Useful And Effective Cancer Cure With Baking Soda


Cancer Cure-Introduction.

Chemotherapy is a poison to kill the cells. We can add as well. radiation, that's it.
The "vanguard" to cancer treatment is to incorporate the 'treatment' that consist to poison the victim, hoping to kill diseased cells. But wait, this chemotherapy poison also kills the cells of the immune system and leaves it shot to pieces. And the Fungus Candida is ¡ STILL THERE !.

The devastated immune system can not respond effectively to attack the Candida fungus then spreads to other parts of the body to start the process again, causing the propagation of cancer cells. Even those who appear to have recovered after surgery and chemotherapy, have simply extended the hours of theirs watch.

Your immune system is broken and it is only a matter of time before the Candida cause a relapse. In summary:

Chemotherapy consist in  killing the people who are supposed to be cured. Really is not a cure for cancer. When Doctor Simoncini realized that cancer is a fungal infection and infestation, he went in search of something that would kill the fungus and so remove the cancer. He realized that anti-fungal drugs do not work because the fungus quickly mutates and is defended even starts to feed off the drugs that are prescribed to kill.

Instead, Simoncini found something much simpler: Sodium Bicarbonate.
Sodium Bicarbonate is a natural cancer cure, is a powerful destroyer of fungus and, unlike drugs, the Candida can not 'adapt' to it. The patient is given sodium bicarbonate orally and through internal means like an endoscope, a long  thin tube that doctors use to see inside the body without surgery.

This allows the sodium bicarbonate is placed directly into the cancer, in the fungus.The ancient Egyptians knew about the healing properties of anti-fungal substances and old Indian books dating back thousands of years ago, really recommend alkaline foods or products "Alkali"  because the strong power which is ideal for treating cancer.

In the first three articles that described here in the schedule below let's talk more broadly about the cancer cure, first of all focusing this treatment to the use of sodium bicarbonate.In next articles we will describe the alternative cancer cure from other angles with emphasis on the change of diet, beating cancer with nutrition , the use of alkaline diets, lifestyle change and  another  recommendations to fight the cancer problem.

Cancer Cure With Bakin Soda (First part)
First part describe about cancer cure is real,cheaper,practical and fast to carry it out with baking soda,according to the most recent researches about alternative cancer cures…Read more

Cancer Cure With Bakin Soda (Second part)
Second part about cancer cure with bakin soda is the best serial of methods to apply in each organ specifically fighting   and  disappearing  this disease completely…Read more

Cancer Cure With Bakin Soda (Third part)

Cancer cure with bakin soda is a serial of best methods to apply in each body’s organ specifically, fighting and disappearing  the disease completely…Read more

Effective Cancer Cure With Baking Soda Part 3


Cancer Cure With Sodium Bicarbonate-Techniques (Part 3)

Rectal cancer
4  tablespoons of baking soda in two liters of warm water.
Check if it is salty.
Perform washing application rectal (enema) slowly, lying in bed
Place 2 pillows under the pelvis.
Note:Must to see recommendations on the enema here at this link.
Behind the enema, retaining the solution in the gut, rotated 90 ° every 15 minutes,
total of one hour time
Perform an enema  6 days yes and 6 days not in 4 cycles.
Serum ampoule of 500cc 5% sodium bicarbonate (to make in one hour), 6 days yes  and 6 days not in 4 cycles.
Therefore, 6 days enema and 6 days serum, alternated.

 Side effects: If irritation, pain and slight loss of blood,
suspended for two days enemas and perform one enema per day with 1 liter of water + ½ teaspoon salt.

In case of excessive thirst and marked fatigue, drink plenty of fluids.

Using food additives  containing potassium and magnesium.This point is important to have account because it is a part of all alkaline diets that  help people cure and remove cáncer.

Cancer of the uterus and vagina
8 soup spoons of sodium bicarbonate in 4.5 liters of warm water.
Check if it is salty.
Stand in the bath as an inclined plane, with the pelvis higher that the back..
Slowly pour the solution into the vagina with the bulb syringe.
During washing rotated 90 ° every 15 minutes, total time one hour.
So, placed in all positions: back, on the left side, face down, on the right side.
Make the clyster for 2 months, starting it from the end of the menstruation, suspending during successive menstruations.
Serum ampoule of 500cc 5% sodium bicarbonate (to make in one hour), 6 days yes and 6 days not  in four cycles.

Side effects: If irritation, pain and slight loss of blood,
suspend for two days the clysters and perform the same operation using 5 tablespoons of salt in 5 liters of water for 2 days.
In case of excessive thirst and marked fatigue, drink plenty of fluids, but without sugar.
Using food additives containing potassium and magnesium.

Bladder Cancer
With the help of a nurse  or a qualified physician positioning  the catheter into the bladder.
Introduce 150-200 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate in the bladder.
Each day for 5 days, then one day yes and other not, during two weeks.
4-5 day break.
Repeat the entire cycle.
Perform washing the bladder slowly, lying in bed with two
pillows under the pelvis.
After washing rotated 90 ° every 15 minutes, total time one hour.
So, placed in all positions: back, on the left side, face down, on the right side holding the solution in the bladder.
Serum ampoule of 500cc  5% sodium bicarbonate (to make in one hour), 6 days yes and 6 days not  in 4 cycles.

Side effects: If irritation, pain and slight loss of blood,
suspended for two days the clysters and perform one  wash a day with ½ liter of
water + half  tablespoon of salt.
In case of excessive thirst and marked fatigue, drink plenty of fluids.
Using food additives containing potassium and magnesium.

Breast cancer
Inject with a syringe just above the node, either to the left or right 70-100 cc of sodium bicarbonate solution at 5%.
Every day for six days.
Applying serum ampoule 500 cc of sodium bicarbonate 5% (to make in one hour), 6 days yes and 6 days not in 4 cycles.
If the nodule was very large repeat the local treatment in  2 months.
If present palpable axillary lymph nodes, they may suffer regression after local treatment. In case that they persist also may be infiltrated with the same methodology used in the breast nodule.

Side effects: in the event that during the local treatment display a heightened state of irritation, bruising or persistent pain, suspend for one or two days and then start again.
In case of excessive thirst and marked fatigue, drink plenty of fluids. Using food additives containing potassium and magnesium.  And  do not forget  beating cancer with good  nutrition

Melanoma and skin cancer
Use a bottle of tincture of iodine 7%. This is another  alternative cancer cures that we can use parallel to sodium bicarbonate.
Apply the tincture with a cotton swab or toothpick, depending on the tumour size on the affected area 20-30-40 times in daily sessions.
Continue day after day until it forms a crust.
As soon as  lift the edges of the crust, avoid remove or make  abrasions. Allow the tincture to drain under the edges only supporting the stick in the vicinity of the edges.
Continue Anyway also applying the tincture on the treated area.
After the fall of the first crust continue treatment on the area residual until it falls the third crust. At this time the tumor will be gone.

Effective Cancer Cure With Baking Soda Part 2


Cancer Cure With Sodium Bicarbonate-Techniques (Part 2)


Before use the  cancer cure with Sodium bicarbonate is very important read the following recommendations:

1) Although related treatments can be performed by yourself or each person, however  would be ideal for some supervision of a specialist doctor with any title in health medicine.

 2) Pediatric Oncology
The therapy alternative cancer cure with baking soda can be applied also in pediatric oncology, administering doses depending on the patient's weight.

3) Then the appropriate dosages to be applied by dropper in function of body weight.

10 kg / 100 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate
20 kg / 150 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate
30 Kg / 250 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate
40 Kg / 350 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate
50 Kg / 400 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate
50 kg or more 500 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate.

For other uses like washing, etc, the solution must be sufficiently rich in baking soda so that must be lightly salted, check yourself by testing.

Important Note
The alternative cancer cures using baking soda is a series of treatments that can be used in the manner described here but preferably  with the aid of a health medical specialist if you were to have doubts or any other inconvenience to apply them.

Circular Treatment at 360
It is indicated when applying baking soda in a cavity (uterus, bladder, urinary tract, stomach, mouth, etc ...).
Lying in bed.
Fill the cavity with the bicarbonate solution.
Place 2 pillows under the pelvis.
Rotate 90 ° every 15 minutes, total time one hour.
So, placed in all positions: backward, on the left side, face down, on the right side.

