline Foods
Alkaline foods are spectacular to deal many ailments. Carrying an alkaline diet including such foods, contributes greatly reduce the risk of kidney stones .

According to experts, if you increase the consumption of alkaline foods , you will achieve increased urinary pH , discarding toxins through urine and minimizing risk factors that trigger the disease.

Pumpkin Multiple Curative Properties-4


Pumpkins And Its Multiple Healing Benefits - Part 4

Organic pumpkin seeds. 
This is because the cucurbitacin blocks division of cells of the prostate gland, which slows the growth of this important gland.

However, although we must bear in mind that pumpkin seeds can slow the growth of prostate and thereby relieve discomfort listed above, in no case can wipe overgrowth already formed.

The seeds can be taken fresh , dried or cooked in quantity from 50 to 100 grams , 2 or 3 times daily.
When used against intestinal parasites , it is recommended to follow the following plan :save 12 hours of fasting ,taking water only, that is started the afternoon before the treatment,weigh 200-400 grams of seeds in shell or pipes ( adults up 800 grams ) once peeled, crushed by mortar , being able to add brown paste that is formed sugar, spread the paste into 3 equal portions, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do not eat anything all day except carrot is anthelmintic , an hour after the first shot is given a laxative ,eg, a  power senna or cascara salt or fruit , or a couple of tablespoons of oil castor observe the stool because if you have not gotten the expulsion of the parasites, the whole process is repeated after 2 or 3 days.

* Insect bites : apply poultices of crushed raw gut.

* Skin dry raw guts: grind seeds and make a paste and apply on the face.

* Thanks to the nutrients the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

* Skin irritations : pulp mixed with coconut oil or almond releases skin irritations .

* Heartburn or peptic ulcer : use pumpkin and see that greatly improves gastrointestinal health .

* Burns: The crushed pulp and applied as a poultice , pulp relieves the pain of burns.

* Rickets : The flesh is very good to combat rickets.

* Scabies: poultice of leaves.

* Tapeworm : Use peeled and crushed seeds, make a paste and then combine with water coconut.Dosis : Taking Fasting a cup and then 3 hours hours after take a teaspoon of castor oil.

* Another similar remedy : Mix 6 tablespoonsof  fresh peeled seeds and  with a tablespoon of powdered brown sugar.Dosis : before going to bed preparation  and take the next day drink only water fasting ,at noon take a purgative beaver oil.

* Vision : eating pumpkin seeds and considerably, improves vision thanks to the properties of vitamin A.

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Pumpkin Multiple Curative Properties-3


Pumpkins And Its Multiple Healing Benefits - Part 3

Organic pumpkin seeds

* Dropsy : you can eat a daily portion of raw pumpkin .

* Hypertension: eating boiled pumpkin without salt daily normalizes blood pressure. pumpkin is indicated in cases of high blood pressure contain very little sodium and quite potasio.

* Laxative : Fried pumpkin or roast, and / or filled with lemon juice, clean the intestines.

* Dizziness : eating the pulp and chew the seeds will get rid of the dizziness.Good to see a doctor to stay sure what is the causes because that might otherwise overcome if it is due to ear wax.

* Freckles and facial blemishes : juice applied directly removes wrinkles and fades freckles.

* Children: for a healthy strengthening and development of their children , prepare pumpkin cream every day and give them for breakfast.This also strengthensbones, nerves and intestines.

* Pests : cucurbitacin acts releasing the head of the tapeworm of the bowel wall . It is so very effective against other intestinal parasites such as roundworm . Once the worms loose , should be given a laxative to facilitate their removal.

* The effective vermifuge action of pumpkin seeds  do not have risks. Why pumpkin seeds are ideal for children suffering from intestinal parasites , especially tapeworms or roundworms. Eat 1 cup  of roasted seeds daily for five days.

* You can also boil two tablespoons of seeds in two cups of water and reduce by half. Children should take ½ dose. The pulp of the pumpkin, roasted or boiled , is very rich in carbohydrates. Is a softener- emollient entire digestive tract, and has a mild diuretic effect and anti-inflammatory.

* Appropriate to people that suffer: digestive problems like dyspepsia,poor digestion, heartburn, constipation, intestinal fermentation or putrefaction.

