Useful Information For Acne Home Remedies Part 1


Acne Home Remedies -Treatment.

Treatment focused in the liver and gallbladders.

Part 1 -The Central Role Of The Liver

Part 2 - Liver Cleaning

Part 3 -The Cleanup Process

Part 4 - Results To Expect

Part 5 - Final Considerations



The central role of the liver -(first part).

Before  start learn about acne home remedies and their health benefits it is important  to know  all about the liver  and its  functions in the  human  body. First of all you must read all the chapters (Five parts) in the order listed and follow the steps correctly to achieve the best results otherwise it does will not work.
The liver is the largest gland in the body. It weighs up to three pounds, it suspended in the back of the ribs on the upper right side of the abdomen and expands almost the entire width of the body. Being responsible for hundreds of different functions, it is also more complex and active organ in the body.

Since the liver is responsible for processing, converting, distributing and maintaining the supply of the body's vital fuel, nutrients and energy, anything that interferes with these functions will have a serious impact to the detriment of the health of the liver and the whole body.

The main interference appears with the presence of gallstones or stones.Besides to process alcohol in the blood, the liver also processes harmful substances, bacteria, parasites, and certain components of chemical drugs.
Use specific enzymes to convert waste or poisons into substances that can be safely removed from the body.The liver filters over a quart of blood gallon per minute.
The presence of gallstones in the bile ducts also inhibits the ability of liver cells to handle toxic substances such as chloroform, cytotoxic drugs, anabolic steroids, alcohol, aspirin, mushrooms, food additives, etc.

When this occurs, the body develops hypersensitivity to these toxic substances as well as other non-predictable contained in various medicines. Many allergies are caused by this hypersensitivity.

Gallbladder Diseases and their ducts
Gallstones may be formed of cholesterol, calcium, or pigments such as bilirubin mainly. Cholesterol is the most common, but some of these stones may have a mixed composition.Usually, the stones in the gallbladder grow in size for eight years before symptoms begin to appear.
When gallstones form in the gallbladder,The bile becomes too saturated, and its components without absorption gradually begin to harden, becoming over time in some awkward stones.

A smooth flow of bile maintains good digestion and absorption of food, and has a strong cleaning action along the intestinal tract. Each body part depends on the basic nutrients available through the digestive system, as well as the efficient removal of waste products of them.
Gallstones in the liver and gallbladder disrupt both vital processes. Therefore, can be considered as those responsible for almost all the different types of diseases affecting the body. Removing gallstones helps normalize the digestive functions, improve cellular metabolism and maintains a balance throughout the body.

The gallbladder diseases usually have their origin in the liver. When the hepatic lobes structurally have been distorted due to the presence of gallstones, eventually the  fibrous tissue and  blood pressure start to rise in the portal vein.
This, in turn, increases blood pressure in the vein that draining venous blood from the gallbladder into the portal vein. The incomplete removal of waste products through the cystic duct causes an accumulation of waste acid in the tissues of the gallbladder. This gradually reduces performance in the gallbladder. The gallstone formation will occur in a matter of time.

Acne and skin diseases.
Another thing very important  to know before start with something special for the skin like home remedies to clear acne is that nearly all skin diseases such as eczema, acne and psoriasis have one factor in common: Gallstones in the liver. Almost all people with skin diseases in particular also have digestive problems,problems in the colon and blood impurities. These are mainly caused by gallstones and the effects they have on the body in general. Gallstones contribute to numerous problems along the body particularly in the digestive, circulatory and urinary systems.

In an attempt to eliminate what the colon, kidneys, lungs, liver and lymphatic system can not eliminate or neutralize, the skin is flooded with acidic waste overload. Despite being the largest organ in the body for disposal, eventually falls against the acid assault. The toxic material is first deposited in the connective tissue below the dermis.

When this waste receiving station is saturated, the skin begins to work incorrectly. The excessive amounts of harmful substances, cell debris, microbes from different sources, such as gallstones, and various antigens of undigested food congest the lymphatic system and inhibit proper lymph drainage of the various layers of the skin.
The protein toxins and decaying skin cells attract microbes damaged or destroyed and become a source of constant irritation and inflammation of the skin. The skin cells begin to suffer from malnutrition, which greatly reduces their normal renewal period of approximately once a month. This can also cause extensive damage to the nerves of the skin.

If the sebaceous glands, which pour their secretion, sebum in hair follicles, have nutritional deficiencies, hair growth becomes abnormal and in particular, the hair may fall out of the scalp. When the supply is deficient in melanin, the hair turns gray.
The sebum deficiency also alters the healthy texture of the hair and makes it look opaque and unattractive. In the skin sebum acts like a best remedies for acne, is like a bactericidal and fungicidal agent, preventing the invasion of microbes. It also prevents dryness and cracking of the skin, especially when is exposed to sunlight and the hot dry air.

Know all this is great advantage and really special because common  people think about acne home remedies like a only “preventive home remedies” , that is part true and part is not true.

We will continue about this essential and interesting theme in the next article and we will learn how to make effective home remedies for acne without something particular or strange,only our  willingness to learn.

You can see the second part of this treatment here – ( part 2 ).


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