Eye Cancer. Choroidal melanoma and cancers of conjunctiva
Place a teaspoon of of baking soda in a glass of warm water.
Check if it is salty.
Lying in bed.
With a dropper of eye drops put a drop  to the conjunctiva every 3 minutes, 3-4 times.
1 time per day for 6 days.
Make a break of three days.
Perform the entire cycle of nine days for 4 times.

Side effects: In case of irritation, discontinue treatment for a day. Placing 2 drops of salt water (one teaspoon  for a glass) twice daily.

Mouth cancer
Place a teaspoon  of baking soda in a glass of warm water.
Check if it is salty.
Lying in bed.
Keep in the mouth the sodium bicarbonate solution without swallowing, rotating 90 degrees every 15 minutes, an hour in total.
So, placed in all positions: back, on the left side, face down, on the right side
3 times a day for 6 days.
3 days of pause.
Perform the entire cycle of nine days for 4 times.
Always rinse with sodium bicarbonate after each meal.
Serum ampoule of  500cc  5% sodium bicarbonate (which must be done within 1 hour), 6 days on  and 6  days not,in 4 cycles.

Side effects: If burning or irritation suspend for 1 day application and rinse with salt water (one teaspoon  for a cup) twice a day.
In case of excessive thirst and marked fatigue, drink plenty of fluids, but without sugar.
Using food additives containing potassium and magnesium.

Cancer of the stomach and esophagus
Place a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water.
Check if it is salty.
Drink all of the solution.
Lying in bed. Rotate 90 ° every 15 minutes, one hour total time
So, placed in all positions: back, on the left side, face down, on the right side.
Will be made  2 times a day before lunch and dinner, for 1 month.
1 week rest.
Repeat the entire cycle 2 times.
Serum ampoule of 500cc 5% sodium bicarbonate (which must be done in one hour), 6 days on and 6 days off in 4 cycles.

Side effects: in case of excessive thirst and marked fatigue, drink fluids.
Using food additives containing potassium and magnesium.

Laryngeal Cancer
Place a teaspoon and a half of  baking soda in ½ liter of warm water.
Check if it is salty.
Put a pint of solution in inhaler  fast.
Make inhalation 6 days yes and 6 days not in 4 cycles.
Serum ampoule 500cc 5% sodium bicarbonate (to be done in one hour), 6 days yes and 6 days not in 4 cycles.
Therefore, 6 days of inhalations and 6 days of  serum alternately.
Place a teaspoon of baking soda in one glass of warm water.
Check if it is salty.
Lying in bed
Keep in the mouth the solution with sodium bicarbonate  without swallowing, rotating 90 degrees every 15 minutes, an hour in total.
So, placed in all positions: back, on the left side, face down, on the right side 2 times a day before lunch and dinner, for one month.

Side effects: In case of excessive thirst and marked fatigue, drink fluids.
Using food additives that containing potassium and magnesium. Besides this recommendations you can use alkaline diets  to have more results and fight cáncer effectively.

We will continue with cáncer cure treatments with Baking soda and other important tips in the next article.
You can see the third part in this link

How To Remove Acne Naturally Best Solutions


How To Remove Acne Easy And  Naturally.

How to remove acne naturally is the central point in which we will focus  in the following sections very carefully. Before to speak about home acne treatment we are going to go over to explain first the general definition of acne.
Causes and how to clear this skin problem we will see in the following articles.

Acne description
Acne is something that affects approximately over 87% of the world population, either in adolescence or adulthood, standing so that people who suffer from acne have around 15-30 years, even there are cases of persons in the forty years thus becoming so in  the disease more  treated by dermatologists around the world.

Many of the research indicates that acne is caused by several factors such as: bad habits, poor diet, drinking little water, bad diet, DNA, microbes, drug use, bacteria and hormones in the case of adolescents, these factors are critical to potentially have this disease.
While it is considered according to the results of several studies that feeding alone does not cause acne, is known to be fundamental to healthy skin. How valuable is that we should know what are the anti-inflammatory foods,and what we must  learn to distinguish which foods are alkaline and which are acid and also which nutritional supplements  we must include in our daily diet and those whose consumption we must  leave, if possible forever.

Another point that influence when we suffer acne has to do with our overall health. There pathologies such as candidiasis which often we do not pay due attention in it, infection caused by different varieties of Candida, including Candida Abicans, parasitic fungi that produce too much toxins in the body and in the bloodstream that can cause hormonal intense inflammation, impair digestion and consequently affect overall our skin.

It is noteworthy that there are two most persistent types of acne: acne caused by intestinal-type problems, digestive, for constipation that is type 3  foruncular or nodular. the other type of acne is caused by liver-type problems, and has much to do with the functioning of the gallbladder or there gallstones  in the liver, this type of acne generates brown spots around the acne.

There are other types of acne as generated by renal causes, being more rare to identify or generated by digestive changes. Also we can talk about the acne caused by stress or mood changes, concerns, etc.
Genetic predisposition to baldness or any disease skin are not major factors, as is commonly said. The functions of healthy skin is restored and the hair growth, especially in women, returns to normal once all gallstones are removed and the colon and kidneys and bladder are kept clean, all with the change in diet and regular habits of each person.

In the articles described here we are going to talk more deeply with  more detail about acne natural acne solutions,best treatments for acne and  skin, care for acne in other words the  major aspects of acne, how to remove acne naturally and how we can find real and definitive solution to cure  this skin´s illness.

 1. Home Remedies For Acne
This method  is based in fruits  and is one of the most effective home remedies for acne that adapts perfectly to people that want something easy economical and practical  to do as we will see in this article...See more.

2. Acne Home Remedies
Before  start with any acne treatment  and  its  health benefits is very important  to know  all about the liver  and its  functions in the  human  body. You should read all the chapters (Five parts) to understand all the cleaning process of this organ before achieve the real best results to cure acne....See more.

3. Natural Remedies For Acne
If you want to get a natural remedies for acne that work effectively is important that your diet must be rich in dried fruits, vegetables and whole grains,  These foods contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants  that can improve cellular activity and cure acne...See more.

4. Aloe Vera For Acne
The juice or gel of Aloe vera is best for acne, for skin benefits and any other problem epidermal or similar. The aloe vera for acne is used topically for treating  skin irritations diseases about dermatitis and wound healing...See more.

5. How To Remove Acne
The causes of acne can be in most cases, indigestion, inadequate meals,bad habits at meal, anemia and in the case of women menstrual disorders. In this article we will we several tips to avoid acne and  understand a little more how prevent this skin problem with simple steps you can follow every time...See more.

6. How To Clear Acne
 This article is a summary of the 1 and 2 articles indicated above in this list description.We will see in general terms the importance of liver and large intestine and their fundamental rol to find the best way to clear up acne....See more.

7. Home Acne Treatment
 We are going to describe in general terms about acne and each concept briefly. We will discover how identify types of acne and how to be aware of the acne classification to fight this disease...See more.

Special Treatment To Home Remedies For Acne Part 1


Home Remedies For Acne (first part). 

Diet to remove acne  cleaning the large intestine


1- Colon cleansing treatment - Part 1

2- Colon cleansing -  Part 2  

3- Colon Cleaning - Part 3

Colon cleansing treatment - Part 1

This method  is fast and one of the most effective home remedies for acne that adapts perfectly to natural body laws, it is easy, economical and practical for people to do exactly as will be described in this article. It begins with three days of fruit fast to cleanse all waste accumulation in the intestines and after that, still continues  with nutritional supplements,without eating anything  of sugar because sugar is in the same fruit.

Whith this acne cure home acne completely disappears in the great majority of people. This natural remedy to remove acne has a proven 98%  effectiveness  after following the three-day of  fruit fast in the right way without cheating.

Three days seem long but they are nothing compared with cutaneous problems that can last many years.

The fasting include apples or grapes but not mix these two fruits simultaneously; take only fasting apples or fasting grapes and water for 3 days,this will cause the extent that the fruit  moves through the intestines and the blood passes through the large intestine depositing wastes and the pectin present in the fruit can absorb these toxics.

