Illness And Relation To Body Ph Balance

In terms of  body ph balance, blood can not go down much of that Right pH -7.38 or so. If it´s go below this figure we would die. However, we are still living and eating poorly, and the body continues. To avoid death, if not give the body the right nutrients through feeding or alkaline nutritional supplements, our body will look for ways to survive, and one of those ways is stealing alkaline minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium  from another body parts for balance as necessary.

Bones and teeth are the main source of alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) that help maintain that balance lost. Now we understand why so many people today suffer from bone and osteo-articular problems.Yes, your osteoporosis  is saving your life. Our bodies harbor a lot of bacteria and fungi that live, grow and survive in harmony when we are eating and living healthfully. But they can become highly harmful when the environment they live in is altered.

This alteration of this environment is fostered by diets high in sugar or carbohydrates, also by contaminated water and air, or the destruction of our intestinal flora because of the use of antibiotics or other medications (chemotherapy).

Bacteria and fungi feed on the same substances that feeds the brain. When we eat too much, foods rich in glucose, also are feeding too much bacteria and fungi to grow and multiply disproportionately.
Substance use by that excessive disproportionate population causes the brain does not receive enough food, and how the brain is in charge, immediately issued orders demanding their ration.

There is when we feel the urge to run to eat something SWEET, or carbohydrates (glucose become) or alcohol. And so the vicious cycle begins: to eat more, the provision of sugar growing, and with it grows the multiplication of bacteria and fungi, and the growing population demands more food and feel the need to eat more, and more, and more ...

But it happens that just as bacterias and fungi get their food from our blood, they also dumped their waste, toxins that become increasingly more acidic medium and that eventually come to "poison" the tissues. In order to process the toxins, the liver converts them into alcohol (acid) and the excess of alcohol in our body, produces a sensation like being drunk ... dizzy, disoriented, mentally confused.

The excessive accumulation of bacteria and fungi provision reduces potassium and magnesium from the body with the consequent reduction of cellular energy that causes excessive fatigue, reduction of the strength and clarity of thought, removes the enthusiasm, ambition, stamina; cause the release of free radicals which contribute to the aging process. Many scientific studies have agreed that bacteria and fungi can actually cause disease  when allowed to develop in healthy unimproved like acid.

Other symptoms of accumulation of bacteria and fungi are panic attacks of  anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, joint pains, inflammation in respiratory tract, sinusitis, glandular stress and menstrual problems. Through various scientific studies , analyzing living cells of the blood, there have been forms of bacteria that live in our body , some even work by helping the body.
The bacterias that depending on the environment in which they developed, sometimes growing and  stretched becoming pathogenic. In some cases, mutating from "bacteria" to  "mushroom".

Few know it, but the acidity in the pH of the tissues of our body is usually the hallmark of cancer and other health imbalances such as cardio vascular disease, brain vascular problems, kidney diseases, inflammatory disorders and diseases lung.
The researcher Sang Whang, with 50 years of experience in the study of acid-alkaline balance, argues that: "It is the excess acid in our body that cancer grows."

And makes the following assumptions:
1) healthy cells are alkaline and need the alkalinity of  their environment.
2) An acidic environment contains less oxygen than an alkaline environment.
3) healthy cells die in an acidic environment, while cancer cells die in an alkaline environment.
It suggests that all cancer treatment should start changing the acidic environment to an alkaline environment.
Dr. Robert O. Young, currently the most recognized microbiologist global match many scientists that: "The disease is the expression of an excess of acid in the human body".

Robert O.Young is Doctor of Medicine, Microbiology and Nutrition. It takes 30 years performing analysis of live blood  and dry, and his cancer research has been validated by a study.

Daily caters for 14 patients in the Center "pH Miracle" located near San Diego, CA. Their protocol "Alkaline Lifestyle" has a 100% success rate in those who have applied and have managed to reverse a countless number of metabolic diseases.

Dr. Young, creator of the concept of the "New Biology",the ph balance is recognized bestselling author of "The pH Miracle", and more:
  • The pH Miracle for Diabetes.
  • The pH Miracle for Weight Loss
  • The pH Miracle Revised

Other books he has authored include Herbal Nutritional Medications

  • One Sickness, One Disease,
  • One Treatment (1992), Sick and Tired
  • Back to the House of Health
  • Back to the House of Health 2.

Like every day more scientists, Dr. Robert O. Young argues that: "Our human body manufactures  baking soda and use sodium as a natural system to maintain the alkaline design to prevent tissue degeneration. "
(Remember the characteristic  bicabornato´s  flavor often feel in the mouth prior to vomit) "The hyper-alkalinization of body tissues with sodium bicarbonate is the safest, effective and natural way to curb any cancerous condition and many diseases and processes inflammatory.

For years, Dr. Tullio Simmoncini, Italian oncologist, has been treating cancer and destroying tumors by using sodium bicabornato.
Dr. Simmoncini says, "The bicabornato soda is a safe choice, cheap and undeniably  extremely  effective when it comes to cancer tissues.
Most of us start our lives as healthy beings, as we age, and largely because of our unhealthy lifestyles, bacteria and fungi are constantly accumulating in our bodies  breaking the  healthy balance and generating a vicious circle increasingly serious.

Bacteria and fungi poisoning, stress and weaken our immune system, and it is proven that the majority of immunological diseases and infectious conditions are caused or worsened by the presence of bacteria and fungi.
To slow aging and restore health is necessary to reverse the damage of acid into the cells by alkalizing diet.
It's time to make the necessary changes in our lifestyle so that our body come back to a new state of balance and harmony through our body ph balance.


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