*  Hemorrhoids: for its softening and slightly laxative action.

* Kidney problems : ( as adjunctive therapy ) : renal failure, nephritis and glomerulonephritis, edema (fluid retention, kidney stones.

* Prostate: the most common condition of the prostate, benign tumor.It occurs in middle-aged men Impossibility, loss of strength of the urine stream , urinary frequency, needing to urinate often and only a meager amount, especially at night and after sitting travel,and in advanced cases complete inability to urinate.The elements contained in pumpkin seeds acts in particular prostate and slowing inflammation.

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Pumpkin Multiple Curative Properties-2


Pumpkins And  Multiple Healing Benefits - Part2


Organic pumpkin seeds
Healing: The slobber that contains the peel is an excellent remedy to close the cracks of the nipples of nursing mothers.

* Circulatory: eating pumpkins every day helps greatly to the circulatory system.

* Kidney stones: to break up the kidney stones should be left up to the serene night a piece of pumpkins and eaten the next day. Also the  pumpkins seeds tinctures sprayed the stones or gallstones.

* Brain: pumpkins is good food for  brain because  its high phosphorus content.

* Cystitis: the seeds of pumpkins, have excellent anti inflamatory properties to be urinary, acts on the urine bladder, reduces inflammation and relaxing it.

* The seeds or pumpkin seeds or pumpkins are indicated in the case of cystitis, urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, cystocele (urinary bladder release ), neurogenic bladder (irritation that is manifested by a constant desire to urinate).

* Depilatory: apply on the skin the juice that is extracted by the cut or scrape the cover.

* Detoxifier: to detoxify the body of morbid waste, eating pumpkins only in soup or boiled for a couple of days.

* Diarrhea: boil two sheets in six cups of water. Strain and sweeten with honey.

* Diuretic: eating pumpkins often serves as a diuretic because it increases the production of urine special concern for those who suffer retension of liquids.

* Children enuresis: crush the seeds and make a tisane and then mix with the juice of cucumber and give to drink to your child. This helps increase the amount of urine.

* Constipation: The fiber of the pumpkins that is of type soluble and acts as a mild laxative, avoiding irritations in the intestines. It is very good to deal with constipation.

* Scalding: cataplasm of sheets or pulp.

* Erupciones: use the oil of the seeds.

* Thinness: pumpkins greatly helps to increase weight.

* Hemorrhoids: pulp mixed with beet and applied to the altered zone.

* Liver: inflammation of the liver: prepare an ointment with the pulp of the pumpkins, lettuce and purslane, and applied on the inflamed area.

* Wounds: apply in the area  seeds of pumpkins oil.

* Inflammations: cataplasm of sheets or pulp in the affected area, low the inflammations.

* Urinary tractinflammations: the same rocedure above.Take three cups daily.

* Inflammations of tumors, abscesses: apply the pulp on the zones.

* Insomnia: emulsion of seeds (chipped , crushed): cook 100g of seeds in 500 cc of water. Take during the first hours of the afternoon and a cup before going to sleep.

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Pumpkin Multiple Curative Properties-1


Pumpkins And Its Multiple Healing Benefits - Part 1

Organic pumpkin seeds
The seeds you are known as "pepitas" in Mexico, "pipas" in Spain, in Colombia is called Zapayo the pulp and "pepas" to the seed. These seeds or pipes are generally known as pumpkin seeds, while the small are called pumpkin or vitoria, if is elongated, dark green color and streaks are called zucchini.

The pumpkin pulp  is easy digest, therefore it is recommended between the first solid foods for infants.
Properties and indications: the pumpkin seeds, also called pips, and especially its germ, contain up to 35% of oil  prĂ³tides rich in essential amino acids, cucurbitacin, active principle that presents the following properties:

Indications: it is used as anthelmintic nematicidic (ascaris, pinworms), diuretic, antiinflammatory,emollient, slightly sedative.

* Vermifuge.Indicated for intestinal parasites: threadworm, ascariasis. Cystitis, prostatitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy. insomnia.