Thereby, the accumulation zone that has been  poisoning by the blood will be loosen and remove.

The large intestine was designed exclusively for absorbing water, however,the accumulation of large number of toxins break certain organic body rules, thereby returning some elements found in toxic waste decomposition, as well as Candida which could enter in the bloodstream again.

We must clarify that Candida is a yeast or fungus found in the body and appears when taking antibiotics, especially in long time or have a diet unnatural, high in light meals, sugars and refined flour that produces an intestines imbalance and Candida yeast obviously gets out of control.

Medical science and many naturopaths know that Candida is associated with all kinds of problems from athlete's foot to yeast infections, beside many other degenerative diseases like cancer and tumors that usually  Candida is guilty of these infections associated with acne in most cases.

Candida is a yeast that needs sugar to grow, that is to say high amounts of sugar in the blood and intestinal environment out of balance creates the perfect medium for its development and create disorder that can manifest in all kinds of problems . With this home remedy acne treatment we get a solution about this disease naturally.
At the same time you should stop consuming all the sugar you can and start eating garlic to help rid your body of Candida infection.

Steps in the diet of three days eating only grapes or apples

Day 1
In the case that apple fruit was chosen (that is the most recommended but can also be with grapes).

1. Eat as many apples as you want but be sure to:
• Do not eat the shell. Peel them before eating since most commercially produced apples have been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, unless you get organic apples, you do not need it.
• Recommended to be delicios variety or Golden Delicious red because these contain more pectin which absorb toxins from your body as  body can digest them.
You can eat red grapes if you are allergic to apples. You will feel perfectly well for the first 24 hours of fast and soon discover that apples will fully satisfy you.

2. Drink what you can of water in a day, at least 2 liters of water.

3. Use castor oil on your skin before going to sleep. It's thick, but fine.

Day 2
1. Eat apples that you want, never eat in excess,no glut,remember that this is a very important for your health and appearance henceforth.
The fruits have the advantage that can be digested in less than half an hour making  fast assimilation by the body .

2. Keep drinking lots of water throughout the day, at least two liters.

3. Keep applying castor oil plant on your face at night.

4. At this point, you may have some cramping and laxative can apply at any time of the day - just make sure you do this at the end of the day.

You can make this oral laxative highly recommended with Epsom Salts to do more effective this method or any other home remedies for acne.

You can see the second part here – ( part 2 ).

Special Treatment To Home Remedies For Acne Part 2


Home Remedies For Acne (second part).

Colon cleansing treatment - Part2

Each good home remedies for acne like this method need other elements that make them more efficient. We will discribe each one and another important  recommendations to take into account.

Epsom salts:
Not only cleans the colon also the small intestine. This is necessary if you have many difficulties with food absorption, if you suffer from congestion of the kidneys / bladder, constipation.Mix one teaspoon of oral Epsom salts (very commonly known as magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water and drink it first time in the morning.

This oral enema cleans the colon and digestive tract, from start to finish, usually within an hour, forcing the evacuation several times. Clean all plaque and debris from the intestinal walls, as well as parasites that live there. Expect your feces be watery while there are  intestinal waste to throw.
Then feces return to their normal consistency, since the intestinal tract is clean. Expect some cramping or gas, and sometimes as a result of cleaning with removal of toxic substances.

This oral laxative also be done with a duration of three weeks two or three times a year independent of the three-day diet with fruits described in this article.

• Do not worry if acne resists a little more in the second or third day. This is perfectly normal and in fact is good news - it means that whatever you're doing, is affecting the acne. However, most people see that this begin disappear. on this day.

Natural laxative alternatives you can also use:

EpsomFlaxseed (linseed):
It is an excellent natural laxative with good results in the home skin treatments, can be taken in many ways, two tablespoons of ground flaxseed  per day mixed in natural juices, vegetable juices or smoothies like aloe, which accentuate the benefits of flaxseed and also nourish the intestine. (in another article we will talking with more detail of this wonderful seed, their different properties and uses).

Banana, papaya, grapes and plums, pineapple, properly consumed, are ideal for moving the bowels.Never combine sweet fruits with acidic fruit mix rule would be: sweet fruit with sweet fruit, acid with acid or acid with half acid.

Wheat bran:
Adequate intake of wheat bran is between 20 and 30 grams a day. If you exceed 30 grams will produce flatulence, bloating and indigestion something slow.Should  be taken with pure water or juices. Many people not only use wheat brain in the face treatments for acne,is very important  to have it  in the natural diet daily.

Regarding the enema or colonic irrigation.

This is not required to do it,is not an obligation to do, this practice is not recommended for everyone starting from the premise that all organisms do not react in the same way and that only in cases of acne  too extreme  where the person  who making the treatment  has not a history of illnesses and he or she is in good conditions, in good health and has not a history of illnesses or the pacient do not present a picture  adverse pathological, otherwise do not recommend this practice of colonic irrigation or enema.

Instead you can make perfectly natural treatment alkaline diet rich in fiber and nutrients needed by the body to gradually fades away acne.
We know it can take a little more time, whether days, weeks or three months or less to achieve more visible results, all depends on the person, and how your body will react to the new changes in nutrition, but it is very safe and very healthy without taking unnecessary risks that can become annoying and even a little risk in health if not done with the knowledge of a specialist in this topic.

Important Note:
For people who want to get a colonic irrigation or enema, a lot careful must have with this procedure. Should be done with caution to avoid the presence of potentially serious adverse effects. Is  highly advised to use the services of a licensed physician and specialist experience in this field to avoid incurring health risks, because that's the point, to be healthy but not at any cost or at the expense of other functions or vital organs of the body.

We must remember that all organisms are not equal, and that each person reacts different, some people feel good but not in all cases.Excessive treatments can cause excessive water absorption, generating electrolyte imbalance, vomiting, nausea, heart failure or fluid in the lungs, abnormal heart rhythms or coma.
Infections have been reported with the use of colon irrigation, possibly because of the use of contaminated equipment or as a result of the elimination of normal colon bacteria, which causes excessive growth of infectious bacteria.

There is also the risk of bowel perforation or rupture of the intestinal wall, which is a serious complication that can lead to septic shock and death if not done this procedure with care and expertise in the subject.
People with severe or internal hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, colon or rectal tumors, or recovering from intestinal surgery should avoid colon irrigation, unless a doctor says otherwise; yet not recommended.

Avoid frequent treatments in people with heart disease or nephrosis that would be like health problems in the kidney ..Colonic irrigation should not be used as the sole treatment of serious conditions in the body or as a substitute for more proven therapies and safe for health.
Another very important thing is that before accepting the treatment, make sure that the team that will work is sterile or even disposable and that the healthcare professional is qualified  provider with a university degree or specialist  of known reputation.

In the next article we will continue with home remedies for acne third part.

You can see the third part here – ( part 3 ).

Special Treatment To Home Remedies For Acne Part 3


Home Remedies For Acne (third part).

Colon cleansing treatment - Part 3

Day 3

1. eating apples and keep drinking plenty of water.

2. Take a glass of grape juice at  the lunch. You can take another one if you desired.

3. Keep applying castor oil.

4. Take two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to restart your digestive system.

5.Again take oral laxative the day before ending the day. (Epsom salts).

6. Day 3 is the day that you begin to feel a little weak, perhaps with a migraine mild.In many good home remedies for acne this situation is very common, take it  as normal, is part of the body's natural cleansing and also keep that very present if you're not accustomed to make fruit fasting or is the first fast of your life. Try bathing with hot water or drink a cup of green tea to relieve that little discomfort if you run into.

Your acne should disappear the next day or the next. If it should not happen, you must make sure you have followed the instructions perfectly fine. If you did, then you might be part of the "unfortunate" 2% - 3% of people who need to do it again to cure your acne completely because the accumulation of toxic  that have been generated and left in your body over time.

If this is your case, do not  worry. For a month you will see small incremental improvements, and two following months until complete three months,you can see really how disappears completely, the speed with which this happens depends on the quality of food you are going to continue eating in the coming days and weeks and also depends on how you take and keep all other recommendations that here on this page are presented.

