How To Lose The Belly Naturally


How to lose your belly

The methods of how to lose belly or stomach, can be very diverse, with different degrees of difficulty.

Exercise is recommended for reduce stomach and waist. From sit-ups performed in the home to the incredible range of appliances or machines abs that are on the market. The problem with exercise is that it requires a lot of discipline and the motivation should be a constant.

A daily hour of exercise applied directly to the abdomen five times a week is enough to lose the belly in a few months.

Important for the effectiveness of abdominal exercises is pressuring all the abdominal muscles and maintain this pressure throughout the workout section.

An easy exercise
- Placed sitting in a chair with your back straight .

- Place both hands beside the chair, holding it.

- Put a pressure on the abdominal muscles.

- Raise both legs until be horizontal to the ground, that is, until your knees are no longer bent.

- Exert more pressure on the stomach.

- Hold this position for about three seconds .

- Replace the legs once again in normal position.

- Repeat for five minutes.

- Rest 30 seconds.

- Repeat for five minutes more.

Thermogenics are supplements that produce an increase in body temperature and using calories as fuel. Thermogenic products consist of products that perform a metabolic acceleration. Examples of natural thermogenic:

Caffeine and green tea.
Not everyone can use thermogenics, especially contraindicated for people with diabetes and heart problems.
Thermogenics can be achieved in specialized stores that selling sports products.

Diets-tips for belly fat

A diet specially designed for the particular individual can help a lot in the way of how to lose belly.

* Select healthy foods that are free of harmful fat is essential.

* Discard fried foods and colas or sodas.

* Always use extra virgin olive oil.

* Avoid processed foods.

* Avoid artificial sweeteners or diet  like Splenda. Instead use brown sugar or    granulated sugar.

* Fruits and vegetables steamed or raw, you want.

* With meals do not drink soda. Half a glass with water is recommended.

* Natural flake or chili powder is a natural thermogenic that will help you burn       fat. Add it to your meals, always with moderation.

Other important tips tolose belly fat
* Reduce the portions of food at least half. Use a small plate dishes. If you used to eat four slices of bread with meals, now only eat two. If two eggs areprepared in your breakfast, now should prepare only one.

* Remove all tdaintyt between meals. Only water.

* Drink two glasses of water half an hour before meals.The fullness sensation        will decrease appetite.

* Make six small meals a day in your small plate.

* Prefer white meat .

* Prepare meats grilled, steamed, grilled or baked. Never fried meats.

* Do not use mayonnaise, butter or margarine to prepare dressings. Use    evaporated milk thickened with half a teaspoon of flour.

* Do not eat sausages.


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