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Remove Acne

How to remove acne is a question that many people do,the answer is that in general lines fighting the disease that causes acne can be in most cases, indigestion, inadequate meals, anemia and in the case of women menstrual disorders. In this article we will talking about like a tips how can I prevent acne and  understand a little more how avoid this skin problem with simple rules you can follow every time.In next articles we will explain with more details the key of the home remedies to clear skin effectively.

Natural ways to remove acne:

Irritating condiments
• Avoid stimulants, irritating condiments, foods with preservatives and additives, preservatives, animal fats meals, especially that of porcine origin, sausages and remove the refined salt and sugar .
Is recommended sea salt and brown sugar without Industrial refining processes.

The last meal
• The last meal in the day should be at six in the afternoon, not an absolute requirement but it is highly recommended in the case of acne treatment for better effectiveness in digestion and assimilation of nutrients contained in food. The reason for this is because in the night, as there is no sunlight, there are no digestive fire, light off turned off the body.The digestive system moves through infrared rays, alpha beta and gamma.

Refined flour
• Avoid eating refined flour, because  the large intestine tends to get clogged easily by excess starchy flours treated in production processes such as white bread, white flour crackers, denatured starch components without natural fiber and processed  industrially, which carries a chunky digestion and especially when the person rests in sideway, with this we avoid intestinal obstructions that eventually can turn into neoplasms.

Ingestion of drugs
• Avoid  the maximun the ingestion of drugs to combat acne, the drug does not cure and if cure make a decompensation or something  unbalanced  happen in our body that is essential to the proper functioning .If current medications could  heal, hospitals would be empty,the doctors looking for work and the drugstores in bankruptcy. The drug was created specifically with a specific target: superficially or temporarily eliminate the symptoms of the diseases,never  their causes or origins.

White onion
• The white onion serves two functions, first feeding, second clean the body . The young before entering in the puberty should consume it  to clean the glands before the age of the hormones that is precisely where the problems dermatological of the skin occur.

Glandular system
• If upon reaching adolescence and the glandular system is invaded by parasites, have a risk that part of the parasites destroy hormone in a delicate and critical age where people define personality traits, character and criteria of the individual  and that can undergo several hormonal system disorders, consequently giving an unbalanced internal disorder with tendencies toward alcoholism, homosexuality, drugs, or smoking can clearly manifest in other types of results visible,skin disorders such as acne, therefore the need to consume the white onion.

Natural brown sugar
• Always use for daily consumption natural brown sugar or pure honey or organic, thus avoiding the use of artificial or refined white sugar that produces an imbalance of minerals and vitamins that the body needs daily.

Ice on the face
• Before going to bed apply ice on the face. This will reduce the inflammation and burning sensation on the skin caused by severe acne and also help to get rid of acne scars.

Warm water
• A compress of warm water not too hot because you can burn, can also be applied to the face to open the pores and removing blackheads. After applying the compress, rinse the face with cold water.

Sandalwood powder
• Sandalwood powder can be used on the skin to treat acne. For that, you have a paste with sandalwood powder and little water, apply it and leave if possible overnight and then rinse with cold water the next day.

 Aloe Vera juice
• Aloe Vera juice applied twice a day can be helpful in healing acne scars. Aloe Vera juice can be found in most health stores, it comes as a gel, but if you can apply aloe vera natural is better.

• Cucumber is one of the  treatments  easier and  cooling used to removing acne and to moisturize the skin. This makes our skin feel younger looking. Crush the cucumber into a paste and apply on the affected area. Leave it for 30-45 minutes and then rinse.

Enjoy your life
• Avoid acne,not startle, not irritate, enjoy your life, not eat with mood altered ,anxieties or hurry , this causes poor digestion consequently resulting in an energy imbalance in the organism.Eat slowly and without excesses.

Sugary liquids
• Avoid indigestion, sugary liquids with food cause a damage in the digestion, take these liquids two hours before or after meals is recommended.

• It is advisable to walk about ten to fifteen minutes after each meal to improve digestion.

Sleeping well
• Sleeping well, is another important factor in how to remove acne,remember no stay up late breaking the natural cycle of the body because it brings  results in biological disorders and diseases of all kinds since of this mismatch of the biological clock, try lying before 10pm and get up before dawn, 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. On average it takes seven to eight hours of sleep daily to restore in natural cycle body daily.

Ways and tips to remove acne there are many but not all are effective and depend of many factors in each person to achieve optimal results and complete cure of this skin problem. These  tips are simple but very important to have account if patients  with acne want to start fight acne more quickly and safe.
For more details of how is the  most effective way to get rid  acne we will see in next articles.


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