If you can change those old bad habits where you were prisoner for long time, is 100% sure that you can overcome this cutaneous  problem without any problem with these  face treatments for acne free of any tricks or weird spell, all this works effectively when you again can adapt your physical body to its own natural rules.
And even if you think your acne should go away faster, then you can repeat the fast after a month or read the next section with alternative methods for people too sensitive, scrupulous or acne  very sturdy.

Castor oil is an excellent traditional remedy used to cleanse the bowels. It is less irritating than Epsom salts and has no side effects apart from normal cleaning actions.

What will you do after the third day.

1. Start slowly eating solids. For example, you can take vegetable soup to see how you feel.If you feel good, then you can  take more. Keep this with light meals until day 5.

2. End of Candida infection in order that good bacteria can survive. The best way to help your body in this is to eat pure scratched garlic with lemon in a cup of water or take it with another liquid or juice or you can take odorless garlic supplements, garlic is most effective pure.

3. Combine it with supplements of vitamin C.

4. Remember if you go back to your old eating habits need a good dose of patience and retake the fast at some point to balance the body.Acne will return If you leave the home remedy  for acne treatment  before disappear this skin problem and do not fight the problem that was causing illness.

5. Keep drinking much water. It is the best way to maintain results.

6. Adopt any of the daily methods we have been discussing. Not only are good for getting rid of resistant acne, but also to make sure to keep best results in the medium or long term.

Complements and important supplements  of Epsom salts

Castor oil as an alternative recommended.
Take one to three teaspoons of castor oil  in a third part of  warm water glass  in empty stomach in the morning or before go to bed at night depending on which of the two options works best for you or best fits your needs.
This is also a good treatment for serious cases of constipation. In the case of an allergy to Epsom salts,you can  use  castor oil without  problem.

Aloe vera juice a good choice
Aloe vera juice is also an effective method to clean the gastrointestinal tract. However, it should be used instead of colonics or enemas before and after the liver cleanse.
The aloe vera diluted in a little water before meals, or at least once in the morning before breakfast, helps to process old deposits,has cleaner effect and nutritional elements. One tablespoon of aloe vera juice eliminates waste and provides essential nutrients to cells and tissues.For all those who feel their liver is still releasing many toxins days after a liver cleanse, take aloe vera juice can be beneficial.

Aloe vera is one of the fast home remedies for acne, aloe has  proven effective in almost all diseases, including cancer, heart disease and AIDS. Help in dealing with all types of allergies, skin diseases, blood disorders, arthritis, infections, Candida, cysts, diabetes, eye problems, digestive problems, ulcers, liver disease, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, kidney stones and stroke, to name a few.

Aloe vera contains over 200 nutrients, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, barium, sulfate, 18 amino acids, enzymes important , glycosides, polysaccharides, etc.

Be sure to only buy pure aloe vera and undiluted, can be found in organic food stores. One of the best brands is produced by the company named Omnilife with the name Aloe Beta, this product has the advantage of being micellized, being micellized not only absorbed by the small intestine but it also absorbed the taste buds of the tongue achieved almost instantaneously pass through the cells (hence the name cellular nutrition) and is incorporated effectively in the bloodstream effectively almost no loss   by absorption,commonly are named liquid vitamins or liquid nutrients.

This special nutrients begin to act immediately over white organs, may be noted the beneficial effects of these products in just 10 to 15 minutes,after having been ingested.I have heard cases, testimonials from people who have been cured of acne and other diseases just taking these products.
In micellization, the liposoluble foods, namely those that are fat-soluble  are reduced in micelles that polarize so as to become hydrophilic and, therefore, are attracted by the absorption system normal hidromiscelible small intestine.

With micellization  it achieves two to five times the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. This technology has become the successor of the emulsion in the scientific field of nutrient delivery systems.
The only problem of these products is the cost, never comparable in price with home remedies for acne, is a little expensive but are very effective, are highly recommended .In next  articles we will be talking about this type of nutrition  that is not widely known  but  existing  for several years in the competitive market of nutrients.

Another recommended brand is produced by the company Lily of the desert, in the U.S. state of Texas. This fact organic aloe vera juice 99. 7%, not contain water.

That's it about all you need in this part  focused on diet to remove acne  cleaning the large intestine  to make more effective the use of all home remedies for acne.Remember read carefully all the instructions and follow the recommendations exactly step by step.Good luck.

Useful Information For Acne Home Remedies Part 5


Acne home remedies -(fifth part).

Final considerations
• For people who can not use apple juice or have hypoglycemia, cancer, heartburn, diabetes or stomach ulcers. Its recommended that apple juice can replace it  by  malic acid in powder or capsules.
The period of preparation is the same as when you take apple juice, except that a liter of apple juice daily is replaced with 1,500 - 2,000 mg of malic acid that is taken with two glasses of warm water. Drink these solutions in small amounts during the day.

• If you are allergic to Epsom salts, or simply not tolerated, can replace them for magnesium citrate. It can be found in most pharmacies.

• If you are allergic to olive oil, or not tolerated, can substitute sunflower oil cold extraction or other cold-pressed oils except rapeseed oil (canola). Please note that the olive oil is more effective for liver cleansing.

• If you suffer from any disease of the gallbladder or it has been removed, probably need to take the Gold Coin Grass for a period of 2-3 weeks, about a bottle prior to liver cleansing.This point is very important in all home remedies to clear acne and achieve good results.

If the liver cleanse did not produce the expected results then it may be several factors:
• You may have congestion in your liver bile ducts that do not allow apple juice penetrate fully during the first round of cleaning. Gentian root herbs or Chinese Gentian and Bupleurum, help to undo some of the congestion and, therefore, prepare your liver for a successful cleaning. These herbs are sold as a tincture, called Chinese Bitters in naturist centers.

• The correct dose of this dye is ½ to 1 tablespoon  approximately 5 ml once daily, fasting, about 30 min. before breakfast. This regimen should be followed for three weeks before starting to drink apple juice or using Gold Coin Grass preparation.

• You did not follow the instructions properly. The skip of one step of the procedure, or alter the dosage or the time set for each of the steps, can prevent get full results in different people, for example, the liver flush does not work unless you first clean the large intestine. The treating acne naturally require discipline and be honest, these all we need.

Accumulation of debris and gas prevents that oil mixture can move easily move through the gastrointestinal tract. The best time for a colonic irrigation, or an alternative method, is the day of the liver flush.

The toxins emitted by these stones may enter the circulatory system and cause discomfort. If this is the case, you need to drink 4 ounces of apple juice for the next seven days, or the duration of the discomfort, after the liver flush. Be sure to drink the juice half an hour before breakfast.You may also need a new colon cleansing, to clean any stone that has come later.

• If you have followed all instructions correctly process but sometimes feel bad for liver cleansing is just normal.Sometimes happen that the person may vomit or feel nauseated during the night. This is caused by the gallbladder when release bile and gallstones with such strength that compel the oil back into the stomach.

When the oil is returned to the stomach, you feel bad. Sometimes you could feel the stone expulsion. There will be a sharp pain, only a small contraction.

Important recommendations to follow for the prevention of hepatic load.

1. Cleanse your liver twice a year.

2. Keep your colon clean.

3. The kidney cleanse with plants (we will see in more detail later in other articles).

4. Improved digestion, chew your food better.

5. Balance your emotional health.

6. Replace all dental metal parts.

7. Taking herbs for the liver regularly (in another chapter will talk about this).

8. Take sun bathing regularly.

9. Exercising regularly.

10. Avoid overwork.

11. Get enough sleep (7 to eight hours Try to sleep before 10pm.

PM and get up between 6 and 7 AM).

12. Eat unrefined sea salt.

13. Avoid snacks, light with preservatives.

14. Try replacing red meat with white meat, rabbit or turkey for a while.

15. Keep a regular meal times avoiding overeating.

16. Reduce your consumption of alcohol.

17. Take 4-8 glasses of water every day.

18. Drinking ionized water regularly

 How to make ionized water - procedure:
Note: This procedure is not only to make more effective the home remedies for acne, can be used even if you have good health.