* Pipes or seeds are the best natural vermifuge and applied in the treatment of prostatitis, cancer, and kidney problems and bladder among many other diseases which we will detail below:

* Anemia: eat their pulp is an excellent tonic to combat anemia in children and olders

* Anthelmintic: 30 to 40 g of seeds, chipped  crushed and mixed with honey, every hour during a day. Then take a saline laxative.

* For children reduce the dose and administer several consecutive days, before you take the laxative.

* Arthritis: a great alkalizing to the blood, helps to release the uric acid and to improve the circulation.

* Wrinkle: The pumpkin juice applied to the face cools and fades away the wrinkles.

* Stroke: helps to restore the system quickly after a heart attack.

* Clogged arteries: eating the seeds machadas combined with brown sugar.

* Angina pectoris: the people who suffer from angina or who have had a myocardial, pumpkins should be eating 3 or 4 times per week.

* Anemia: eating daily raw pulp scratched and flavored with olive oil and salt to taste. The flower and the fruit of the pumpkins can also be foods like vegetable
to strengthen the body. They are excellent  combating malnutrition.

* Liver abscesses: the pumpkins cooked leaves quickly relieve the liver.

* Cancer: pumpkins is recommended for prevention cancer, thus demonstrating its great medicinal qualities. Take ½ glass of juice of pumpkins, 1/2cup of  juice of artichoke, 1 glass of water of calendula , and 1 glass of soy milk, mix in a blender, add honey, then strain and drink the content. .dose: 3 cups of the coffee to serve daily.

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Oxygen Deficit In Endurance Sports


 Oxygen In Endurance Sports

Oxygen In Exercise
In these times of crisis, and in which there is so much talk about economy, popularizing terms such as "public debt", "deficit". Well within the physical activity also going to apply a little about the economy and we are going to talk about oxygen debt and oxygen deficit.

These two parameter are related to the consumption of oxygen, and we can say that they have some importance for resistance's athletes.

Oxygen deficit:
When tarts a type of aerobic exercise of some intensity, the majority of the time there is insufficient energy availability to supply it.

In this way, although in normal situations had not an accumulation of lactate, in the initial moments this can occurs.

Subsequently the production of this compound will be regulating to stand at constant level. As you can justify:

 Oxygen in sports
- The oxygen consumption during the time that occurs shortfall is less than that corresponds to the period of stabilization.

- During the first few minutes the amount of oxygen consumed is lower than that required by the exercise in order to produce the required amount of energy.

- The energy used, while collapses the oxygen deficit, has a partial source and predominantly anaerobic.

- The more intense the exercise in relation to the VO2 max of the athlete, the greater the oxygen deficit and therefore more important anaerobic energy production.

- It has accumulated a deficit of additional oxygen each time that it increases suddenly energy expenditure:final sprint, change of pace and acceleration during a race.

- By the slow adaptation of the transport systems of oxygen, this phenomenon is conditioned by the delay in the  adjustments made by the respiratory and circulatory systems. Will require a few minutes for these systems can soak up and carry the additional oxygen that demand the aerobic energy needs of  muscles that come into action.

One of the ways to alleviate this oxygen deficit is a good heating without involving any previous bioenergetic level aerobic or anaerobic.

Oxygen Debt: When there is a exercise of some intensity, originates a hyperventilation as a result of the increased needs of oxygen. Once the exercise is finished, it is not immediately stops the wheezing, but  the individual continues to breathe with more depth and  frequently than in  resting state.

The effect is caused by the need to supply an additional amount of this element, which is required for the return to a state of rest. To this amount of extra oxygen that must be returned is known as oxygen debt.

Longevity Tips And Keys-3


Longevity And Health - Part 3

Fruit of his past life, the majority of  people still lived today maintains a certain level of physical and mental activity that in addition to find it rewarding to help them preserve their state  integral.

Everything personal and intimate have a key importance in the centenarian life. The cultural level and the way of being  influence strong on longevity, to be able to determine healthy behaviors and attitudes.

Well, people consulted in this study have greatly appreciated the responsibility and the effort, have expressed exercise much will power and  outdo for themselves.

In many cases, were witnesses of wars, Spanish Civil War, two World Wars and  suffered, while the women suffered  in more passive way, but all, without exclusion, overcame the difficulties despite the pain, powerlessness, fear and loneliness lived.


