Close The Door To The Flu And Be Healthy


Home remedies for flu

How is it going in these cold days? Although in this area tends to dominate more the sunny days, we do not get rid of the winter.

I throw some questions.Do we care both outside and inside?
Numerous treatments and beauty products but is true the phrase: Are we what we eat?

Do we pay enough attention to the drinks and food we eat ?

I confess: It is true that I would love to have more free time to be able to practice some kind of sport. But what I do pretty case is to drink plenty of water, is essential for our body. I try eating a balanced diet including cereal in my daily diet, no fatty meats, fish, vegetables and fruit.

But I confess that I let several whims!!

Tips for this season in which the number of colds and flu affected increases, is include in our diet, foods that containing Vitamin " C".

Trying to live a life less sedentary as possible is important, staying active, be happy,although sometimes the circumstances are complicated, but try to address the problems in the best way possible.

Folk remedies to fight the flu

Remedy 1 : Mix two drops of essential eucalyptus, two of pine and two of rosemary oil with two tablespoons of almonds. Then do chest friction .

Remedy 2 : Prepare a tea with willow bark. Take hot several times a day .

Remedy 3
: Cook over low heat, two glasses of lemon juice and six tablespoons of honey for an hour and a half. Once prepared, drink two tablespoons of this syrup every hour the first day and every three hours on the second day to cure the flu.

Remedy 4 : Perform vapors with boiling water and eucalyptus leaves covering the head with a towel.

Remedy 5: Preparing  a smoothie with 200 grams orange ( seedless ) and 200 grams of cabbage, add a glass of boiled water. Drink three glasses a day.

Drink plenty of fluids. If you have fever, you need to drink fluids to avoid dehydration. In addition, liquids like soups, juices of fruits and vegetables especially lemon, beet and carrot with vitamins and minerals, can provide the necessary nutrients when we are too sick to eat.

Avoid kissing . Kissing is one of the fastest ways to spread the flu even merely sleeping in the same room can cause problems. Therefore, if possible, is recommended to leave the patient alone in a room while he is restored from disease.

Keep the air moist. It is advisable to raise the humidity in bedroom, using a humidifier to reduce the discomfort of cough, sore throat or stuffy nose.

Eat little and wisely. Once it is passed the worst of the flu and where you take only liquids, it is necessary to begin supplying soft foods and rich in starch. Some  rich examples of these foods are applesauce, cottage cheese, cooked white rice, rice pudding, cooked cereal and baked potato which can be decorated with yoghurt.


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