 Boil water for 15-20 minutes. Then give it oxygen passing  from one glass to another at a height of 2 feet(0,6 mts) (otherwise be like a dead water)  one or two times and then pour in Dewar vessel or thermal container. This keep the hot water and ionized during the day. Give one or two sips every half hour during the day and drink the water as hot as you use to make tea.

This example of  oxygenated water is clearly seen in nature, otherwise the water would run out oxigen, lifeless dead, this is like the springs and waterfalls that make this process a natural process but  lost by the pollution of natural water sources,the water chemical treatment and the purification before consume the water.

This method can be used at any time, whether or not you feel good,in any time you have a need to decongest or want to keep the blood thin, or simply want to feel more energetic and clean. Some people use it for a specified time, usually three to four weeks, some use it continuously.

The oxygen ions are generated by boiling water bubbles, just as the water that falls on the floor or crashes into the beach.In a Dewar vessel or thermal container the water will remain ionized for 12 hours or while stay warm.
 Here we are finished all regarding the liver cleaning and how we should maintaining this amazing body's organ  in good conditions to fight and prevent acne and another illness effectively and naturally.

This is all you need in this part  focused on liver cleansing  and gallbladder to do and make more effective the use of all acne home remedies.Remember read well and follow the recommendations  step by step honestly.

Useful Information For Acne Home Remedies Part 4


Acne home remedies - (Fourth part).

The Morning After

600-6:30 AM: When you wake up, but not before 6 in the morning, drink your third glass of Epsom salts if you feel too thirsty, drink a glass of warm water at room temperature before taking the salts.

Rest, read or meditate. If you feel sleepy, go back to bed, but it is preferable that the body remains upright. Most people feel quite well and prefers to do simple exercises like meditation or relax.

 8:00 to 9:00 a.m: Drink your fourth and last cup of Epsom salts.

10:00 to 10:30 a.m: You can drink fresh juice at this time. Half an hour later, you can eat one or two pieces of fresh fruit.

One hour later you may eat regular but only slightly. In the afternoon or the next morning you will return to normal  and begin to feel the first signs of improvement.

The home remedies to clear acne  need perseverance and patience.Continue to eat light meals during the following days. Remember, your liver and gallbladder have just gone through a major surgery, but without the harmful side effects.

Results To Expect
During the morning and maybe afternoon after cleaning,you could have a number of watery bowel movements. This gallstones consist initially mixed with food residue, and then simply stones mixed with water. Most calculations are green peas and float in the toilet due to its composition, mainly composed of bile.

The stones are of different shades of green and can be brightly colored and shiny like gemstones. Only liver bile may cause the green color. The gallstones come in all sizes, colors and shapes.
The lighter colored stones are the most recent. The stones blackish are the oldest . Some are the size of a pea or smaller and others as large as two or three centimeters in diameter.

All green and yellow stones are as soft as clay due the action of apple juice.You'll also find a layer of straw or foam floating in the toilet. The foam consists of millions of tiny sharp crystals of cholesterol which can easily rip the small bile ducts. Discard them is equally important.

The important thing to remember is that once you have started to clean the liver, we should continue to do so until no more stones come out,this is one of the key we have in treating acne naturally with this method. Leave the cleaning in half for an extended period of time three months or more can cause greater discomfort than not doing any cleaning.

However, a few days, the stones at the bottom of the liver have moved ahead at the two main bile ducts out of the liver which can cause some of the old discomfort symptoms come back.
In fact you can end up feeling disappointed because the recovery seems to be short-lived. But this shows that there are still stones, and that these are ready to be removed with the next round of cleaning.

While there are some small stones moving through the thousands of small bile ducts toward the hundreds of larger bile ducts, they can be combined to form larger stones and produce previously experienced symptoms such as back pain, headaches, earaches, problems digestive bloating, irritability, displeasure, etc, although these may be less intense than previously.

If cleaning does not produce stones, which occurs after 6 to 8 cleanings  your liver may be considered in excellent condition although in severe cases can take about 10 or 12 times with this cleaning.
However it is recommended to repeat the liver cleanse every six months. Each cleaning is more quick and will give greater impetus to the liver and is responsible for any toxins that may have accumulated during that period.The home remedies for acne in this point take another nuance of color.

Very Important Note:
Never clean your liver if you suffer from a serious illness, even if it is just a cold. However, if you suffer from a chronic disease like acne get a liver cleanse may be the best thing you can do for your health.

Please take the following instruction very seriously. There are many people who follow the recipe for a liver cleanse they have received from friends or found in any somewhere else, and have suffered unnecessary complications.

These people have not had full knowledge of the procedure and how really  it works, believing the stones expel liver and gallbladder is enough.Have to evacuate them of the colon.
Probably some gallstones, during its eject, staying in the colon. These stones can be removed with a colonic irrigation. (colonic irrigation see here at this link).

These stones can become a source of toxemia in the body If you choose something smaller than a colonic irrigation, mix one level teaspoon of Epsom salts with a glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning  you have chosen for colon cleanse.

Although liver cleansing can  by itself, produce amazing results should ideally be preceded by a colon cleanse and kidney, in that order. The colon cleansing ensures that calculations are thrown of bowel and removed easily.
The kidney cleanse ensures that certain toxins from the liver during liver cleanse not be a great burden on these organs of elimination.

However if you have never suffered from kidney problems, kidney stones, bladder infections, etc, you can proceed with the cleaning sequence cleansing colon-liver-cleaning, cleansing colon but make sure to clean your kidneys in a later date.

Persons that suffering a severely congested colon or have one history of constipation should consider undertaking colon cleaning 2-3 times before the liver cleanse. And to emphasize it is very important to clean your colon within  following three days of the end of the liver cleanse.

Intolerance to apple juice
If for some reason you are intolerant to apple juice  can replace it for the following herbs: Yellow button (Gold Coin Grass or Asteriscus maritimus) and Bupleurum. Herbs make a tincture and sold as Gold Coin Grass (GCG), enpresentación 250 ml or 8.5 oz. It is available in Prime Health Products.

Malic acid in apple juice works exceptionally well in dissolving stagnant bile and making the stones  be soft.
The correct dose for the tincture is one tablespoon about 15 ml once daily on an empty stomach half hour before breakfast. This regimen should be followed for 8-9 days prior to the day of the liver flush.

In the next article we will continue with acne home remedies fifth part.

You can see the fifth part of this treatment here – ( part 5 ).

Useful Information For Acne Home Remedies Part 3


Acne Home Remedies - (Third part).

Recommendations for diet:
Throughout the week of preparation and cleanup avoid food or drink cold or frozen, because will cool down the liver and minimize cleaning effectiveness. All food and drink must be hot or at least be at room temperature. To help the liver to prepare for the main download, try to avoid animal foods, dairy products and fried foods. Apart from this, eat normally, but avoid overeating.

The best time for cleaning:
The main and final segment of the liver cleanse should be during a weekend, this is the time when home remedies to clear acne work best because is in the weekend when you are not under pressure and have enough time to rest.Although cleaning is effective at any time of the month, preferably should coincide with a day that is between full moon and new moon. The period of 5-6 days before cleaning can begin 5-6 days before the full moon.

Be sure to clean your colon before and after each cleaning hepatica:
Having regular bowel movements does not mean that your intestines are free of obstructions.The colon cleansing, either a few days before or ideally  on the sixth day of preparation helps prevent or minimize any discomfort or nausea that may arise during the liver flush.Prevents the backflow of the mixture of oils or waste products of intestinal tract. It also assists the body in the rapid removal of gallstones.
See colon cleansing in this link  another effective home remedies for acne highly recommended.

What you need to do on the sixth day:
If you feel hungry in the morning, eat a light breakfast, such as hot cereal, oatmeal would be the ideal choice. Avoid sugar or other sweeteners, spices, milk, shortenings and butter, oils, yogurt, cheese, ham, eggs, nuts, cakes, cold cereals, etc.. You can consume fruits and fruit juices.

For lunch, eat steamed vegetables with white rice, preferably Basmati rice and use a little unrefined sea salt or rock. Repeating, do not eat protein foods, butter or oil, or you may feel bad during cleaning.
Do not eat or drink except water after 2 PM, otherwise, you risk  to not throw any stones! Follow exactly the steps described below to get the most benefit from liver flush.

