To Burn Fat The Best Exercises


Best exercises to burn fat

Anyone who has been proposed to lose weight knows that it is essential to burn fat, but what is the best way to do it? Making sport. It is very important that you should first do a warm up before starting the exercises. So take note and try these exercises to help you to lose  the most stubborn fat and you can get back in shape.

Dance is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, increases our lung capacity, flexibility and strength of muscles. Improves coordination and balance.
Releases toxins and helps to lose weight in a fun way. How many calories burned? ..about 200 calories on average.

Step aerobic

Aerobics is one of the favorite women exercises, but today is quite practiced by men. Because this exercise is very beneficial it acts as a repair and immune factor against almost all risk factors for the health of the current civilization. Buttocks and legs are worked well ,besides the hip. Just 30 minutes of step helps to burn 400 calories.

Skating is a great option for those who want to improve coordination , balance and concentration. When is practiced by movements that involving mainly to the legs, the muscles of the lower box are strengthened, waist , abdomen and buttocks is especially active and imrpov your blood circulation. how you burn on average: 300 calories.

Walk energetically
Walking quickly is one of the most recommended exercises that help burn fat. Walking 30 minutes six days a week is enough as this helps to lose as many calories as when  jogging is done for the same amount of time.

Walking increases your energy levels and allows exercising at a steady walk and consistent pace, burning fat in the process. To obtain a higher intensity exercise , you can add a couple of small weights to your feet and walk uphill. The beneficial of walking are very many among them this, strengthening the heart, boosts metabolism, preserves memory, improves constipation and many more.

Bicycle Driving
Bicycle handle provides excellent health benefits. Pedaling at least half an hour a day,the quadriceps are trained to the full and tone and harden the legs, buttocks, chest, back and calves, allowing our muscles to be active. How burn : 300 to 400 calories on average.

Swimming is an exercise that is beneficial for the whole body since power theendurance, strength and flexibility simultaneously. together strengthens the major muscles.It is very complete sport. How burn 250 calories on average.


Jogging has great benefits especially if we practiced outdoors, I highlight the possibility of detoxify more easily that locked into an enclosure.

This is very beneficial because it allows us to share with our environment,taking excesses of our body, allowing us to detoxify, having a natural perspiration without air conditioners.

As human beings we need to do some sports activities that help us stay dynamic and active. Besides being optimal for health .

Examines all the benefits presented in each sport and come on; running, jogging ,walking, skating  swimming, biking , what do you want? choose the best but do not stay sitting on.


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