What You Did Not Know About Food Industry


Food industry analysis

In the modern world it is not easy to decide how or what we eat. Options abound, many brands offer the same product, some are labeled organic and supposedly promise to be more healthy and certainly more expensive.

The foods are often full of additives, preservatives and chemical  that contaminating the consumer health or at least this is what organic food producers say.

Therefore we must look  foods that do not involve modern production methods established in the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and modification genetics in general that do not harm animals and the environment that produced them.

But this same label " organic " is extremely vague, many large companies that invented the food industry full of preservatives and harmful chemicals are now the owners of the organic food brands, that on the other hand sometimes lets the using ingredients also associated with diseases.

In this food maze, for those purists who believe that food additives can take a dent in your health, perhaps the best that we can do is just do not eat processed foods, a radical measure for which justification generates points found that contradict about the true importance of eating fresh foods completely.

A processed food is one that has been altered in any ways, either by convenience for consumption, to keep it for longer or for health issues, such as pasteurized milk.

Food additives to avoid
Donna Gates , author of The Body Ecologic Diet, has compiled a list of 10 points which she says, processed food companies such as McDonald 's, Coca -Cola , Starbucks and all the usual suspects do not want that you know.

We publish here  the list, but also encourage the reader to investigate on your own and do not necessarily subscribe to the radical position about this situation.

One way to do this is to try different foods with discipline and record the effects they have, truly do we feel better when we eat food or organic unprocessed after a certain time ? if it is so, this is the best motivation for restricting our diet.

1. Are addictive and can cause you to eat more . What could also call MSG or monosodium glutamate effect. Process means modifies or removes
important components of the food such as fiber, water and nutrients by changing the way they are digested and assimilated in your body.

Unlike whole raw food, which contains a mixture of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber and water to help you feel satisfied, processed foods stimulate the release of dopamine and make you feel good even when food has no nutrients or fiber.
This release of dopamine can lead to overeating and, ultimately, to become addicted to food or sugars.

2 . They are linked to obesity
It's virtually guaranteed that processed food contains additives that are linked to obesity. This includes monosodium glutamate, corn syrup, high fructose, artificial sweeteners and others.
In addition, refined carbohydrates like breakfast cereals, bagels, waffles , pretzels and most other processed foods are quickly converted into sugar.

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