The Cleanup Process (sixth day) 
To night:
 6:00 PM: Add four tablespoons of Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate) in  three 8-ounce glasses of filtered water in a jug. This prepares four servings of  ¾ cup each. Take your first serving now.
It may take a few sips of water after getting rid of the bitter taste in the mouth or add a little lemon juice to improve the taste. Some people take a long plastic straw to avoid the taste buds of the tongue.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with baking soda. One of the main actions of Epsom Salts is the dilate (widen) the bile ducts, facilitating the passage of the stones. Also, clean any debris that might obstruct the passage of the stones.

8:00 PM: Drink your second serving (3/4 cup) of Epsom salts.

9:30 pm: If by this time, you have not evacuated and not performed a colon cleaning within the past 24 hours, apply a water enema, this will trigger a series of bowel movements (see this link about enema).

9:45: Wash the grapefruits or lemons and oranges. Squeeze them with your hand and remove the pulp.

Will need ¾ cup juice .Drain the juice and ½ cup of olive oil in the bottle. Close the jar and shake vigorously about 20 times or until the solution is aqueous or watery. Ideally, you should take this mixture at 10:00 PM, but if you think you need to go to the bathroom a couple of times, you may delayed up to 10 minutes.

10:00 pm: Stay standing beside your bed (do not sit) and drink the mixture, purepreferably.
There are people who prefer to take it with a straw. If is necessary, take a little honey between sips to help swallow the mixture.However, most people have no problem taking the pure mixture. Do not take more than five minutes  to do this;only older  or weak may take longer.

Go to bed immediately.
This is essential to help loosen gallstones! Turn off the lights and lie on your back with one or two pillows to lift you a little.Your head should be at a height greater than the belly. If this is uncomfortable, lie on your right side with knees drawn up toward your head.

Stay in this position for at least 20 minutes and try not to talk! Fix your attention on your liver. You may feel the stones moving through the bile ducts like marbles.

Not feel any pain because magnesium in Epsom salts keeps the bile ducts open and relaxed, the and bile secreted along with the stones kept lubricated ducts which is different from an attack of pain in the vesicle, where the magnesium and bile is not present. This is only one of the beneficial effects of one of the best natural remedies for acne. If you can, try to sleep.

If overnight feels the need to evacuate, do so, check if there are some small stones like pea green or tan floating in the toilet. You may feel sick at night and / or in the early hours of the morning. This is mainly due to a sudden and strong stone waste and toxins from the liver and gallbladder, pushing the oil mixture into the stomach. The nauseas will pass during the morning.

In the next article we will continue with acne home remedies fourth part.

You can see the fourth part of this treatment here –( part 4 ).

Useful Information For Acne Home Remedies Part 1


Acne Home Remedies -Treatment.

Treatment focused in the liver and gallbladders.

Part 1 -The Central Role Of The Liver

Part 2 - Liver Cleaning

Part 3 -The Cleanup Process

Part 4 - Results To Expect

Part 5 - Final Considerations



The central role of the liver -(first part).

Before  start learn about acne home remedies and their health benefits it is important  to know  all about the liver  and its  functions in the  human  body. First of all you must read all the chapters (Five parts) in the order listed and follow the steps correctly to achieve the best results otherwise it does will not work.
The liver is the largest gland in the body. It weighs up to three pounds, it suspended in the back of the ribs on the upper right side of the abdomen and expands almost the entire width of the body. Being responsible for hundreds of different functions, it is also more complex and active organ in the body.

Since the liver is responsible for processing, converting, distributing and maintaining the supply of the body's vital fuel, nutrients and energy, anything that interferes with these functions will have a serious impact to the detriment of the health of the liver and the whole body.

The main interference appears with the presence of gallstones or stones.Besides to process alcohol in the blood, the liver also processes harmful substances, bacteria, parasites, and certain components of chemical drugs.
Use specific enzymes to convert waste or poisons into substances that can be safely removed from the body.The liver filters over a quart of blood gallon per minute.
The presence of gallstones in the bile ducts also inhibits the ability of liver cells to handle toxic substances such as chloroform, cytotoxic drugs, anabolic steroids, alcohol, aspirin, mushrooms, food additives, etc.

When this occurs, the body develops hypersensitivity to these toxic substances as well as other non-predictable contained in various medicines. Many allergies are caused by this hypersensitivity.

Gallbladder Diseases and their ducts
Gallstones may be formed of cholesterol, calcium, or pigments such as bilirubin mainly. Cholesterol is the most common, but some of these stones may have a mixed composition.Usually, the stones in the gallbladder grow in size for eight years before symptoms begin to appear.
When gallstones form in the gallbladder,The bile becomes too saturated, and its components without absorption gradually begin to harden, becoming over time in some awkward stones.

A smooth flow of bile maintains good digestion and absorption of food, and has a strong cleaning action along the intestinal tract. Each body part depends on the basic nutrients available through the digestive system, as well as the efficient removal of waste products of them.
Gallstones in the liver and gallbladder disrupt both vital processes. Therefore, can be considered as those responsible for almost all the different types of diseases affecting the body. Removing gallstones helps normalize the digestive functions, improve cellular metabolism and maintains a balance throughout the body.

The gallbladder diseases usually have their origin in the liver. When the hepatic lobes structurally have been distorted due to the presence of gallstones, eventually the  fibrous tissue and  blood pressure start to rise in the portal vein.
This, in turn, increases blood pressure in the vein that draining venous blood from the gallbladder into the portal vein. The incomplete removal of waste products through the cystic duct causes an accumulation of waste acid in the tissues of the gallbladder. This gradually reduces performance in the gallbladder. The gallstone formation will occur in a matter of time.

Acne and skin diseases.
Another thing very important  to know before start with something special for the skin like home remedies to clear acne is that nearly all skin diseases such as eczema, acne and psoriasis have one factor in common: Gallstones in the liver. Almost all people with skin diseases in particular also have digestive problems,problems in the colon and blood impurities. These are mainly caused by gallstones and the effects they have on the body in general. Gallstones contribute to numerous problems along the body particularly in the digestive, circulatory and urinary systems.

In an attempt to eliminate what the colon, kidneys, lungs, liver and lymphatic system can not eliminate or neutralize, the skin is flooded with acidic waste overload. Despite being the largest organ in the body for disposal, eventually falls against the acid assault. The toxic material is first deposited in the connective tissue below the dermis.

When this waste receiving station is saturated, the skin begins to work incorrectly. The excessive amounts of harmful substances, cell debris, microbes from different sources, such as gallstones, and various antigens of undigested food congest the lymphatic system and inhibit proper lymph drainage of the various layers of the skin.
The protein toxins and decaying skin cells attract microbes damaged or destroyed and become a source of constant irritation and inflammation of the skin. The skin cells begin to suffer from malnutrition, which greatly reduces their normal renewal period of approximately once a month. This can also cause extensive damage to the nerves of the skin.

If the sebaceous glands, which pour their secretion, sebum in hair follicles, have nutritional deficiencies, hair growth becomes abnormal and in particular, the hair may fall out of the scalp. When the supply is deficient in melanin, the hair turns gray.
The sebum deficiency also alters the healthy texture of the hair and makes it look opaque and unattractive. In the skin sebum acts like a best remedies for acne, is like a bactericidal and fungicidal agent, preventing the invasion of microbes. It also prevents dryness and cracking of the skin, especially when is exposed to sunlight and the hot dry air.

Know all this is great advantage and really special because common  people think about acne home remedies like a only “preventive home remedies” , that is part true and part is not true.

We will continue about this essential and interesting theme in the next article and we will learn how to make effective home remedies for acne without something particular or strange,only our  willingness to learn.

You can see the second part of this treatment here – ( part 2 ).

Useful Information For Acne Home Remedies Part 2


Acne Home Remedies - (Second part)

The Most Common Causes of Gallstones

• The overeating.
• The eat between meals.
• The heavy eating in the nights.
• Excessive protein consumption.
• Consumption of refined salt.
• Rapid weight loss.
• Low fat diets.
•Pharmacological drug.
• Breaking the biological clock-stay up late.
• Natural schedules of eating-eating at odd times.
• View TV by several hours.
• Emotional stress.

