Wild Rice Nutritional Quality


Wild rice benefits

Wild rice is a plant similar to common rice but is not the same. The appearance of the wild rice is elongated and dark grain, so it is the best way to differentiate it. Rice gives the body nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamin B, iron,potassium magnesium,calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates.

This food seems to be quite popular with American Indians for its properties, as it has a bit of everything and especially fiber.

The nutritional qualities of wild rice are: provides a significant amount of protein to the body so it is recommended for vegetarians and vegans who do not eat meat, helps you lose weight because it contains few calories, provides fiber that helps the slow bowel transit, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, wild rice does not contain gluten making it suitable for coeliacs, easy to digest and can be combined with foods such as vegetables, mushrooms and fish.

It is really delicious wild rice as it has similar flavor to hazelnut or walnut.

Today, it seems impossible, it is harder to find it on the markets than a few years ago. Right now, it is more common to find it mixed with white rice. We could say that it is a great idea, but no, it is not. White rice is cooked fast and wild " rice " takes forever . The result is: the white rice pass and wild rice remains crude.

You can perform lots of dishes with this food so it is worth to try and start including it in our diet. People of all ages can consume wild rice as it has no contraindications. Even is an exotic product since it is not so easy to find but slowly you can get in natural food stores.

 Wild rice allows us to taste new flavors and very healthy so it is ideal for people of all ages who like to taste exotic or gourmet products.

Wild rice properties
* It has a high protein content. About 13 percent of the composition of wild rice is protein. Thus, it can be very good in vegetarian diets, replacing meat, and for anyone who avoid feeding animals in general.

* It is good for weight loss. Wild rice is rich in fiber and relatively low in calories. Each 100 g  has 350 kcal sum. But it is relatively low considering the satiating capacity that this product has: absorbs four times its volume in liquid when is cooked.

* Does not contain gluten. This kind of rice can be used without any problems in case of rejection of wheat, oats, barley and rye. Being free of gluten, wild rice is suitable for coeliacs.

* Contains many nutrients. Vitamin B, iron, magnesium, potassium and iron are just some of the contents of wild rice.

* It is used in maany recipes easily. Being more resistant grain, it takes longer to cook. Sometimes reaches even one hour. But it can be used very simply in any recipe.

* Its against it is not very easy to get, but in Chinese herbal shops can be purchased with relative ease.


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