What You Do Not Know About Food Industry


Dangers of processed foods and health (continuation)

This increases your insulin and leptin levels and contributes to insulin resistance ,which is the main factor of nearly every chronic disease and conditions known to man, including weight gain.

3 . Breaking the principles of  food combination
Eating foods in certain combinations helps that the digestion process of your body works more efficiently and absorb more nutrients.

According to one study, eat proteins and starches at one time (which is common in processed as pepperoni pizza meals ) inhibits digestion and leads to putrefaction of your food and your blood acidic conditions.

4 . Encourage your inner ecosystem imbalance
Microorganisms that live in your digestive tracts are an important internal ecosystem that influence in many aspects in your health.

Processed foods disrupt this system, suppressing the beneficial microflora and leading to digestive problems, cravings and diseases. Beneficial organisms in your flora rejoice with whole and unprocessed food.

5 . They are harmful to your frame of mind and brain
Mood swings, memory problems and even depression are often results of a diet heavy in processed food. In fact , most concentration of serotonin, which is involved in mood control , depression and aggression , is found in your intestines , not your brain.

This is the general result of consuming different processed sugars, which make mood a kind of rollercoaster.

6. Encourage eating too fast
Processed foods are quick and easy, which makes them perfect to eat while in a hurry. But eating so fast, or while doing other things, it can cause you to lose contact with your body's natural signals that warn you when you are full. This obviously makes you eat more and gain weight, and even more doing more difficult the proper digestion.

7. Nutrition labels can be misleading
A processed food may be labeled as " natural" or "sugar-free " , but it does not healthy. For example , a product called "natural " can legally be modified genetically , full of pesticides or made with corn syrup, additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

8. Processed meats are linked to cancer
Processed meats are those that are preserved with salt or smoke, or the addition of chemical preservatives.These include bacon, ham, pastrami, salami,pepperoni , sausage and some patties.The nitrates that are added are particularly problematics .

9. Processed foods can increase your risk of infertility and bad nutrition
 Since processed foods are depleted of nutrients, you can be eating a lot of calories but still be bad nourished. And modified genetically  foods are linked to reproductive problems.

10. Processed foods can survive years in a closet, but not a human life.
Thanks to the cocktail of chemicals , preservatives and other food additives processed can survive long time in a closet without breaking down.

Unfortunately, producers invest much time and money on strategies to increase life in pantry and create attractive packaging and very little attention in the nutrient value or how to be harmful to health.

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