 Liver Cleaning

 We will describe a simple, but effective, safe and painless treatment, acts as a real solution for acne but  with more potential effects  in our body not only removes gallstones or bile ducts  and the hundreds and thousands of gallstones in the liver, clean all our blood that it is our first sap of  life.

The liver cleanse requires six days of preparation, followed by 16 to 20-hours of clean.

To remove gallstones, you need the following:

Apple juice Six containers of one liter (32 ounces)
Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate 4 tablespoons dissolved in three glasses of water ( 8 ounces)
Virgin olive oil Half cup (4 ounces)
Fresh grapefruit or a combination of fresh lemons and oranges Amount needed to squeeze two thirds glass of juice.
Two jars of a pint one with lid.

 • Magnesium sulfate or magnesium sulphate,with common name Epsom salt, is a chemical compound containing magnesium.

 • If not tolerate grapefruit juice or if it causes nausea, you can use equal parts of lemon juice and freshly squeezed orange. The effect is the same with any option.

 • Should preferably utilize organic apple juice, natural is most recommended and more effective, although for the purposes of cleaning serves any commercial apple juice. Concentrated apple or cider works well. It would be desirable to rinse your mouth with baking soda or brushing your teeth several times a day, for the acid juice does not damage your teeth.

 • For make treating acne naturally is advisable during liver cleaning avoid taking any medications, vitamins or supplements that are not absolutely necessary. It is important not to give the liver extra work that may interfere with your cleaning effort.

Take a liter (32 ounces) of apple juice daily for a period of six days. You can take more juice if you feel good. The malic acid in the apple juice softens the gallstones and makes their passage through the bile ducts. Apple juice has a strong cleansing effect.

Sensitive people may experience bloating and occasional diarrhea, during the first days. Much part of diarrhea will be bile stagnant and discarded by the liver and gallbladder, easily recognizable because of their coffee and yellow hue.

The effect fermenter juice helps the bile ducts expand. If this becomes uncomfortable, you can add water to apple juice. Drink the juice slowly throughout the day, between meals ,avoid the juice during, just before or two hours after meals and in the evening.

In the next chapter we will continue with acne home remedies third part and another very important recommentadations.

You can see the third part of this treatment here –( part 3 ).

Rediscover Unknown Properties Aloe Vera For Acne


Aloe Vera For Acne And Face Benefits


The aqueous extract and the gel sheets are commonly used by the oral route for the treatment of hypertension, rheumatism and ulcers, aloe vera for acne is used topically for treating this illness, dermatitis, skin irritations and wound healing.

Mucilage poultice is applied in various kinds of inflammation. The infusion of the leaves is used in the treatment of hepatic disorders.The leaf juice is used as potent cathartic.

The juice or gel of Aloe vera is of great interest both for acne, for skin benefits and any other problem epidermal.

This pulp is derived from the leaves and into its composition we can find polysaccharides, amino acids, glycoproteins, enzymes, glycosides, saponins, sterols, fatty acids, organic salts, inorganic salts and vitamins.

• 95% of water
• Resin
• aloin
• Enzymes
• Proteins
• Vitamins: B12, B6, B5, B, A and C
• Amino Acids and Trace Elements: Manganese, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Aluminium,Iron, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Chromium, Phosphorus and Titanium.

• Nutritious
• Pain Inhibitor
• Anti-inflammatory
• Healing  scarring
• Bactericidal
• Digestive
• Purifying
• Cell Regenerator
• Antibiotic
• Energizing
• Antiseptic
• Coagulant
• Antiviral
• Detoxifier

Aloe gel has a wound healing action, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiulcer, hypoglycemic and lipid lowering. All these properties are the result of the synergistic action of the various components of the gel. Also, due to its mucilage content, aloe gel possesses moisturizing and emollient properties, useful not only therapeutic but also in cosmetics.

The healing activity of aloe gel is one of its characteristics, because several of its components act synergistically to stimulate the growth of fibroblasts and thus, reducing the time of re-epithelialization, with immediate impact on lower frequency of bacterial contamination, keloid and pigmentary changes . Furthermore, it also reduces the inflammatory phase.

Benefits of how to use aloe vera for acne scars
The Aloe Vera is an important ingredient in many beauty products, is rich in vitamins and minerals, is reputed to be astringent, moisturizer, restores skin elasticity, eliminate acne scars, wrinkles, acts against skin's rashes,acne and irritation, the fresh gel of aloe pulp penetrates the three layers of skin: the epidermis, the dermis and hypodermis and also fat deposits that clog the pores.

Upon entering, the action of the natural nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, stimulate the reproduction of new cells, being a prodigious cellular regenerator,help in healing  scarring, skin toner and high penetration into the skin.

Aloe vera for face benefits
The indications proposed by the World Health Organization for aloe gel focus on topical application of the gel, which, according to this organization, is indicated for the treatment of minor wounds, burns of first and second degree radiation burns and heat, skin irritation and abrasions.
However, its use is also very effective in dry eczema, acne and psoriasis. For these cases, it is used topically in the form of lotions, gels, creams, etc made with fresh gel. Used regularly, prevents premature wrinkles and the actual wrinkles can slows.

Reduces the size of the open pores.Can use Aloe vera under makeup.The Aloe vera  itself is astringent, it must combine with some cream moisturizer.

Aloe vera gel for face benefits  is an excellent sunscreen ultraviolet rays and also removes stains caused by the sun using it regularly for a long time. It is very important to protect the face and back of hands of prolonged sun exposure, to avoid the appearance of brown spots, a good remedy is to wear a hat or the like, especially in summer.

The Aloe vera is excellent used after shaving, because in very little time aloe can regenerate many cell that the blade has broken.Similarly the Aloe Vera used after waxing prevents redness, rashes, pimples,  closing fast the dilated pores.You must remember how important it is to moisturize with oil or cream after the gel fresh pulp of Aloe Vera has been absorbed, except in areas with excess of fat.

It is also very effective in the prevention or elimination of small grooves. By balancing and regulating hydration renewing its cells treated with Aloe skin again becomes soft and smooth.

The Aloe Vera is a real boon for acne and sensitive skins, and also acts effectively against the unpleasant effects of transpiration. Its proteolytic enzymes help eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate cell division, facilitating the regeneration of the dermis lazy or tired.
Massage with fresh aloe’s pulp, tightens pores scalp too open for its astringent action, for subcutaneous penetration invigorates the hair root. Virtually no studies on adverse effects of aloe gel.

Aloe Vera Oil
• 30% Aloe vera pulp
• 70% olive oil extra virgin quality.

• macerate for 40 days and then used to wound, eczema, acne,burns and psoriasis.

Recommendations To Natural Remedies For Acne


Home Remedies To Cure Acne

If you want to get a natural remedies for acne is important that your diet must be rich in whole grains, dried fruits and vegetables. These foods contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can improve the health of skin and cellular activity  reducing the action of free radicals.

Clear Acne Naturally

A)- While  you use the home remedies to cure acne the diet should be vegetarian, without meat, fish, eggs, milk or dairy, sugar or refined flour, not drinking alcohol or soda beverage. keep in mind as long as the golden rule that you should avoid eating foods high in saturated fat as snacks, cookies, fast food, etc.These foods can maximize the output of acne in the skin.

B)- Diet rich in β-carotene: Take a daily glass of carrot juice, cabbage and parsley.

C)- One of several reasons why you might have acne is by a liver malfunction, it is. One of the most common reasons for acne breakouts is the liver,since it is one of the organs responsible for blood clearance. For this reason, having good habits and help with home natural remedies is esencial for this matter.

D)-It may take a beet juice a carrot and a cucumber is one of the natural solutions for fight acne:

• One red beet
• One carrot
• One or half a cucumber
• Four cups of water or more

- Liquefy in water and taken daily preferably on an empty stomach  the first  intake, the other intake can be taken in the afternoon, this juice is very good for purifying the blood, regulating the alkalinity of the body and cleanses the gallbladder.This juice is best, too highly recommended in the treatment of varicose vein but with more intakes a day.