• We are faced with men and women who respond and to some extent are still  today in responding to a dynamic and positive temperament.

• The current way of being of living people tends to integrate a peculiar essence of positive values fascinating of difficult description: constancy, respect, enthusiasm.

• The personal interests reported a enjoy translated in well-being and calmness: work, travel, cinema, theater.

• Still today, already centenarians and insofar that permit their logical constraints, the oldest person reserve spaces and times for their devotions: reading, walks, sports assurances, crafts, etc.

In sum,these people have confirmed the importance of care and attention to the body, mind and spirit. And their tips are these:
• Lead a healthy life, select products and environments as natural as possible and take moderate habits in all the senses.

• Get a balance between  personal and social and integrate in a harmonious independence  way, still comfortable with oneself, and the unit,need for affection and playful  of others.

To live over 100 years.

By way of conclusion of all testimony discharges in the book "100 of 100 ", are extracted these ten tips for reaching this age and in good condition, thereby constituting this standard for longevity:

Longevity factors and recommendations

1. Make homemade meals prepared with natural products and eat with tranquility.

2. Being outdoors.

3. Doing physical exercise.

4. Exercise of the mind.

5. Always have an open and positive attitude.

6. Seek solutions and overcome the difficulties.

7. Be comfortable with yourself and having, at least, an illusion.

8. Nurturing relationships with others.

9. Enjoy the big and small things to bind to life.

10. Yes ... and everything in moderation.

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Longevity Tips And Keys-2


Longevity And Health - Part 2

The book "100 of 100" picks up a hundred interviews with people who have met or exceeded a century of life, 80 of whom are women and 20 men, distributed by the whole spanish territory.

At the same time, the publication distinguishes four types of person centenarian: Survivor, Accommodated, Resolutive and restless.

Centenary "Survivor": usually has humble origins and rural.Throughout his/her life has played physical work, requiring little intellectual engagement.And currently shows a greater tendency to cognitive impairment by their low level of schooling. Paco, one of them, born 100 years ago in Leon province and enjoys a splendid health.His secret, "eat well and not protest never by anything," he says.

Longevity factors
The centenarians that responds to the typology Accommodated have a socio-economic and cultural level medium-high, from urban origin, who has been devoted to liberal professions. Their job meant mental activities and alsoallowed them to have free time.

At present enjoy interacting with others. Carmen, among them, was born in Chile 106 years ago and when she turned 9, she and her family moved toSpain.Her recommendation for aging with health is to practice exercise:

"I go to the gym every morning because, he says, I want to continue living and moreover, the best possible", she said.

The old person "Resolutive", corresponds to people who are active, with a degree of basic schooling, who have faced a multitude of adverse circumstances in their long life.Today are homemade people that are attracted by solitary hobbies such as writing and walking.

A representative of this  centenary typology is Antonio, Pontevedra, is the first of his immediate family who comes to 100 years. For he has been instrumental "have the capacity to love and enthusiasm for life".

Finally, the model  Restless, denotes that since their childhood had favorable circumstances that allowed them to develop their projects. They are people that have had a very active life, physically and psychologically and this has allowed us to travel frequently and expanding horizons. They are always accustomed  to learn new things.

An example is Teresa: was born in Gerona for 106 years and for her, "the nutrition and the active life have been the key to reaching this age". 

Physical keys
After the study confirms that  genetic component is crucial and essential to a healthy life and longevity: the majority centanarian people interviewed  have had or currently have longevous family.

• The physical scope, genetic information and environment, therefore influences very directly on longevity and it is the most relevant factor.

• Together to the care of the good genetic baggage received, they have contributed to their longevity with these habits: Food is not very abundant ,little variety in the rural area but always home-made with natural products, without additives or preservatives.

- Low tobacco and alcohol  consumption,none in women, and infrequent nightlife. - Frequent contact with the outside world and not contaminated air, free physical activity  fairly constant, either for work purposes,working in the field, care of the orchards , well for pleasure i.e. travel, excursions etc..

- The most popular transport method: walk.
- Always calm, especially in their daily duties.
- In short, make a dynamic living non-sedentary but with time and unhurried.

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