Note: Never strain the juice, take this juice so naturally as you can.Only so you can get all the benfits of it.

E)-You can resort to milk thistle, a plant that is incredibly good for any liver problem.Liver protector and restorer of the liver cell. Completely lacks of toxicity and side effects. For joint pains, rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout: conditions in which toxins accumulate in joints that must be eliminated by stimulating the functioning of the liver and kidney.
Take it in infusion, one teaspoon of seeds per cup of water and let stand boiling.Cover it between 10-20 minutes. Take three cups per day, in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals and at night before going to sleep. A practical way is the tincture, taking 30 drops in a little water two to three times per day.

F)- Another good homemade infusions you can do to the liver is including some herbs and a little lemon juice, a great debugger. For example, eucalyptus Boldo boiled in a liter of water for about 15 minutes, let stand 5 minutes and strain before serving. Add lemon juice to the final preparation and consume daily.

G)- Take juice of cabbage, spinach and green pepper rich in vitamin B.

H)- Eating dried fruits of all kinds.

I)-It is also important to incorporate foods rich in omega 3, since this reduces the production of sebum in acne. one characteristic responsible for clogging of the pores. Alpha-linolenic acid found in flax seeds, green leafy vegetables, canola oil, or nuts. The linoleic acid found in sunflower, safflower, sesame, corn, borage and evening primrose.

J)- The consumption of omega-3 reduces inflammation and can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis or heart disease. These fatty acids are found in high quantities in the brain and play an important role in cognitive functioning.

K)- The skin needs contact with air and the sun, earth and water.The skin in contact with the natural elements is necessary to acne tends to disappear; It was found that both,the mountain climate and the maritime climate positively improve the skin.

L)- Lemon-juice:This wonderful liquid should be mixed with rose water or only water, preferably distilled and applied to the contaminated parts by acne, this helps a little skin appearance.

M)-Vegetables: All, preferably carrot, pumpkin because they are high in B carotene, this is an essential precursor for the formation of vitamin A, is important for maintaining healthy skin. Also provide different vitamins, minerals and fiber that help remove toxins from the body.

N)- Eat fruits frequently: This is another natural remedy acne, eat all sort of fruits, preferably peach, apricot, mango, melon because contain B carotenes as the active ingredient, pineapple and papaya to be very digestive Here is very important not to mix acid fruits with sweet fruits,acid and sweet mixed decreases the gastric acid production resulting in any kind of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.
Eat Cereals: preferably whole grains, to be rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. These are very useful, wheat germ, barley, oats, rye, etc.

O)-Eat Flaxseed: Flaxseed is a very beneficial food for health and ideal to include in our diet to eliminate fat.Its content  Omega 3 and 6 oils, puts in check the enemy, the bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and regulates digestion, besides is an extraordinary debug.

Flaxseed has a rubbery aspect, but  benefits are incredible is part of a natural remedies for acne.The flaxseed is an excellent regulator of fats, sugars and even has been linked as an excellent food for breast cancer prevention,  owing to a compound called lignan, which chemically similar to the estrógen.And the best of all is that it has a satiating effect, so you will not be succumbing to the temptation to eat between meals.

The preparation of flaxseed: in a liter of water, boil one tablespoon of flaxseed until thickened, strain and drink it. This prepared to take it  always fasting on an empty stomach.You must drink the prepared flaxseed daily in fasting for a month, the following month, proceed without flaxseed and the third month, once again take it.
The  ground flaxseed,can be taken daily two tablespoons in a glass of water or other natural drinks.

Know How To Remove Acne Tips


Remove Acne

How to remove acne is a question that many people do,the answer is that in general lines fighting the disease that causes acne can be in most cases, indigestion, inadequate meals, anemia and in the case of women menstrual disorders. In this article we will talking about like a tips how can I prevent acne and  understand a little more how avoid this skin problem with simple rules you can follow every time.In next articles we will explain with more details the key of the home remedies to clear skin effectively.

Natural ways to remove acne:

Irritating condiments
• Avoid stimulants, irritating condiments, foods with preservatives and additives, preservatives, animal fats meals, especially that of porcine origin, sausages and remove the refined salt and sugar .
Is recommended sea salt and brown sugar without Industrial refining processes.

The last meal
• The last meal in the day should be at six in the afternoon, not an absolute requirement but it is highly recommended in the case of acne treatment for better effectiveness in digestion and assimilation of nutrients contained in food. The reason for this is because in the night, as there is no sunlight, there are no digestive fire, light off turned off the body.The digestive system moves through infrared rays, alpha beta and gamma.

Refined flour
• Avoid eating refined flour, because  the large intestine tends to get clogged easily by excess starchy flours treated in production processes such as white bread, white flour crackers, denatured starch components without natural fiber and processed  industrially, which carries a chunky digestion and especially when the person rests in sideway, with this we avoid intestinal obstructions that eventually can turn into neoplasms.

Ingestion of drugs
• Avoid  the maximun the ingestion of drugs to combat acne, the drug does not cure and if cure make a decompensation or something  unbalanced  happen in our body that is essential to the proper functioning .If current medications could  heal, hospitals would be empty,the doctors looking for work and the drugstores in bankruptcy. The drug was created specifically with a specific target: superficially or temporarily eliminate the symptoms of the diseases,never  their causes or origins.

White onion
• The white onion serves two functions, first feeding, second clean the body . The young before entering in the puberty should consume it  to clean the glands before the age of the hormones that is precisely where the problems dermatological of the skin occur.

Glandular system
• If upon reaching adolescence and the glandular system is invaded by parasites, have a risk that part of the parasites destroy hormone in a delicate and critical age where people define personality traits, character and criteria of the individual  and that can undergo several hormonal system disorders, consequently giving an unbalanced internal disorder with tendencies toward alcoholism, homosexuality, drugs, or smoking can clearly manifest in other types of results visible,skin disorders such as acne, therefore the need to consume the white onion.

Natural brown sugar
• Always use for daily consumption natural brown sugar or pure honey or organic, thus avoiding the use of artificial or refined white sugar that produces an imbalance of minerals and vitamins that the body needs daily.

Ice on the face
• Before going to bed apply ice on the face. This will reduce the inflammation and burning sensation on the skin caused by severe acne and also help to get rid of acne scars.

Warm water
• A compress of warm water not too hot because you can burn, can also be applied to the face to open the pores and removing blackheads. After applying the compress, rinse the face with cold water.

Sandalwood powder
• Sandalwood powder can be used on the skin to treat acne. For that, you have a paste with sandalwood powder and little water, apply it and leave if possible overnight and then rinse with cold water the next day.

 Aloe Vera juice
• Aloe Vera juice applied twice a day can be helpful in healing acne scars. Aloe Vera juice can be found in most health stores, it comes as a gel, but if you can apply aloe vera natural is better.

• Cucumber is one of the  treatments  easier and  cooling used to removing acne and to moisturize the skin. This makes our skin feel younger looking. Crush the cucumber into a paste and apply on the affected area. Leave it for 30-45 minutes and then rinse.

Enjoy your life
• Avoid acne,not startle, not irritate, enjoy your life, not eat with mood altered ,anxieties or hurry , this causes poor digestion consequently resulting in an energy imbalance in the organism.Eat slowly and without excesses.

Sugary liquids
• Avoid indigestion, sugary liquids with food cause a damage in the digestion, take these liquids two hours before or after meals is recommended.

• It is advisable to walk about ten to fifteen minutes after each meal to improve digestion.

Sleeping well
• Sleeping well, is another important factor in how to remove acne,remember no stay up late breaking the natural cycle of the body because it brings  results in biological disorders and diseases of all kinds since of this mismatch of the biological clock, try lying before 10pm and get up before dawn, 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. On average it takes seven to eight hours of sleep daily to restore in natural cycle body daily.

Ways and tips to remove acne there are many but not all are effective and depend of many factors in each person to achieve optimal results and complete cure of this skin problem. These  tips are simple but very important to have account if patients  with acne want to start fight acne more quickly and safe.
For more details of how is the  most effective way to get rid  acne we will see in next articles.

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